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Meniscus Report | 07/05/2022 9:51 pm
iWillBiteYuh Report | 08/11/2021 3:09 am
nice avi

nice everything!
sculpt Report | 02/13/2021 3:18 am
same @ ur music
alias has been been p much on repeat since it was released
also rip sophie 🙁
Halloweedz Report | 01/01/2021 4:35 pm
SchwarzWeiss Report | 12/14/2020 9:00 am
Hahahaha, only a fellow oldie ATer like me would know your username you changed like a decade ago. lol
And Im used to calling you by your old username ever since so welp.

That's good! Ikr. the whole pandemic has some of us going back and logging in a bit here.
I only usually login when I'm in the mood to change my avatar outfit and post bit here and there in AAY thread in AT and Heaven (which I started back in 2010).

I'm surprised you are managing a thread in AT atm. Thats how I knew you were on and decided to drop a comment.

SchwarzWeiss Report | 12/14/2020 8:54 am
Atsu, you're aliveeeeee~! scream

Remember moi?
My Styles Of Poetry Report | 11/23/2020 8:13 am
I love your avies. whee
CrimsoNight Report | 11/12/2020 1:29 pm
thanks for the tip. have a blessed day!
Narkisses Report | 10/24/2020 1:38 pm
Love your avi and profile! 4laugh
Oruhgami Report | 10/09/2020 12:35 pm

Ohhh you do! Surprising I’m pretty forgetful lol but glad to see ya as well!
I kinda of just got back on like a few weeks ago

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i'm here for the avatarsss this my gallery and stuff

User Image

stuff i like right now

amnesia scanner

that anime godzilla trilogy lmao
big lmao but also fun

keep your hands off eizouken!
homeland (finished omg)
mr robot (finihsing!!! oH MY GOD)

video games
genshin impact

favorite things right now
my computer being alive
keep things tidy

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