something this stupid shouldn't affect me so much. you look donw on me.why why must something like this affect you. in the end you are so much better then me yet i am soo far awy from you in anything and everything. i play these thigns for you, yet now i stop because you dont want anything to do with me. so i must give it up. i slowly stop doing things with you because its what you want. the pain increases when i do the things we use to do together. i am gonna break. i cant live with you, i cant be with you, i am no longer strong i am weak and the weight of the wolrd is crushing me. what do i do then, i worked so hard and tried why cant it end, someone please put and end to this all, how long am i suppose to last, how much more pain must i go through. how will it take you to heal, you may heal but i will suffer, i am gonna have to say good bye soon. i know its true, this is life, i can only make it so far, the choices you made caused me to have a life full of secuess but you arent there with me, its great, but when i am alone, my failures come out, my pain is released 10 folds, as the day goes bye the pain gets worse, its killing me, you are killing me, i am killing me, i picked my posion long ago and it ws you, and now its finally kicking in, this time around though i will be the one who ends it all, my pain and suffering i wont need you anymore. when its all over the world will be better, i will be missed but you will be free, let me go, you words send these chills down my spin
no much longer b4 i will know b4 this all gets set in motion. why cant you smile and laugh with me, my heart is falling apart, its just not enough