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Formal Informer

I only collect items that are either useful right now or I can forsee them being useful in the future. Like I have several items that have unique color schemes. They may not match anything right now, but I know one day they will have some siblings.
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Demonic Vampire

Oh man oh man.
If only I had both the cash and the gold reserves
I would definitely collect every single masculine leg mod
out there D:

Though currently I have a sizeable collection of them starting
with the Ringmaster Leg mods.

But man...what I would give to get the Mad Hatter series of
leg mods. >___>
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If I don't already have it then I want it, doesn't matter what it is or if I'll ever user it.

.... I'm not sure what type of collector that makes me. Crazily obsessed, maybe?
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Peaceful Muse

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There's no rhyme or reason to my item buying OR my collecting. emotion_0A0

One day I'm buying all fluffy, cutesy stuff, the next I've suddenly hoarded every bloody, weird, disgusting item I can find. And then I never sell anything because I'm either regretting the purchase and hoping the item inflates, or because of; "But..but what if I NEED it for something?!"

I seem to like collecting items with unique colors. That's one thing that I stick to, at least.
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Dapper Stalker

I'm not very good at selling my items, I tend to keep them even if I haven't used them for a year or more. sweatdrop On the positive side, it's always nice when you rediscover an item or pose you've completely forgotten about!

As for collecting... I like items that have to do with tea or have a tea item in them. It doesn't make for a large collection but I like knowing that I have a suitable cuppa for almost every occasion.
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I realise that I have a few coffee items in there, but they do *look* like tea so it still counts.

If anyone knows of any reasonably priced tea items which I can add to my small collection, please send me a link or something. emotion_kirakira
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♫ I hoard like a maniac.
Then once in a while I sell everything and start all over.
It's weird yes, I know ♫
I personally dont have a inventory but what I am wearing. But I am planning to obtain most/all of the ove rdecorated items.
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I collect whatever strikes my fancy and try to make it fit lol
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Dangerous Lover

For awhile I was collecting male leg mods, bloody items, and sexy items...

But then I sold off most of em'. =P

Now I just buy whatever I think my OCs would wear. I'm picky, so I don't have alot of items, but I'm ok with that~
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Mega Noob

I used to collect a ton of items.

Then I found a checkered bikini and it's one of my favorite items besides a were tail. emotion_kirakira
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Feral Bunny

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I try to collect items that are casual yet nice looking; such as Doufu, Runcible, Keiko, Bremen etc.
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Romantic Shapeshifter

You know those items you get when you fail a RIG? I tend to like some of those, so I like to collect 'em.

But it's been since Radio Havoc since the last time I looked at a RIG item list and said to myself "I want that, I want that, and I want that, and that one, too". Usually it's one or two things per RIG cycle.
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Mini-game items for the most part.

I've collected enough paper to create every paper hat. I've created all but two of the junk items. I have all but one of the items granted in Jigsaw, Pinball and ELF. I working on the Doctorate items from Word Bump. I'm steadily fishing Bass'ken. I've created all the items possible in zOMG!: Barton Town, Village Greens, Bill's Ranch, Zen Gardens, and I'm working on the ones in Bass'ken Lake. I've also begun Alchemy, but that's so open that I'm only doing the ones I want.
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Unbeatable Ladykiller

Aside from a few reference items (specifically all the JoJo items) and the Tiger & Bunny items, I don't really collect items. I prefer keeping pure gold, so I sell off a lot of the items I don't use. I try to keep the expensive items I use frequently, but I inevitably sell those off too.
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EIs and RIG items.
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