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Reply Dear Diary [Journals]
{ Sidekick } SNAPS ☎ Agatha Rodgers (iStoleYurVamps)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:32 am
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This journal belongs to Snaps, aka Agatha Rodgers
who is played by iStoleYurVamps
Do not post without their permission.

Status: Active
Sidekicks: -
Current residence:
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:35 am
Table of Contents

1- Cert
2- Table of Contents
3- Agatha Rodgers
4- Snaps
5- Quirks and Facts
6- History
7- Relationships
8- Art
9- Point Tally
10- Roleplay Log
11- Extra
12- Extra
13- Extra
14- Extra
15- Credits



Trash Husband


Trash Husband

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:16 am
Agatha Rodgers User Image

From: Sewit

Age: 15


Shy: Snaps doesn't like to draw attention to herself for various reasons, one is that obviously going from normal to super powered at puberty is a tad jarring and kind of ruins your ability to be super open, and the fact that more people, the more heat, the more at risk she feels she is, even with her inhibitors on and in place. When she is embarrassed/nervous her core temperature rises and she will emit heat on a small scale, clearly showing her emotions. So her solution is to just not get into such situations and keep to herself mostly.

Hard working: She has a genuine want to be useful. Super powered or not, Snaps had a need to prove she can do things and will someday be a hero and not the burden she thinks she is right now. Each day she gives it all she has to improve and be the best she can be. She wants to get her goals both for herself, and for those she loves. She wants to pay back what the Academy is doing for her someday, and maybe help others who might find themselves in situations like her own.

Impressionable: The more self control a person has, especially when they have natural born powers like herself, the greater respect Snaps has for them. For Heros, she is in constant awe of their abilities and the control over them. For class mates she fawns needlessly, and often feels inferior to them, but counters this with the mindset of 'if they can do it so can I'. Villains? She has mixed feelings on. On one hand, they have just as much control as their Hero counterparts, but the fact they would rather use their powers for themselves and not others unsettles her. On some level she can respect their abilities, but not them as a person. Power and self control leave great and lasting impressions on Snaps. From them, she bases her views of people. Powered individuals are by far the ones most easily seen with this having an affect on her. Otherwise, it's self control in the sense of actions, like not eating all the chips. Or being able to push onward and finish that project even if it kind of sucks.

Level headed: One of the first things Snaps was able to control was how she handled herself under stress. Fazing her or making her get mad or 'loosing her cool' are rare events, but when they happen, they happen with ...interesting results to say the least. (Good example: She was holding a water bottle once when a boy told her he could 'totally see her ass'. She freaked, and the end result was that the water in the bottle heated up and then bottle exploded, soaking her and really hurting her hand).

Cautious to the point of annoying:
She starts fire and can melt things completely by accident. She is very wary of things thanks to that fact, and sadly its a habit that isn't easily broken or torn down for no reason at all. She likes to double and triple check her work, make sure everything is good to go. She is not afraid of things, but she is wary. A distinct difference.  
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:19 am

Powers/abilities: Thermal Energy Conduction and Transference
(Fire starting)

How powers were obtained: Birth, powers appeared with puberty

Why she entered the academy: When Agatha hit puberty she discovered her inborn ability to start small fires with the snap of her fingers. However, the sudden ability's emergence so did other things. Like a very distinct lack of control. With no where else to turn, she sought out the Academy in hopes to learn to control her powers.

Strengths: Acute awareness of temperature and heightened sensitivity of surroundings, Can create fires or emit heat at various points on her body at precise temperatures. Her body can stand fire and heat of extreme/deadly levels. Her brooch and belt act as limiters to how much thermal energy her body can store, preventing her from absorbing too much energy or emitting it to deadly dangerous levels.

Weaknesses: To much heat stored up can result in Snaps causing/starting unintentional fires or melting/burning objects. Without her limiters, her body can literally start absorbing too much heat or start emitting heat to dangerous levels to whatever she is in physical contact with. Due to the nature of her both emitting heat and taking it in, climate control and battling in certain conditions can result in bad if not terrible things. IE: don't ask her to fight in below freezing temperatures. Removing her limiters in cold temperatures means the heat she uses is from her body and can result in in her internal core temperature dropping, from there resulting in hypothermia and eventual death. Removing her limiters in a warm area means she will constantly be taking heat and have little to no control over it's release. The limiters are regulators she needs to fight and have in order to not be a threat to herself or her teammates. They must be turn off or turned on manually.
She is also prone to getting scared by practical jokes and will often make a small 'heat' plume if you frighten her.

HOW THE FIRE STARTING WORKS, AND HOW THE FINGER SNAPPING WORKS: Her powers are with heat, which moves in waves. Technically, she doesn't just go bam fire. She needs an actual object to send heat waves to and when the object reaches a certain temperature, it will immolate. She can't do this to everything, since various objects have various temperatures they can stand. This also means if something is in front of her target, her heat waves have to pass through it to reach her target, using more of her energy. Snapping her fingers is how she targets where the waves go. She can do this without snapping her fingers, but for precise targets, snapping her fingers acts like a heat gun. FINGAH LAZAH. (but not really a lazer)  


Trash Husband


Trash Husband

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:22 am
Quirks and Facts

Since the Academy is on a tropical island, she likes spending most of her off time in the ocean since it is as a fairly well maintained and balanced temperature all the time.
Her hood helps her not take in heat as quickly. It also helps hide her face and she's prone to tugging down on it to hide. (It's not very effective for the secondary use.)  
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:24 am

Before it Began...
Born to a nurse at a research facility and her now dead husband, (who was a simple bus opperator), Agatha lived the average life of any child in Sewit. Her father died from a car crash when she was only two, and she has no memories of him, though her mother often speaks of him fondly. Raised alone by her mother, the two ended up fairly close, but when Agatha hit 14 things started acting up.
Over time Agatha discovered she had the problem of her body storing heat and energy, and when she wasn't careful would melt random objects, or worse yet, set of small fires. At the time of these powers emerging she didn't understand how to use her inborn ability nor, what caused it or controlled it. Her mother was still a nurse in one of the research facilities in Sewit, and when she brought this to her superiors, (blaming them and assuming that she had been exposed to some sort of chemicals when pregnant resulted in her daughter's powers), they saw an opportunity.
At first both Agatha and her Mother were thrilled at the idea that she might be taken care of, but it became very clear that they didn't see so much Agatha and her mother, as they saw a potential research subject.

Afraid of becoming as what she saw as a living labrat, Agatha fled Sewit with her mother's help, heading for the Academy in hopes they would take her in. It was at the Academy she received the limiter brooch and belt, and has been living there and training ever since. She has tried to contact her mother but for better or for worse, her mother has not replied back. Agatha still writes, detailing her life, hoping at the very least her mother is getting her letters. Better to hope then to fear nonsense or give into paranoia...right?

At the Academy...


Trash Husband


Trash Husband

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:11 am
PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:16 am
Point Tally  


Trash Husband


Trash Husband

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:17 am
RolePlay Log

[PRP] Gotta Be Light On Your Feet (Theo & Agatha)
[RP BENT] Pick a door. Go on... (Straffe/Agatha)  
Dear Diary [Journals]

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