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I only collect items that are either useful right now or I can forsee them being useful in the future. Like I have several items that have unique color schemes. They may not match anything right now, but I know one day they will have some siblings.

I do the same thing. I love things with weird colors. This dress is apparently one of those things. lol
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I have a lot of difficulty getting rid of items even if I haven't used them much or it would be very profittable, truth be told. sweatdrop I use all sorts of items of different release periods, colors, and styles in my avatars. I probably make a new one every several weeks, so a lot of items see rotation. I do have a set of items I always see if I can incorporate: Death Whisper, Compass of Seidh, and Zodiacal. The latter two have so much variation it's possible! yum_puddi
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I don't really collect anything o_o
I try to understand why people
collect certain items but I can
never wrap my head around why.

I guess it's because in real life,
I'm the type of person to throw
away everything -- even things
with "sentimental value" lol.

I guess I could say I collect
fish bait from the daily chance
and each week I sell all of the
ones I have received.
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There was a time when I was trying to collect everything.

Then the cash shop came out. It isn't a particularly practical goal anymore.

These days, I mostly collect stuff I like and will actually use, plus the purely collectible stuff (valentines, for example), and event and sponsor stuff.

My wishlist is a mile long. sweatdrop
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I used to be a hoarder, but now I'm moving closer to having a select few items I use regularly.

It's limiting, I admit.
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I used to collect MCs, which I'm gonna start doing again as soon as I get my scarf back but at the moment I collect EIs. I get two of each EI that comes out. I haven't missed one since they've come out! biggrin

My main collection though are my flowers. I love collecting flowers and I have a goal of 100k of each flower. ^^
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٠•●♥ ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ ♥●•٠·

I don't really collect anything lol
Unless my commons count as me collecting them...I have 5 pages of inventory, and only about 3/4 of a page is MCs/EIs/special items lol

I used to have a quest thread where I wanted to collect all of the EIs on Gaia, but I grew bored with that since some of them I never used.
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i never sell items that i like and that is almost every item i have :]
so i am one who never sells wink
i just keep buying stuffs >< uh sweatdrop
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I, personally, have several collections.

First, and foremost, I have a vast collection of blue items in my inventory. The other colors found in my inventory merely serve to accent my blue items/Avatars.

My next collection involves all of the amethyst and sapphire birthstone items that were released in the Cash Shop. The amethyst is my birthstone, and I love the color blue.

I am an avid fan of Team Gambino. I collect all that I can regarding the team, really. (It might not serve as a surprise that I placed my Gaia Home on Gambino.)

I have collected most of the items regarding the Overseer. I am only missing one doll.

My final collection entails the numerous aquatic dolls. Most of them are mermaid (-or merman) dolls.
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proudly have every ei. however, i used to have every ei AND ei recolors.

but sadly, after mercury's moon, everything got really expensive.
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I have a small collection of:
Water items
Blood splatters
Fantasy items.
But it's just the ones I like xD. I'm pretty picky. It's got to be things I think my character would use. Even it I don't dress her in them.
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I only collect/buy items that I want to use on my current avatar I'm making. Generally I only buy items that I WILL use. If the item has only one choice I want, hair for an example, I won't buy it. More the merrier. So I guess you could call me an avatar item collecter.

If I feel my avatar is missing something I go and buy.
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I collect the following:

* Investments (a.k.a hoarding)
* Stuff I like
* Rainbow sparkly s**t

I hate having my invo too cluttered but the clutter creeps up on me, if my 'equip' page gets over 3 pages long then it's too much.
I always end up with event items even though I hate most of them, it's probably a throwback to when they were actually worth something.
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mrgreen just 4 fun love buying many times same item, but only if he is very cheaply, or cheaper then in shops razz .
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I'm a hoarder. If I think I could ever possibly use an item for an outfit, I'll keep it. But if it's a duplicate I don't need or something that I flat out don't like, I'll sell it. 3nodding

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