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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 11:19 am


At about 7AM in the morning on the island of Sidekick Academy, deep beneath the school campus in a special lab privy to only a mere few individuals, a white haired man with a metal mask stared morosely at an alien artifact that was currently resting on a table.

The item in question was recently recovered from the Nova Academy ship that crash landed several months ago, and no one had the slightest clue what it did, not even Nagataur herself. Binary had been rather skeptical, but the alien insisted it was just one of those other junk things they happened to pick up during their space travels.

"I'd advise you not to touch it," she warned. "Who knows what effects it might have on the populace if you were to tamper with it."

Binary knew she was right, but the inquiring scientific part of his mind simply could not let it go. What if it was the answer to some of mankind's greatest problems? It could be a source of endless, limitless energy. Or it could be the key to all the knowledge in the universe, however cheesy that may sound.

In any case, Binary was determined to at least TRY and see what the... thing, did, if anything at all. It was a rather oddly shaped sort of item, made of some sort of heavy metal, with irregular dents all over it, ranging from the size of a pimple to a fist. Some of the dents looked like buttons even. Very odd indeed...

The door swooshed open as he was setting up several scanners and two familiar figures entered, presumably to bother him again, Binary supposed. Both of them stopped short in their tracks at the sight of the odd looking artifact.

"Binary, what is that?"

"What're you doing with it? Is it dangerous? Where'd you get it from?"

The masked man rolled his eyes. Really, was it that hard to ask for some privacy when he in the middle of working on something sensitive?

"Did you need something, Captain? Phoenix?"

The fiery haired woman approached the item carefully, peering at it with curiosity.

"We needed some intel for a new villain," Cap explained, "never seen him before and we couldn't beat him, but I guess that could wait."

He, too, was staring at the item with all the wonderment of a 10-year-old. "What is that...?"

Binary tapped a couple of keys and the scanners began their work, casting sheets of light across the alien thing.

"Guess we'll find out soon, won't we?"


Several scans later, nothing new was revealed, other than the fact that the item greatly resembled a rock. Captain and Phoenix, both of whom seemed to have been expecting some kind of magic trick, were fairly disappointed by the lack of any booms and bangs.

"So... it's a rock?"

"Seems like it."

Both of them looked to Binary, as though he might tell them otherwise. He simply shrugged.

"Rock," he deadpanned, and shut off the scanners.

Right at this very moment, the rock exploded.

SUP GUYS. This is the first "chapter" of our summer meta event! There isn't much for you to do for now except anticipate what will happen next, but you'll start getting involved once the second chapter is out, yes * v*b

For now, g'luck to all those who're dealing with APs and exams! Everyone else, keep on truckin'. emotion_awesome

Chapter Two will be out next weekend so watch out for that!  
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 6:54 am


The strange thing was, the explosion didn't quite happen with pieces of rock flying everywhere, or with a bright flash, or burst into spontaneous flames even. In fact, there was only the sound of an explosion, a sound so loud it practically reverberated all the way up through the basement and throughout the campus, creating a sort of mini scale 6 earthquake on the island. Sleeping students were shaken awake, and those already awake were shaken. All who heard the sound were affected by the vibrations... in a most mysterious way, as they were about to find out...

Back down in the basement, the entire lab shook and groaned and all sorts of items went flying in an outward radius towards the wall. The three founders, taken by surprise, were practically blown away from the force of the sound waves and slammed hard into the walls in three different directions.

Cap was the first to recover, using the wall to support himself as he got up.

"Phoenix? Binary? Are you two alright?"

He stalled at the sound of his voice. Something... didn't sound quite right?

"I'm okay," came an unfamiliar voice to his left, belonging to a man who was dressed exactly like Phoenix.

"Same here," another unfamiliar voice called out to his right, this time belonging to a woman who was dressed head to toe in Binary's outfit.

Cap's jaw dropped. Male Phoenix mirrored his expression. Female Binary was already tapping furiously at his-- her, computers.

"Wait, did you two just--"

"John, are you a WOMAN?"

"... Crap."


Nagataur was, understandably, not very pleased at all. She was currently with the school's three human leaders in one of the staff rooms, having been summoned down by the masked one called Binary. She knew why she was here, and she was extremely peeved. She'd seen enough panic and chaos along the school halls to realize what had happened. Confounded earthlings and their irksome curiosity, why couldn't they just heed advice when it was given?

So here she was, in a room with two women and one man, instead of the usual two men and one woman. She crossed her arms and smirked.

"I did tell you not to touch that rock."

Binary scowled. If there was one thing he-- she hated, it was being told that she was wrong. Even if she already knew it.

"How is it you're still female?" the only man in the room asked, looking slightly uncomfortable in his suit. Nagataur shrugged.

"I did not hear the explosion you spoke of, perhaps that is why."

"We need to reverse this as soon as possible," Binary interrupted in clipped tones. "If our current... condition, is due to sound, I'm going to try and find the right frequency to reverse it. Nagataur," she turned her piercing gaze towards the alien woman. "Is there anything else you can tell us?"

The alien woman raised an eyebrow. "I told you so?"

Binary seethed like an angry cat, looking like she might just pounce Nagataur. Phoenix hurried over to calm her down. Captain, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke up, floating slightly to make up for her lack of height.

"Nagataur, I'd appreciate it if you stopped making jabs at Binary," she said, commandeering charisma still present, but somewhat diminished in her current pixie like state. The alien inclined her head.

"As you wish, but I did warn against tampering with that rock," she commented lightly. "I could do a study of it and perhaps tell you its origins and use, if you allow me to do so. But other than that, your best chance of reversing this process is probably, as Binary suggested, finding a counter frequency."

Binary "hmph'ed", pushed Phoenix away and marched out of the office with a strained "Follow me." Nagataur tilted her head at the other two in a "guess I gotta" sort of gesture and followed after the silver haired woman. Captain and Phoenix exchanged looks and watched anxiously as they disappeared beyond the doorway.

"Do you think we should...?"

"No, he-- she can work it out," Captain said, although she herself wasn't entirely convinced by her own words. "We need to explain to the rest what happened."

Phoenix nodded.

"I'll get the rest of the staff here. And you'll need to make an announcement to the kids over the PA."

Captain huffed, appraising herself with a critical eye in one of the room's reflective surfaces.

"And then we seriously need to get our clothes altered. Do you think the cape makes me look fat?"




PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:00 am
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:00 am
and another just in case  


Public Records [Past Metas/Events etc]

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