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                          User ImageThis... is the Academy?
                          It looks more like the White House than a high school for heroes-in-training to be honest, but whatever. You got some powers and you want to put them to some good use like pummeling that weirdo who keeps creeping around you.
                          Where better to go than a "school" founded by Megapolis's greatest superheroes, right?

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                                        HIRING THREAD

                                        Table of Contents

                                        Updates / Rules
                                        Once Upon A Time / World
                                        Character stages / Growth requirements
                                        Creating a sidekick
                                        How do I get one
                                        Citizens / NPCs
                                        The Registry
                                        The Super Pet Shop
                                        Affiliates / Links in
                                        Staff <3
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                21 May Alien Invasion comes to a close..!
                25 Feb Oscar drops in on p2054! Fierce lookin kid isn't he.

                3 Feb First announcement of the new year! Aren't you guys glad we're still in one piece phew. Anywho, say hi to three new babbus on (woah we hit 2k pages too guys) p2046 and another one on p2049!

                10 Dec Another sidekick? Violet goes blue with her new outfit~ p1953
                1 Dec Wow insane another update within a week! Yes that's right our Christmas event is up and running! Well some of it. Also say hi to Jaxson and Scottie on p1892!
                25 Nov Two new growths and an official babbu! Say hi to sidekicks Avalbane and Basia, and our little one, Adelina on p1874!
                14 Nov Welcome our new manager CheekieBirdiee on p1817!
                10 Nov Our Halloween event is over!! Sort of... And there's a whole bunch of new stuff too. Check out the announcement on p1802
                2 Sep Our genderbender meta is overrr! Thanks everyone who participated! We also bid farewell to our guest artist kotaline! Thanks bby girl for the beautiful art. See more on p1622
                25 Jun Conduit is now a sidekick WOAH. Bet you didn't see that coming on p1597
                14 May Summer 2012 meta has begun! Check out page 2 for details and this thread here for Chapter Two of the backstory! p1576
                5 May Chapter One of our Summer meta is up! p1574
                26 Mar Results for our Goth Burd rehome! Welcome to sidekicks Kailey Koreco and thyPOPE! p1536
                1 Mar Happy belated Leap Day! Also doggie game on p1492
                24 Feb A REHOME... see page 2 for details! ann on p1481
                22 Feb WELCOME VASQUEZ! Also previews for an upcoming rehome oho! p1478
                17 Feb Growths! Take a look at our first three sidekicks on p1472!
                15 Feb V-Day grams came and went! Happy Valentines y'all! Check out p1470
                11 Feb ORP has officially concluded (a little messily but WELL). Time to start looking out for the next event! See p1465
                6 Feb Woah our first announcement of 2012! We got Valentine's grams going on, and we bid farewell to another one of our managers seikueon, thank you and you will be missed! pg1454
                Dec 15 The ORP begins...pg1228
                Dec 10 ORP updates on pg1197
                Dec 2 CYO Presents! pg1140
                Nov 30 Results from the kissing fiesta for PG1k are on tumblr awyiss. pg1122
                Nov 21 Whoa what's this you guys: ORP signups and Secret Santas. pg1047
                Nov 11 Two things!
                1. We're having a mini event for 1000 Pages! See page 2 for details!
                2. Customs are open until Nov 20!

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                • When RPing, follow the Daisy Code User Image
                • Be nice.
                • Don't exclude people, that's not nice. Do say hi to new people. 8D
                • Do not steal anything.
                • DO NOT GOD MOD.
                • No drama. Character drama is okay.
                • These babies are RP required, We do not like art going to waste.
                • We have pretty relaxed character and growth requirements for an RP required shop, please refer below for basic activity reqs to keep your character.
                • We are still working kinks out here and there, so rules will be added as and when necessary. Please bear with us!
                • Have fun!


                1. Post in thread at least once in two months
                2. Post a guild RP/journal/mission/something at least once in three months

                If there is no word from you in three months, either in thread or guild, we will send a PM.

                If there is no reply, we will continue to send PMs for up to 6 months, after which we will proceed to deal with your character.

                If there is simply ZERO ACTIVITY on your part despite our reminders (even a simple post in thread like hi I'm not dead counts as activity okay), we will take your character away after a maximum of 6 months.

                If you feel that you cannot keep up with the requirements, please let us know so we can work something out

                On the other hand, if you're going on a long hiatus but plan on coming back, do let us know ahead of time.
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                User Image

                A long time ago, three good friends who fight evil with their superpowers decided to start a school

                User Image

                A proper backstory will go here when mori thinks of one........
                Meanwhile have an updated clothing ref

                Curious about the founders?

                User Image

                User Image

                THIS IS MEGAPOLIS!!

                User Image

                Each continent in Megapolis has a different culture that is distinct from the rest.
                Ronth and Crantel are quite modern,
                Sewit seems to live in the future, Upper Sewit is somewhat stuck in the past, and
                Tasea is mix of everything. Sounds fun eh?

                User ImageThe Academy itself is something of a "public secret". It stands there in full view and everyone knows of its existence.

                But no one actually knows what is going on inside.

                There are rumours of course, and they always vary depending on where you hear them. The Sewitans think its some secret intelligence agency. Some Taseans believe its a holy place dedicated to some foreign gods. The Crantians say its really a boarding school for hopeless kids. Most Ronths don't even bother.

                But the bottomline is, no one knows exactly what goes on there.

                However, if you are curious/desperate enough to dig around for some information and talk to the right people, you'll discover that its actually somehow, very vaguely, related to three of Megapolis' most famous heroes, The Captain, Binary, and Phoenix...

                All additional world info is available here

                User Image

                User Image

                User Image【 ROOKIE 】 (First stage)
                At this point your character is just starting out. They've already gained the motivation for wanting to join the Academy, but they're fairly new to this activity called kicking villainous butt.
                The art for this stage is a chibi of the character. They could be in civilian clothing or costume.

                【 SIDEKICK 】 (Second stage)
                The character has gotten some experience from Academy by now, after taking classes, going on simple missions, and honing their abilities. Now they're ready to take on bigger fish. They can also become sidekicks to hero stage characters at this point.
                Art for this stage can range from waist to fullbody depending on the artist's whim. Definitely costumed.

                【 HERO 】 (Third stage)
                Congratulations! Your character is now fully ready to strike out on their own after all the hard work they put into fighting crime. You may have even gained a new ability or two! Some will decide to change their alias and costume to represent a new stage in their life, but others might choose to keep their current form. Heroes are free to pick up new sidekicks from Academy if they ever need the assistance.
                Hero art will definitely be fullbody and costumed. You can opt to change costume and alias from your previous stages if you like.

                【 ??? 】 (Alternate third stage)
                Weeeell not everyone's cut out to be a hero you know. Some stray off the path, some just don't get it, and some become... incapacitated. Whatever it is, the life of a hero just isn't for you.
                So what can you be...?
                Art is fullbody and costumed. Changes from previous stages are optional.

                【 SUPERHERO 】 (Stage of awesomeness)
                You're practically a legend in Megapolis. Its possible even aliens from other planets know about you.

                【 RETIREMENT 】
                This isn't really a stage, but when the time comes for new blood to take over...

                For Growth Requirements, please refer to this post.
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                User Image


                • Don't. God mod. Don't even try.
                • No cosplays.
                • Stick to one power. If there're side effects/derivative powers, make sure there aren't like a gazillion of them.
                • Certain powers are OFF LIMITS. Check the Questing thread for more details.
                • Ages. Please be realistic and keep it between 6 - 60.
                • If you are entering as a rookie, we strongly suggest you keep their ages below 16, unless you have a VERY good reason to make them older
                • If you're going to create an alien planet, make sure its brand new and include a description of it somewhere.
                • Do NOT use existing planets in our solar system or planets from DC/Marvel.
                • If someone is already questing for a hero with a power/ability you wanted, you are free to go for it as well.
                • There is no limit to how many quests you can make!
                • Leave room for growth

                Some power origin suggestions:
                Genetic (born with it),
                Scientifiically added (something go boom),
                Some power item (kicks the butts for you)
                Batman or Ironman type (make up for their lack of powers somehow and kick a** anyway)
                Tech (weapons and gadgets invented or bought)
                Trained (martial arts, weapons, etc)

                Need more inspiration?
                http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Superpower_Wiki (This is a REALLY GOOD listing, highly recommended!)
                amazing stuff

                Ready to make a sidekick? Proceed to the Quest subforum!

                User Image

                ██ FLATSALESUser Image
                Flatsales are the most common way of getting a sidekick. They're usually prompt based and work in two ways: premades and postmades. Each character will cost a flat fee of 30k.

                Premade flatsales are where art is already drawn for the character. Based on the art and prompt provided, you will need to write up a response. Staff will judge which entries are the best based on creativity and how well it fits the art.

                Postmade flatsales are slightly trickier and much, much rarer. There will still be prompts for you to respond to but the art is drawn only after a winner is announced. The idea is to let the artists design your character according to and depending on how inspired they are by your prompt entry. You will not have any say over the character's design.

                Unless we specifically state that the flat will be a postmade, please assume that all flatsales are premades.

                Once you have won a flatsale, send a trade to the mule within 48 hours and proceed to the Quests subforum to fill out a profile for your character. Once its approved by staff, you're ready to go!

                ██ AUCTIONS
                Auctions are reserved for children with unique or unusual powers, or customs and semi customs. Whoever bids the highest amount gets the slot.

                Once you have won, send a trade to the mule within 48 hours. Your custom can either be a quest that's approved, or you can create a character after winning in the Quests subforum, which will be subject to staff approval first before it is official.

                ██ CUSTOMS & SEMI CUSTOMS
                Custom and semi custom slots can be gotten from flatsales, auctions or artist bribe slots.

                Customs allow you to specify everything and anything you want of your character, from appearance to powers to costume design.

                Semi customs only allow you to specify 5 traits you want in your character. They can be anything that is within reason, such as physical appearance, costume design, personality, etc.

                All customs and semi customs must go through character approval. We will announce when they are available and for how much.

                Customs guild thread

                ██ QUESTING
                Quests are a way for you to get that dream character by showing us how creative and awesome your character is. It also helps speed things along when we have events for customs and semicustoms and tada, you already got a quest all set up!

                Approval of a quest does NOT mean your character is official! It just means your character isn't flouting any rules and staff thinks it'll fit in okay with the shop. You will have to wait for an opportunity to come along to get your character made, such as custom auctions or events.

                Quest fairies might pop up occassionally but please don't rely on that to obtain a kid here.

                To set up a quest, proceed to the Quests subforum and read the sticky thread for details.

                ██ ADOPTION CENTER
                Kids without owners are the saddest things in b/c. Why not take a look and see if any one of our "orphans" catches your eye eh?

                For rules on how to adopt one, waddle on over to the Adoption Center
                User Image

                User Image

                So you don't have a kid here yet, but you're dying to jump in for some action. How about becoming a citizen of Megapolis first?

                Citizens are regular Megapolisians without powers or abilities. Having citizens around is a way for people who don't have kids yet to join in the akshun. Once you sign up and your form is approved by staff, you can begin RPing along with everyone else. You can even get art for them, if the artists are free and don't mind doing them.

                The Citizen you create can eventually become an official shop character, but it must be done through questing. Alternatively, your Citizen can be used as the civilian identity for a character you're questing for. However, when RPing as a Citizen, please act normal. Don't drop weird hints like ooh, that wasn't supposed to happen, because it'll just make things really awkward for us.

                To sign up, follow the instructions in the Citizen Apps guild thread.

                User Image

                User Image

                What's a hero without civilians to save and villains to battle, right?

                NPC civilians are mostly there to be rescued, or give you the latest scoop on happenings in Megapolis. There're reporters, policemen, doctors, scientists, mayors, etc.

                Villains are just plain evil dudes who're there to make our lives miserable. Some are actually quite harmless, but they're not quite right in the head and sometimes, they unwittingly put a lot of people in harm's way. Others are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

                A complete directory of punching bags and plot devices in Megapolis can be found in the NPC List.
                User Image

                User Image

                ██ ROOKIES
                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User Image

                ██ SIDEKICKS
                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                ██ HEROES
                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                ██ ???

                ██ SUPERHEROES

                User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

                Uncert Gallery and Journals for your viewing
                User Image

                User Image

                Dr Flo is the owner of The Super Pet Shop, a pet shop which sells... pets. Regular pets, radioactive pets, pets with superpowers, the list goes on. She still likes experimenting on things even though she doesn't actually work at a proper lab anymore, which kind of sometimes have unintended side effects when they accidentally hit some pets uh...

                WELL. In any case, some of the more, ah, unusual pets need to go. She couldn't possibly keep them all, nor can she sell them to just anyone, so perhaps maybe you'd like to take one off her hands?

                You do not need to have a character to own a pet! Awesome amirite

                We have new pets all. the. time. Seriously. We'll let you know when they appear and such.

                █ SA CATS

                The three shown here are common sights in SA, if you know where to look. There're several Invisicats and fez cats in Flo's lab, which occasionally escape but that's another matter altogether. Techno was specially created by Binary to patrol the school inconspicuously, except no one ever told him mecha cats were typically rather conspicuous so students usually end up knowing when to behave.

                User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                █ B-BIRDS?!

                These birds are communal pets! They were freed from capture in about pg 500 something and now reside in SA. They serve as messenger birds, like you know, send letters. Some of the technophobes older generation of people still like doing it the old fashioned way, its safer than sending email sometimes and nothing beats the awesome feeling of sending and receiving mail by old fashioned bird.

                The birds roost in the Aviary in a tower in SA and anyone is free to go up and send a letter via Fowl Express.

                User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                █ CREDITS

                ☎ Adoptables idea was completely ganked from Plague Doctor b/c
                ☎ Cat lines are drawn by the amazing audio fiend!
                ☎ And bird lines were done the wonderful Ran-Ran-Chan!

                The full gallery can be found here
                And here is the photobucket!
                User Image

                ████ █ DERP

                User Image

                ████ █ HERPDERP

                User Image

                User Image

                How many kids can I have?
                For now, two. You can have a second only, and only if, you can prove that you can keep up with RPing both of them. Your first one must be at least sidekick stage already.
                We will gradually increase the limit when heroes start retiring..

                Can I call my sidekick Superboy? He's not really Superboy though, just... you know.
                If it will create confusion with another well known established superhero, then no. A-listers like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, anyone who has/is going to have a live-action movie is off limits.
                Wouldn't you want something unique though?
                We have a resident "expert" on how well-known a super hero name is. She'll let you know.

                What about super babies?
                Whoa, a little too early for that right now young grasshopper.

                Are these kids RP required? Very heavy RP requirements...?
                It will be RP heavy if you're dedicated (and love us very much). Otherwise, all we ask is that you meet some requirements.
                Show us you're still aware of our existence by at least posting in the main thread once in two months. And since you have a kid all fleshed out here, at least post a proper RP in the guild once in three months.

                So what happens if I don't post in the thread for two months? Or post an RP in the guild for three months? Huh huh?
                Well... we want to see you alive and active, that's all.
                If you don't post in thread for two months, or post a guild RP for three months, we'll send out a PM to ask where you are and tell you we miss you. If there's still no activity from you after six months, we'll have to deal with your character.

                If you're only going on a hiatus but plan to come back, please let us know so that we don't take your character away.

                Why 1971? Why not 1972? Or 1970?
                idk its got a nice ring to it, don't you think? Like 1985, or 1969 8D

                What's with the telephone?
                Don't ask silly questions, go do your training. :U

                Have a burning question that's not here? There's more q&a in the FAQ guild thread,
                Or if you have a question you can just yell at mori in the main thread too 8D

                A lot of other in-depth stuff is also covered in the SA guide!
                User Image

                User Image

                User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

                User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                Want to affiliate? Just put one of our banners in your shop and drop a link to yours in our thread.
                We WILL cull dead affies regularly and without warning, just sayin

                User Image

                User Image

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                User ImageUser Image

                User ImageUser Image

                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. for the sig space challenged






                User Image

                User Image

                ❝ and these aren't just cats. theyre supercats. and they dont just sit there, they sit there on FIRE.
                because at sidekicks we don't just make you wanna laugh, we make you laugh. ❞
                - rottie

                Derpy owner mori-zae

                Mods Taneko, Shnazz, melona-pan, CheekieBirdiee

                Artists Rika Mayumi, Shnazz, melona-pan, Yulo-chan

                Previous guest artists kotaline

                Ex staff vexprii, Herbaceous, seikueon

                Are you hiring? See 1st post for the link!

                Feel free to harrass mori, or any of the mods if they happen to take your fancy!
                If you're unsure who to send your query to, send it to the mule and we'll sort it out
                User Image

                User Image

                This shop draws heavy inspiration from tumblr's teacup league, Young Justice the TV animation, and TiH b/c

                Cat and bird lines are done by the greatest audio fiend and Ran-Ran-Chan! <333

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