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fail to see the tragic

I used to collect pretty items back in the day, but when I recently came back to Gaia after a very long hiatus, I sold items from inventory that had inflated over the time I'd been gone for this entire outfit and extra spending money to buy new things as they were released or as I saw them being worn around the forums or in the marketplace.

turn it into magic
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I love to collect cute and/or beautiful items, whether they are evolving items, monthly collectibles or SDPlus dolls (as long as I like them so much that I need them and/or they're not way too expensive). I also collect items that I need to complete cosplays for my avi, since I do plan out cosplays that I can go with for my avi in the near future.
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I have a complete obsession with Halloween items. Specifically, event items.
I'm STILL trying to collect all the paper bag masks after all these years. D8

I only really wear my Halloween stuff for like...3 months out of the year, but Halloween is my favourite holiday/event so I made it my goal to collect Halloween stuff. :3
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I used to collect purple things, but I realized there was no point since I'd never wear all of them. sweatdrop

I do seem to amass MCs lately. Otherwise anything I have is stuff that just fell into my lap and I'm too lazy to try and sell it.
I collect tea pots. i have one made in Taiwan and in 2014 it will be 30 years old!
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Back in the day I used to sell items to get what I wanted. But nowadays I hoard my items because I like the option of changing my outfits as many times as I want now and work with items to create different looks.

Today I like to collect the MCs, REIs and occasional EI when Gaia makes them. I like RIG items, but sometimes they're not as desirable to me.
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Fuzzy Puppy

I don't collect items. I go and look at my inventory and find out I have odd collections of certain types of items. Cupcakes, for example. I have quite a neat collection of them thanks to anon gifting.
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On this account, I collect anything that could as Star Wars items (so basically, a lot of Sci-Fi items). On a different account, I collect tea cups and items that contain tea cups (also coffee cups and other cups that work in that general area). I also try to collect items with parasols and cute umbrellas and cupcakes. Sadly the Mella items in Alchemy are so hard to get. as they contain my favourite parasol.
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My mule currently has the entire Xmas items released from 2003 to 2012. I love collecting them.
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ℜinny says: white/monochrome pet items
I want items I will wear definitely. I don't have a huge collection because of that, but I have a lot of high priced stuff. Especially since those items have a high variety/quality of poses, like Zodiacal, so I have a good amount to work with.
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i collect most things that work on I Am poses, and some other things that help the base disappear.
And I Am items, too, natcherly.
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I am a hoarder, first and foremost. I have all my horrible event items for which there is no practical use. I. Sell. Nothing.

Secondarily, versatility is king! I get all the cheap little accessories and basic items like t-shirts that I can get my hands on; the reversible set is a good example.
Every once in a while I splurge on an expensive item I really want, which are generally also very versatile (such as zodiacal or masquerade). If it's not versatile, it's gotta be something along punk/demon/whatever lines that's beautifully drawn (such as little lucie). Lately I've been really into mods.
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I just collect items I will probably use at some point. I used to speculate item prices, but I stopped caring shortly after joining a Gaia-based roleplay.

...although I've suddenly become fond of background items. The artists have gotten waaay better with backgrounds and they all look stunning.
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I like hair and body mods.

Me too! I like eyes too and I buy all the one that I like and can actually afford :3
I then like to collect REIs but not every each of them, just the one I die for: I especially liket the Saint Ciele series and I managed to get them all :3

By the way, what wig are you wearing *A*

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