how can this be. to have seen what cant be seen with eyes to feel the pain inside. knowing is trust trust is knowing. yet you will question me by your trust towards me. how can you ask me about trust when you dont even trust yourself. we are a double edge sword pain will come from either side. if one dont trust none of us trust. how many of us are their. where do we go. where did we come from. which one of you is me. which one of you is me. where did you take me where are you hiding me. why wont you let me go. why cant you just let me out. The pain inside i can take it. i can handle it stop protecting me. These walls are no longer needed. This is the world i choice to live in this is the world i shall call mine. Your words must stop and the heart must beat. the tears must come down. I am stronger than you think so its time for you all to go away let the pain into my heart. this pain is pain of love of past of the future. this is who we are who we shall become. its time to follow that path.