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Aged Gearhead

I've got a nice SD Plus doll collection going. I'm not out to get them all, just the characters I really like.
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Dapper Darling

I am another collector of general cuteness, and I very often find myself buying items I will probably never even wear/use. Sometimes they're very expensive, and sometimes they only have one pose I really like, but if that one pose makes me smile at my laptop screen, I tend to put it on my wishlist and quest for it (for example Chimi- never wear her, but CHIHUAHUA TEA PARTY!!)
Then I keep that item and can't ever sell it. Ever. I'm so lame about my pixels. emo
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Demonic Abomination

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I just go for the items that interest me and try to only keep the ones I actually have a use for.
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Like, i'd say I 'specialize' in cheap/mid priced RIGs, but I also have tons of EIs, MCs, GC items... I just love collecting items. I'm a hoarder and i'm proud. Make avis from simple, to suemi clutter, hyper clutter, just, anything. I just like collecting items c:
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Perfect Saint

I guess I'm just a collector since I don't think I'm rich enough to be a legitimate hoarder unless the items are free or really cheap. I wish I can hoard 03s and expensive shinies like the best of them.
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Hoarding stuff with tentacles on it <<
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Lupine Warrior

I mostly just pick and choose items from RIGs that I can afford, invest in a MC every month, and try to get as many REI/EIs as I can. Odds are if I went through the effort to get something, I'm not going to sell it ever. XD

I do try to get every item I can that deals with blood and gore, so I guess you could say I collect horror items, too. sweatdrop
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I want to collect eye patches, but I don't have the gold.

And Gaia has this crummy habit of putting the eye patch on the wrong eye.
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Magical Strawberry

I tend to get items I like to wear or have a sentimental value.
So if something else comes up and there's items I haven't worn, I sell them and swap them out.

I was once trying to collect the SDplus dolls but... no. XD;;;
Now I try to get anything baker/bakery related.
IDK, I think they're cute. o vo
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Gracious Conversationalist

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black, white, green and sometimes red or pink. But always white items.
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IRL Traveler

I want to collect all EI/REI but I feel weird to support themes that I don't like, so I've purposely not bought a few. I'm missing around 20 or so. Missing some recent ones since I wait for deflation, and most notably Nano-C since it's pretty pricey.

I collected birthstone sash, anklet and now necklaces. The capes and crowns didn't appeal to me so much

There was a point at which I had every swan related item on gaia but sold them off since I wasn't actually using them.

Also I have anything related to the NPC Velvetine, but that's only three items, so lol

So maybe my point is that I only keep the things I actually can use. haha
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Friendly Cultist

I'm an all item collector.
Well, not really. I love to make avatars so I go for lots of variety and reusability.
For instance I don't have any super duper pricey items like 5mil plus status since I can never bring myself to spend so much gold on so few equips. xd Not that I don't covet some!

I guess the only things I don't buy are just items I don't really care for like pets.
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Tiny Darling

I tend to get a large variety of dapper Victorian/Regency items, but I wouldn't say I actively collect them. That's just the style I gravitate towards when making avatars.
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Donate one?

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageӇΦдⱤDIȠᎶUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

...what I collect...? Cakes...cakes....CAAAKES! *MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Er..*cough*

I have a problem collect sweets and some other food items that I like. If I didn't want other items on the site (an if the cakes in the GS weren't made), I would have hoarded Keiko's cake...probably make others mad though because none would be on sale. xd

I try to buy items that I like or made a dream avi with already on TekTek and/or here, makes it easier to focus on what I want and not buy random items that don't match anything that I have.

Other things I collect are fish (from fishing), alchemy components (certain ones), certain event items, and my unfinished golden snitch quest...which is pretty close. While I do want to have every MC (or at least most of them, a few I don't care for) and gold shop items that I like (millions of gold there), it doesn't bother me if I don't have/get them either. I'm a slow hoarder. gonk There was a time I went on a gold shopping spree, I spent exactly...er...5,214,579 gold (at CrosStitch, Global Imports & H&R Wesley). Since I 'have' to buy every item I like from the GS, including every color, my inventory is not as large as it should be from that spree. xp If you go/find my quest thread, I specify what items I want to hoard and/or currently hoarding.

Next is avi art. xd Does that count? xd

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageḈдҠЄϛUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
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Lonely Player

Madoka and Game on RIG collector and some what 2013 Monthly collectable.

I am a terrible collector cause I only have about 3 items from madoka D8.

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