The hide-out was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. There was a leather couch which the bunny girl was currently bleeding on, there was a large curved desk in the corner of the room with 4 large computer screens sitting on it, a small kitchen area with a toaster and mini fridge, and there was a giant T.v. in front of the leather couch. Almost the whole floor was covered in carpet. There were a few tables here and there mostly with random things and papers covering them.
"Bite this." The fox girl put a cloth in the bunny girls mouth. The raven masked guy was fumbling through a first aid kit when he groaned asking,
"Where's the tweezers?" Everyone looked around as I was still staring around the room.
"Oi, Tim wake up, ha-" The parrot began
"It's Tom." The fox girl interrupted him.
"His name is Tom."
"What the ******** ever. Tom, the tweezers are behind you." The parrot pointed at the table behind me. He seemed very impatient.
"O-oh. Okay." I turned around. The table was completely covered in papers. I moved some put of the way and there were some sort of medical looking tweezers. I grabbed them and walked over handing the crow the tweezers.
The crow had taken a pair of scissors and cut up the girls pants up to her knee. The crow took out a lighter and brushed the flame along the end of the tweezers. "Keep biting that cloth. I'm going to get the bullet out on 3. One." then the crow smoothly entered the gash with the tweezers. Lotti gasped in pain but remained still. The crow easily pulled out a bloody bullet and dropped it onto the table next to the couch. At this point I was half covering my face. This was like watching a painful scene in a movie and wincing, but this was in real life so it was 10x worse. No one else here seemed to be squeamish about this. I sat in a chair by a table, trying being out of every ones way.
Her leg was cleaned and wrapped up. "Alright. Answers. You three told me you were going the quiet route home." The fox girl stood up after the rabbit girl was taken care of.
"Yeah, well you told us that you'd be up north all week watching that guy." the parrot nodded towards me.
"One of the suits put a bug on my bike. I suspect it was when we were saving his life last time, back during the car chase." She continued," So, as I was patrolling his area, they followed me. So when things got hot we ran out of there. He's going to have to stay here for quite a while. His apartment was obliterated and he needs to stay hidden. How did Lotti get shot?" She sat next to Lotti on the couch. "You guys were supposed to be watching her." She didn't say it in a venomous way, more of a sad way.
"It's ok." Lotti spoke up. "Maybe they put a bug on my car too or something. We were out of the secret road by the time they showed up."
"Please be more careful" the fox girl hugged Lotti.
"I know.. I know. I'm sorry." She hugged her back.
I stood up. Now's my time to ask questions. "Wh-" someones hand landed on my shoulder, they whispered quietly into my ear,
"Shh, let them have their lesbian moment" Cinnamon pushed on my shoulder harder sitting me back down in my chair. Lesbians? My brain is so full of what I don't even.
"Oh shut up Cinny" the fox girl looked at him.
"Ugh, don't call me 'Cinny'" he rolled his eyes, "you n' your freakish hearing." he mumbled.
I quietly piped up, "So, are you two..lesbians?" I suddenly thought back to the moment when she kissed me. Then again it might not have meant anything to her, just a way to get me to obey. I also remembered when she flew into my bathroom, and I was almost nude. Why the ******** am I remembering that right now?
Nope, I'm not thinking anything weird. God damn brain. It doesn't matter if she saw me nude or not, she's apparently a lesbian.
"No!" they both said in unison. The fox girl moved and inch away from Lotti.
"Oh." Did it just get awkward in here, or is it just me?
"Cinny, was just being a butt." Lotti smiled at me laughing, putting an emphasis on "Cinny". Cinnamon grumbled folding his arms.
"Oh, okay" I smiled back nodding. "So, uhm, could anyone tell me why I'm here?" I said, getting down to business. "And who you people are, and why the government is following me, and why they want me dead, and why you guys wear those dumb masks." I began counting off the questions.
Cinnamon flicked the back of my head, hard. "Don't dis the masks."
"Ow." I held the back of my head.
"p***y." Cinnamon scoffed.
"The reason those asses are after you, is because you're part of the team now." The parrot opened his arms gesturing to everyone.
"We need to find him a spirit animal." The crow spoke up.
"Yeah, something cute!" Lotti wasn't even acting like she just got shot.
"No, no, something like a sloth or one of those cats with the derp eyes" Cinnamon pointed out.
"ugh no, no ********' cats." the fox girl readjusted her sitting position.
I stood up, "I don't want to be part of this group." They were acting like I had no damn say in the matter. "I don't know you, I don't trust you. You guys are psychopaths. One minute someone gets shot and the next you're all jumping around a-and acting like nothing is a big deal. She got shot! She needs the hospital. I need to go to the police. The ******** am I even doing here." I shook my head and walked towards the door when the fox girl suddenly bolted toward the door and blocked it.
"I know you're scared, but calm down."
"Calm down? You calm down. You guys are going to get me killed."
"No, you're going to get yourself killed if you go to the police. Whether you're part of the group or not, they don't care. They already have their eyes on you and will take you out any chance they get. Once on the death list, never off the death list until you are dead."
"Why were they after me in the first place?" I said annoyed.
"Because, you're a possible accomplice."
"Accomplice of what?"
"Accomplice of ours. They thought you were helping us."
"Why?" I groaned.
"Because we need you to help us." She nodded.
"********. Help you what?" Not sure if I was going to punch her or start crying.
She lifted her hand up pulling off her mask, a slight grin stretched on her lips, "Help us save the world"