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WOWOWOWOW GUYS, did you know another year has already passed?

Time flies when you're not paying attention mang. Its already DECEMBER and that means... CHRISTMAS is coming * A*

To celebrate this Christmas the sidekicks way, we've arranged plenty of fun stuff for you to do! Owner or non-owner, you'll have a chance to party and fling snowballs at faces and butts

Fanart Challenge will last until Christmas Day itself and its already begun! See below for details!
Mail game will happen in-thread throughout this period. See below for details!
Snowballs!! Its fun to hit people with them of course, but just imagine, throwing them at... HEROES... See below for details!
META CYOA! GOSH another batch of aliens? They don't look... friendly like that last one though. See below for details!

Also this is highly... uh, well, not entirely certain but its the season of giving, so... fairies of a certain quest-y kind might be about this holiday... you never know.........

You'll also notice that playing these games get you... points? Whatever for?

PRIZESSS. Obviously. emotion_dowant Head right on over and feast your eyes upon that spread... uh, prize tree

Still confused? Questions itching to be asked? Drop them in-thread or PM the mule and staff will answer them when they can!


All events will cease on the 26 Dec 2012, 1159pm EST Some may end before be sure to check the rules.


  • Do NOT discourage people from entering any of the events! Be friendly.
  • Read everything on this page first. Feel free to ask questions if you have any!
  • Do NOT use mules or alts. You will be disqualified AND possibly banned.
  • In case of any disputes/problems, PM the mule or mori-zae and we will try to resolve it asap.
              ████ █ FANART CHALLENGE

              SA's 2012 Fanart Event

              Remember the Halloween of 2011 when SA held a fanart challenge and you could get points for prizes? Whelp. Similar idea, only it's bigger and better this year! Our prized Christmas tree will have a buttload of presents for you to try and snag! So ready those pens and pencils children, things are about to get real.

              Winter is coming...!

              █ RULES
              • There is a limit of two fanarts/fanfiction per day. They must be of official SA characters. NPCs, kids, villains, you name it.

              • All you have to do is post your fanart in this thread! Simple? Good. The more interesting parts are just below....

              • Your fanarts must follow the themes provided, there will be two categories (general winter themes and the special 25 days of Christmas). Make sure to write in bolden letters which category it is for. IF it pertains to the 25 days of Christmas category, make a note of the day it's meant for. (Timezones make things a mess...)

              • You MAY NOT play catch up on the special 25 theme challenge. If you miss that day, too bad. You missed it. However, you may submit for regular number of points.

              • Both your fanarts of the day may be for the same category. Or it can also be one for each category. Whatever floats your boat!

              • Can't draw? FRET NOT. You can put your excellent writing skills to use here by writing drabbles! They should be at least 200 words long and NOT MORE THAN 600 words long. Go over the word limit and you will not get your points. We will run them through word count...

              • 25 days of Christmas themed fanarts/drabbles will win you 4 points.

              • General winter themed fanarts/drabbles will win you 2 points.

              • Posts will be edited with your total number of points for the day in red, please only post once a day with both of your entries if you're doing two!

              • And remember... Have fun~ ;D

              █ LINK TO EVENT

              FANART CHALLENGE ! ! ! !

              ████ █ MAIL GAME
              Dashing Through The Halls ! - a mail retrieval and delivery game..

              You know Hack and Sharp Shooter and Black Blood and Night Stalker.
              Conduit and Cannonball and Doppelgang and Badelynge.
              But do you recall the most famous Heroes of our halls?

              Binary, Captain and Phoenix ! ! Had very shiny - wait...wrong story.


              CALLING ALL SIDEKICKS, HEROES AND ROOKIES! Nurse Drew needs your help! It's that time of year again, you know when magics in the air along with that very mischievous mistletoe bird. Only this year, the mistletoe bird is the least of one SA's inhabitants problems. For you see at the end of a long decorated hall there came a sob, a cry, a plea for help from none other than our own Nurse Drew! What was wrong? The school wasn't burning, the flashing lights were all on, no the problem instead came from Nurse Drew's red nose!

              Or at least the cause of the nurses red nose.... For you see...

              Nurse Drew had just been viciously attacked! Why you might ask and who could have done such a Grinch like thing right here in our own halls? Well it's a rather long story but if you have the time..

              Once upon a time in the infirmary, Nurse Drew deposited the last handmade Christmas card for the very last sidekick of the academy into a large red bag. Then from outside the window came a click click click. Oh ho ho who wouldn't go..to check it out? Gliding gracefully towards the window for investigation the nurse peered out into the night and what Nurse Drew saw was a pair of shivering reinowls perched precariously on the ledge.

              Throwing open the window the black and white reinowls were invited inside eagerly as the nurse thought not only to warm the poor dears but use them to help deliver the cards. Making quick work the nurse explained to the reinowls that by delivering the cards in the red bag. They could spread encouragement and good tidings boosting the overall heath of the student body and faculty!

              It might have been a naive thought that cheer and surprise could bring good health but Nurse Drew was holding firm to the idea.

              With a smile Nurse Drew continued telling the reinowls that with their aid the job could be done twice as fast! However while the nurse got a little into the speech of Christmas and why the reinowls should help, the devious black reinowl took the chance and spread its wings taking off at the rambling nurse and delivering nothing but a hard peck to the nose!

              Downed Nurse Drew was defenseless and the reinowl with impressive strength for its small body grabbed onto the bag of cards and flew right out of the infirmary with them! Now all the while the white spectacle reinowl watched on in horror before narrowing its eyes it was just fit to fly after the other reinowl in attempts to get the cards back when it was stopped by Nurse Drew. The school was so big, the nurse knew that one little reinowl couldn't search all alone and turn up the cards to deliver before Christmas. Feeling a failure the nurse wept aloud, sobbing and holding the white reinowl.

              "Heroes and Sidekicks and Rookies alike won't you find my grams tonight?" This was the sobbed chanted that echoed down the hall.

              The End.

              Or is it? It was the nurses sobs that led you here wasn't it, well wasn't it ?! It's time to get those grams! For Nurse Drew, for Christmas! It's your job to hunt down the black reinowl and get those grams are you up for the job, careful daylight is breaking so you'd better catch it before it gets out into the city..

              ████ █ IMPORTANT RULES

              • Do NOT discourage people from entering! Be friendly. If you show up while people are generating numbers BE SURE to count the number of grams and see if they are all gone before generating.
              • Read everything about the game folks it will help us all! But do feel free to ask questions if you have any!
              • Casual Roleplay during this game is fine and highly encouraged. If you do not own a SA student, don't fret its a game, so the use of Quest characters is fine. Just note you will not be getting these characters it's just for fun!
              • You are playing this game for points and these lovely Potter Owls. Points for what? Well ...at the end of the game Dec 26, the two highest scores will win the Potter Owls (but will not get the points earned in game to claim). SINCE points maybe cashed into the prize thread at any time during the event you will be allowed to take points you've earned from the mail game, HOWEVER when doing this you will loose these points in the game itself. Please pm the mule if you wish to take points from the game to cash in so that we may update your count in the game.

                Winners will be announced December 26th.

              ████ █ HOW TO PLAY

              • The Mule will announce levels starts, meaning the mule will post in thread with a nifty little list and how many grams are up for being found and delivered!
              • To keep things somewhat easy to manage be sure to edit in a quote to the mule if you get one of the gram numbers, DO NOT delete any of your post while playing the game. IF you make a mistake note so in edited red at the bottom of your post and try again.
              • For every post until solving be sure to generate a random number from 1 - 10!
              • Starting off, you get unlimited rolls to try to get a gram from the reinowl. If you manage to snatch one of the fallen grams before they are all gone you get to move on to round two.

                Round two will start after ALL grams have been found. Here is where it gets tricky! You get five tries with the 1 -10 number generator to get a second clue, GRANTED some of you might be able to get the character the gram is meant for without this. If so all you need to do is quote the mule with the provided guess code !

                If needed however you may roll until your five tries are done. So, you start out with one clue on the front of the envelope and have up to five more chances at clues! This means you could have up to six clues!

                But wait!~ What if you can't solve even with the hints or you get no more hints? Well in these cases GUESS. If you guess wrong this gram will be shuffled back into the reinowls bag for a later date and sadly you will not be rewarded points.

              • Hints? When rolling again you need to quote the mule only if you get the gram number, HOWEVER in round two you need to edit in a quote to the mule if you get another hint, so we can check and give your hint faster. The hints will then be given to you by the mule in a quote so be sure to wait for this to come. AFTER your second hint arrives you are free to post again and generate a number, PLEASE DO NOT do so before as it will cause confusion. STARTING HINT, will be given out at the bottom of the second round post, look for your name.

                Whats a hint look like? Well it can be anything from a single word, to a quoting of words from someones roleplay to a simple word or favorite color. They can be detailed or vague just depends on how bad we want to be. GOOD LUCK!

              • Solving? At anytime you think you know who the gram is for all you need to do is quote the mule with the guess code, DO NOT generate a number when doing this.

              • POINTS? Yes, the game works in points! Below is the points system.
                Zero hints (starting hint doesn't count) = 6
                One hint solve = 5pts
                Two hints solve = 4pts
                Three hints solve = 3pts
                Four hints solve= 2pts
                Five hints solve= 1pt

              • Time Limit?!?For the first round No! But for the round with hints there is a 20 min time clock to get rolls and guesses out.

              • Guess Code!?
                Just take this and do as instructed above!
                [color=red]Hey ! I found this gram just for [/color] ( [b] NAME OF RECIPIENT HERE[/b] ), [color=green]now how about some holiday sugar [/color]!

                ████ █ POINTS

                Krista_Darkangel_Silme : 10 pts
                Torvil :: 4 pts
                Yulo-chan :: 4pts
                Shnazz :: 5 pts
                Mojave Mo Problems :: 5 pts

              ████ █ SNOWBALL BATTLE!xx

              'Tis the season to be jolly... and fling snowballs at people! The heroes have gotten into a little tiff over who is the best dodger of them all for some reason (guess who's the instigator) and this holiday, they're ready to fight it out oh yes.

              Your job? Use them as targetboards and hit them the best you can!

              Event ends on 21 Dec!

              █ LINK TO EVENT
              SNOWBALL BATTLE!!
              ████ █ ALIENS STEAL CHRISTMAS CYOAxx

                There's flashing lights in the sky... but this time there's more, and they don't seem friendly. Roughly one year after the alien students from Nova Academy crashed, their home planets have finally located the source of their distress signal. They seem to have misinterpreted it one way or another; needless to say, they do not come in peace! Hostile as they may be, they want nothing more than their precious babies returned, and there's no one better for the job than the people of Sidekick Academy!

                █ IMPORTANT
                Starting Now - December 10th
                actual event will run roughly until the 24th of December

              █ RULES

              • After sign ups have closed the enrolled characters will be split up into several teams, each with their own individual thread to roleplay and play out the event in!

              • This is a 'Choose Your Own Adventure', meaning throughout the span of the event your team will be presented with different options. These options result in various outcomes; how you go about the alien invasion and end the threat to SA is up to you and your teammates.

              • While plotting and discussing which option to run with is encouraged, not everyone has the time to commit to it! The option the team will select is decided by majority vote, and in the case of a tie a random number rolled by a mod will be the decider.

              • Teams are assigned by mods, sry Q uQ

              • You have the option of choosing an item to start off with, (or you can go empty handed?), so choose wisely!

              • If you'd like a game based more heavily on roleplay with your peers and quick responses, put down 'roleplay' under gametype :3 (This does not effect how quickly the event options are presented, only the rate at which people would like to rp at!)

              • If you'd prefer a game that's more straight to the point with less emphasis on roleplay and more on playing the cyoa, choose 'gameplay' under gametype.

              • If you leave gametype preference blank, you will be either sorted at random or grouped with other players who have no opinion on the matter for a more balanced game.

              • This event is open to both owners and non owners, but the two will be separated. Sorry for any inconvenience!

              █ LINK TO SIGN-UPS
              SIGN UP HERE!!

              ████ █ ADVERTISING

              Feel like keeping Sidekick Academy in your sig? Aren't you just the best! Here are some banners if you're so inclined.

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                I am paranoid so I'll just snag the whole second page ohohoho

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