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While reading topics in the GCD, I've noticed that there are a variety of types of item collectors. Some users only have a few items, which they wear frequently. Some users collect all MC's or all EI's, regardless of how often they think they'll use them. Some users collect event items or gold shop items. All of this to have multiple outfits, never repeating one.

Also, some users hold on to every item that they've ever owned, or at least one of each. Others will sell the majority of their inventory whenever they make an outfit change.

So GCD, what kind of item collector are you?
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i collect a ton of MCs and stuff
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Back then I'd try to collect every MC. But currently I just collect things that I think will go well with my avatar, because MC's aren't really much of a good investment nowadays.
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Lately I've been trying to collect gold shop items. Not all of the items, just all the sets I like in all the colors I like (even colors I like but don't use as much like green and yellow in an effort to encourage me to use them more)

Just recently I went on a huge gs shopping spree, I think I spent like 1 mil... that's a lot for me as I rarely ever have 1 mil in pure on me sweatdrop and I'm still going back and buying more here and there.

Other wise I just pick up rig items here and there when they come out with the intent to sell them again for a small profit in a few months if I don't find myself using them.
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I collect things I find cute, really. Although it doesn't seem to be really affordable nowadays. Every female/feminine-like item seems to be getting more expensive. gonk
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>>>: I did collect all of those birthday items from the cash shop
for three years, cape, sash and anklets. But I didn't think the necklaces
were interesting enough to buy, even with the free cash from the tree : /
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I collect everything pretty much. I let it sit in my inventory. lol

Sadly... I donated all of my fortune to a friend when I took my 3 year break so there isn't too much left.
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I collect all kinds of things even if I don't use them.

I have
All R/EIs, the recolors and most of the side items related to them except for the dolls.
MC letters going back to Dec 06
Almost all of the birthstone items
I'm only missing 2 marionettes but that one wasn't intentional.
Halloween and Christmas items since '05 as well as the grab bags.
All the ornaments that the artists did as a scavenger hunt.

I'm sure I'm missing something from that list but yeah.

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No not really. But it sometimes seems that way. I just collect the items I think will be useful down the line, and what goes well with items I currently own. I like having a large variety of items, so I guess I'm like those people who always has a different avatar that never repeats. At one point, waaay back when we had far less items I did dream of having one of everything. Now.... not so much. @_@

Back in the day I also used to try to collect at least one of the MC's each month, if not both (or all of them in the cases where there were three). For a while I had almost all of them for a few years (excluding the ones prior to my joining of course). I have a majority of the '05 to '07 range if I recall correctly. I think 2008 was around when I stopped buying them every month. I'll have to check.

I'll also collect items referencing my favorite fandoms, regardless if it's an items I'd actually use. Though most of the time I do use them. 3nodding
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I collect mostly non mythical reptile items. Since there are relatively few of those and most are cheap, I have a pretty good collection of those.
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A half-hearted one, haha. I don't have many defined collections. I like book items, but I don't seek to buy every one of them. Although, I am keeping up with the birthstone necklaces this year, since I just like necklaces. They're nice items.
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If I can afford it and I like the poses, then I buy it.

I'm also working my way through the gold shops, and buying every item I like.

edit: and then I spend hours organizing my inventory by color gonk lol
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I like hair and body mods.

For general equipping, there isn't anything I collect. There are a few individual items that I LOVE to use and could never sell, but the majority of my inventory I am not attached to. Somedays I do regret this; just the other day I went to resurrect an old avatar that I had enjoyed, only to realize I had sold some pieces to it. It wasn't a big deal, just a bit disappointing.

But I have collected a few things over the years: Any weather-inspired item I buy one of, and never ever sell it. (I'm a meteorologist, see)

I have been tossing around the idea, though, of collecting items that have mouths. I've never been crazy about the standard mouths we have, so it's always either been no mouth or the Gaia Sama lips. I've just recently realized just how many other mouths there are to work with. The downside is they're expensive, and I'm gold-poor. :c
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I just collect items i like as well as if goes by a certain theme. I so far have all the sainte ciel items including the doll, Lumiere Noire collection , and Bitter Frost collection, by characters in the rig.

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