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Monochrome Spring
Some users only have a few items, which they wear frequently.

i am that type of item collector, feeling comfortable wearing only a few looks, never changing much

the new designs of the present items are too much elaborated for me

but in the hands of more capable people, i have seen very pretty avatars out there
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Fluffy Demigod

I hoardcollect some event items, does that count? yum_puddi
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    I collected the Birthday sashes, but I stopped when the necklaces were released. I just don't have the interest anymore. xD
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I collect a lot of different purple/black items, I hold onto everything I buy, and I've got quite a few outfits I like to swap between.
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I just buy items that I like and might use.
I use to collect anything with a high price tag in hopes for it to rise in price, but I slowed down on that.
I like collecting items that allows skin alterations, whether it be fullbody dies or tattoos. I also like accessories. They're all good for layering.
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Kawaii Striker

I just buy stuff I like either for cosplaying or normal dress up
I try to keep my OC in mind when I buy things though

I can't say if I gravitate towards any particular sorts of items
I guess fandom related items....I have a habit of buying one
even if I won't get much use out of it

At one time I was collecting everything with a blood pose
but that got kinda expensive when certain items were released

I like to think that there's a wide variety of stuff in there now xD

well and there's always that hoard of 355 Cresento valentines redface
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and eis.. but i am so behind in that.
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I am a hoarder, and of the worst kind (nostalgia hoarder). What I buy, I keep forever. sweatdrop I just can't seem to let go of items that have been part of good memories.

I particularly collect items in certain categories:
~ Books
~ Laurels
~ Backgrounds
~ Birthstone items (except the crowns, which I think look bad with my hair)
~ Magical items, especially sparkles and summoning circles

I used to collect all EIs, but nowadays most don't interest me. I collect MC letters, but I don't always open them into their item contents.

Collecting is on hold these days, though, since I am currently questing Mini Angel Wings. I don't think I can quit buying all new items altogether, especially since this quest is likely to take at least 3 years, but I am trying to be careful and keep most of my funds and efforts directed to this end.
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I collect cute items and items that I think I could possibly get a profit later on in time.

So pretty generic answer BUT, since coming back to Gaia after AGES, I have grown a love for leg and arm mods so the cuter they are the most likely I am questing for wearing them. emotion_kirakira
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I used to collect MCs/EIs but now I just buy items that I like. I like things that are versatile and layer well.
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I collect items I think are pretty or otherwise appeal to me, sometimes I will get multiples of them. I always end up buying bit and pieces from the gold shop to finish off a look. I only sell stuff that I don't really like or think I will ever use.
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I collect REIs and EIs
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Magnetic Evader

I make avatars or wishlists then I buy everything on them. After that I find them hard to let go for a while, or at least until I do a purge.
When I'm buying from the wishlist I find that even if I decide the item is useless and I don't want it I have to buy it.
I'm OCD D:
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In a relationship with many fictive characters

Kawaii Phantom

I collect all sorts of things. Since I love making avatars I rarely actually sell anything in fear of missing it. I do suppose I collect brown wigs.

I do need to get more gold shop items though. Need more pants/shirts/and such.

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