i had never even thought of it. i am in pain from the start i saw i could be used and now i am not sure. i cant tell whats truth and lies. i want to be with his boy. i met but i have not a clue about him. still i cant tell if his words are lies or truth. but i do my my heart grew on him and i want to be with him. but it hurts. i am not sure i know what the lies are or if i dont want to believe them. but i found him for a reason. i do have feelings for him not sure i am sure they are lies and that i am stupid to believe them and that i was used i mean yeah. hes speical. i hope that he will come around. i hpe what he says is true and that he comes back.in the end there is just too much going o n in my life right now anyway. i shouldnt have even thought of any of htat crap.