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Reply Dear Diary [Journals]
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:18 am
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This journal belongs to SHARP SHOOTER, aka Juno Tsing
who is played by Shnazz
Do not post without their permission.

Status: Active
Sidekicks: -
Current residence:
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:04 am
>> Old Profile Skeleton << Please note that things have been updated/changed and this is only for my own reference.

Hero alias: Gunner? Though I kind of like Sharp Shooter. :B
Real name: Juno Tsing
Powers/abilities: Can shoot 'light' out of his fingertips, but they are strongest/most controlled when from his index fingers (so think when you were a kid and would pretend to shoot stuff, only he can actually really shoot stuff out of his finger). He has three types of shots:
--- Darts (Weakest) -- can shoot as many as he likes, they're 'sharp' and small and deal minimal damage
--- Paintballs (Medium) -- can shoot a good amount but ends up tired if too many are shot, they're pretty much like paintballs and hurt like a *beep* leaving giant bruises
--- Gunshot (Strongest) -- can shoot only one or two in a given period, as strong as a real gun
So in short, he has remarkable aim, stealth and agility.

Which area is the character based/from: Tasea
Age upon entering academy: 15, currently 19
How did your character get their powers: Born with it.
Why enter academy: It was an opportunity to further better himself with more guidance and try to make a name for himself.
Strengths: Aim, stealth, speed (good at dodging).
Weaknesses: Physically weak, may run out of shots, not skilled at physical combat, scrawny.
Personality: He's very much a kid at heart, messing around and playing pranks and being a clown. He loves high-fashion, oddly enough, and can be meticulously clean. This may have been caused due to his family situation, being the middle child (two younger sisters and two older brothers) who constantly had hand-me-downs and yet still had the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings, not to say he didn't enjoy it. Growing up in a family in which they all had to work together in order to survive, he enjoyed few privileges and chose fashion as a status symbol that he attached himself to. Once discovering his powers, he chose to use them as a way of standing out from a family that saw him as 'the middle child'. Striving to make something of himself, whenever he had time he would work to improve his talents as well as keeping up with his grades. He may sometimes behave like an idiot, but when it comes down to the wire he cares a lot more than people might perceive. And he may portray the facade that he's a show off, but he's deep down very humble with a very strong desire for something more.
General backstory and motivation for becoming a ~*~Hero~*~: Ultimately, he wants to help people and look cool at the same time. He enjoys showing off his good aim, but his aim was never always so good. Before coming to the Academy, he had been practicing daily ever since he discovered his ability. His main reasons for going though, is to enhance the skill set he already has and train in order to gain more stamina. Also, he enjoys sparring. And the Academy will provide him with new challenges, new opponents and new situations. He craves excitement outside of his usual bubble.

Realizing his thin frame and lack of physical strength, he also began to train himself in the two things he felt he needed as a 'gunner'. Ideally, of course, being a gunner he would most likely always be fighting from a distance but he wanted to be prepared for the unlikely situations as well. Which was speed, in order to dodge attacks he wouldn't be strong enough to take. Becoming a skilled dodger has also built his abilities to anticipate and predict attacks. (Can't you tell he was bullied in school?) Stealth because it seems to go hand in hand with speed, which made sense to him since he always enjoyed hide-and-seek (it reminds him of being a ninja and he's dork enough to find a thrill in that).

Looks department: This is a secret until I actually get to drawing him. :U  



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:07 am
>> Stage Art <<

Rookie Stage ;; Sidekick Stage ;; Hero Stage

>> Other Art <<

Sexy Hack ;; Prom Anemone ;; Juno//Zone fanart ;; Ballerina Anemone ;; Hamlet Theo ;; Sun Wu Kong Clowrey ;; Genderbent Prom Hack ;; Float-dance Juno&Anemone ;; Juno/Ane as Jack/Sally ;; BB/Theo as Beast/Beauty ;; Tabby x Damien ;; Anemone x Clowrey ;; Juno BB Bunny ;; BB x Juno Kiss ;; BB x Juno ;; Ane x Juno ;; Juno BB Hug ;; Juno and Seline Love ;; BB Juno Hack Damien boyband headshots ;; Sexy Juno x Flo

>> Art by Others <<

Anemone/Juno by Yulo ;; BB/SS/Conduit by Sigma ;; Dr. Flo/Juno by Mori ;; Hack/Ane/Juno & Cookies by Yulo ;; Juno/Ane Hugging by Mori ;; More Juno/Flo by Mori ;; Hack/Ane & BB/Juno by Mori ;; Buddies Hack/Juno/Ane by Mea ;; BB/Theo kissing, Clow/Juno watching by Mea ;; BB/Juno/Clow by Souru ;; kid!Juno by Pikksu and Yulo ;; Juno, Ane, Ava by Laykein ;; Headshot by Rika ;; Ava, Juno, Hack + Cookies by Rika ;; BB & Juno AT by Yulo ;; Hack, Juno Dancing by Mori ;; Random Juno Things by Mori ;; More Hack, Juno Dancing by Mori ;; Winking Juno by Cheekie ;; Fancy Pose by Valdmir Talamore  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:11 am
>> Elaborated Back-Story <<

Juno Tsing comes from a semi-decent area of Tasea where he and his semi-large family live fairly well for a household of this size (five children, we all know how tight money can get). Being the middle child always left him at an impasse, he was always too young to be acknowledged as an individual or too old to behaving like a child. Certainly this was not always the case, but being the third boy in the family (and the scrawniest at that) it was inevitable that he received all the hand-me-downs, was always picked on for not looking as masculine as his older brothers and teased about his feminine-features/figure. He was always the odd older brother or the girly younger brother, depending on where you stood on the family tree.

Despite the jeering he had to endure from his older siblings, it was never meant maliciously and Juno never really took it that way. He had to find his own outlet from the expectations of his family, and he found it in fashion. He figured since he was already sort of different from his brothers, he would embrace that. Not to mention he was tired of their poor taste in clothes which he had to endure for nearly all his life. So when he was old enough, he started taking on small jobs like the neighborhood paper boy or the grocery bag boy to earn a little money to start his own look with whatever allowance he gave himself (he normally gave his parents half of his earnings to help with the family). And slowly he began to express himself with a brand new hat or nice new shiny black shoes. His purchases were few and far between, but it didn't go unnoticed at school which is where the real bullying began to start.

It couldn't be denied that Juno was not a normal kid, whether it was in his look or in the way he presented himself. There was just an odd air about him, and it followed him everywhere (especially to school). It was the year he'd turned twelve and some of the other boys at school thought it would be good fun to rough him up a bit as usual. Unfortunately, they were all in for a big surprise this time (even Juno). Because when they began to push his buttons, as he was very uninclined to enjoy bullying of any sort and always did his best to counter these attacks verbally with little physical contact considering his lack of fighting ability, they'd gone a bit too far. A bit of shoving here, some pushing there and a few quick-witted snarky rebuttals from Juno every now and then. And then it was an unusually swifter harder knock that managed to strike Juno to the ground. Perhaps it was a build up of frustration from all the bullying he'd ever experienced, but Juno did something he'd never done before: stood up, patted himself down and then promptly shoved the offender back.

And that was all it took. There was a flurry of pushing, shoving back and forth, back and forth, brawling around with the other boy, the numerous other boys had circled the two. There was some hitting, Juno had gotten a bloody lip, nose and black eye that day, not to mention a couple of hits to his stomach. But that was a somewhat minor detail to him, because before anyone could even prepare themselves for it there was a flash of light. Each of Juno's fingertips had exploded with shots of a yellow white streak just as he'd been punched in the gut by the other larger boy. To say the least, they were all very startled then shortly after confused. Thankfully, they'd all decided to run that day screaming 'I DIDN'T DO IT' while Juno lay on the gravel of the playground entirely in shock.

What was that?
What exactly had just happened? But he was woozy from his fight and soon was unconscious only to wake up several hours later in the evening at home laying on the couch with his little sisters staring up at him. He was laying on his side, with ice on his face.

That night he had a talk with his parents. How fighting wasn't good and all that. None of the other boys had mentioned it, the light. And he didn't either. He wouldn't. Not until a few years later would he mention it to his family. It was a secret. That day he knew that there was a reason he'd been born scrawny and was thankful for it.

Needless to say, the bullying continued and Juno got in to many more fights in the future. And he slowly began to learn to control his powers along with learning the movements of others. When he finally told his parents about it, there was an awkward 'now what?' sort of atmosphere. But that was simply because it was such a shock, he was still the same old Juno to all of them and things didn't change very much even after the news. Being exceptionally close to his mother however, they had a private talk a few days later and she told him about how light abilities ran in her side of the family and it skipped generations and yadda yadda yadda and she was glad he'd acquired them because he really needed something to fall back on and things like that. Caring motherly things to say in this sort of situation.

Discovering his abilities gave him even more courage to expand his world, so after some connections through his mother's side of the family he discovered the Sidekick Academy which he decided he needed to attend after only two short years in high school.



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:13 am
>> The Current Story <<

Fast-forward to now, and Juno Tsing is now under the hero alias of Sharp Shooter. SS for short.

After enjoying his years at the Sidekick Academy, Juno went off to do his own hero-ing sort of things on Tasea in order to be close to his family. But soon later went on a hiatus in order to enjoy being in his early twenties, plus take care of his family and do normal things like being a best man at his eldest brother's wedding, and going to his younger sister's plays, and helping his parents around the house, modeling for a bit for income (his slender semi-tall figure was ideal for fashion obviously). And numerous other very normal things involving his family.

All these ordinary things were fun and dandy, but Juno has always wanted more than just normal. And it was enjoyable, no doubt about that. He certainly needed a good break. But enough was enough and it was about time he strapped his hero boots back on.

So now that his "vacation" is over, he's returned to Sidekick Academy to teach or mentor youth that were or were not much like himself into become a hero like or unlike himself. He still enjoys hero-ing on the side along with his modeling job, he can't deny the fact that he still loves fashion.  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:16 am
>> Current Profile Skeleton <<

>> p l o t t i n g . t h r e a d <<

Name // Alias :: Juno Tsing // Sharp Shooter

Age :: 23

Place of Origin :: Tasea

Powers // Abilities :: Can shoot 'light' out of his fingertips, but they are strongest/most controlled when from his index fingers.

--- Darts (Weakest) -- can shoot as many as he likes, they're 'sharp' and small and deal minimal damage; leaves shallow cuts
--- Paintballs (Medium) -- can shoot a good amount but ends up tired if too many are shot, they're pretty much like paintballs and hurt like a bi--eep leaving giant bruises
--- Gunshot (Strongest) -- can shoot up to three in a given period, as strong as a real gun; he rarely ever uses this unless in extreme conditions, it is a last resort type thing

Other abilities/skills include aim and agility. He is a skilled dodger and anticipates/predicts attacks quite accurately by reading body movements.

Sexual Orientation // Status :: Straight // Single

Height // Weight :: 6'2" // 133 lb.

Basic Personality Traits :: A big kid-clown, mischievous, hygienic, ambitious, determined, caring/thoughtful, childish charm, a bit of a show off, humble, independent, generally responsible, occasionally an idiot, tries often to be cool (success rate varies), loyal. He has a strong sense of self and takes pride in individuality, of himself and for other people who also exhibit great quantities of it.

Strengths :: Aim, Agility, Stamina (Dodging or Running)

Weaknesses :: Physical Combat, Flashy (Attracts Undesirable Attention in Battle), Occasionally Overconfident

Likes :: Fashion, His Family, Being Acknowledged, Music, Freedom, Dancing, Pranks, Sweet Things, Befriending People, Fruit

Dislikes :: Uncleanliness, Being Ignored/Rejection, People with no Sense of Humor, Bullying of Any Sort, Poor Attitudes/Outlooks, Copy Cats

His Family :: Father, Mother, Older Brother, Older Brother's Wife (Sister-in-Law), Older Brother, Younger Sister, Younger Sister

What is he doing now? :: Currently a teacher at SA, overseeing Target Practice.

Random Facts ::

-- Because he is from northern-ish Tasea, he is used to cold weather so he is highly tolerant to cold weather. But also, he tends to get hot easily. He's very 'hot-blooded' in a sense; creates a lot of natural body heat ideal for cuddling.

-- He eats often due to his fast metabolism and how quickly he burns off energy. He always seem to have energy regardless.

Desires // General Things to Know ::

--- He has a great desire to be acknowledged by people and liked, to stand out from others which makes him appear forward or obnoxious. (This due to his many siblings and lack of feeling so within his family.)
--- Because of his being bullied, he has taken great pride in flaunting who he is and also adding on to how he became very independent as a person. And in short, he has a great distaste for anything relating to this sort of behavior and will react strongly whenever he sees it. Which brings him to his immediate liking to others who are individualistic, trying to befriend them.
--- He dislikes people with bad attitudes or those who are pessimistic, mostly because if he had been one of those people, he would not have turned out the way he had. If he had been, he would have certainly become a very sour bitter person. He's a strong believer in if you want something done then do it, don't wait for others to. He feels so strongly about this in fact that he will often try to help these people have a more positive outlook.



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:19 am
>> The Family History <<

Father || Simon Tsing :: An honest working man doing his best to take care of his rather large family. Though thankfully all of his sons are out in the working world and doing well enough and still managing to help the family, things are definitely not as tough as they used to be when they were younger. With the extra help of the eldest ones, the family has become very stable and been breezing by. He has always been a caring, yet distant character. He has difficulty expressing any emotional sentiments and prefers not to deal with matters of the heart. He is a typical 'Asian' man, in which he does not talk about feelings or things like that and instead busies himself with the necessities of life and the simple things such as taking care of his family and making sure his kids' futures are not in bad shape by encouraging them to do anything as long as it doesn't involve crime.

Mother || Wendy Raena Tsing :: A caring woman, who loves all her children dearly. Very floaty in her manner, gets distracted easily and talks sometimes without really listening. She means well, though often fails to address the deeper issues and washes over them with a vagueness that suggests a sort of obligation to make things better without really knowing how. Though out of the two parents, she is the one they mostly go to for social matters or issues they're having and need someone to discuss them with. Her advice however is something they've all learned to ignore in some way or other, as more times than not has not been very helpful at all. As long as her kids are doing 'okay', she allows herself the luxury of not worrying very much.

Older Brother || James Tsing :: [x] :: Self-righteous, fairly stubborn and quite rooted in the traditional idea of what a boy should be like, he is the brother that normally poked fun at Juno while he was a child. Mostly because he could not understand his youngest brother, and the difficulties they had in differences, he would express through snarky remarks that he meant in no ill-will but were not necessarily constructive either. Though as years went on, he eventually noticed how his younger brother was coming into his own regardless of the difficulties he faced from the taunting at home alongside the taunting outside of home. And eventually when it was decided that Juno would leave home for the Academy, he was the one least surprised by this news and felt secretly proud of his younger brother. And that is an opinion he would never voice, except perhaps to his wife. He is also a bit absent-minded and/or distracted in character like their mother.

Older Brother's Wife || Carol Lora Tsing :: A calm, intelligent and gentle soul. She is most likely the most understand of Juno's family, though she is not even blood-related to him. Though in his family, that accounts for nothing. He still views her as his sister, and treats her with great respect as she has always done the same with him. Even though she does remark that Juno is naive and childish in many ways, it is his youthful character that makes him a wonderful person. She is someone he looks up to, because of her understand and compassionate nature towards him, something that none of his immediate family has ever really been able to provide him. She is a comforting figure in his life, and a good friend. He will often comment on how his oldest brother ever managed to catch such a find.

Older Brother || Taylor Tsing :: [x] :: Serious, analytical and logical. These are the main characteristics of this brother, who is an excellent programmer at a prestigious company now. Hard-working, like their father, and fails to understand Juno's trek into heroism, especially with his flashy showy character finding his younger to be foolish and a sad shame for his lack of serious thought into the future, ie. what will he do once he's old and can't save people any more and the like. In short, he shakes his head at his younger brother. Ambitious and seemingly cold, he still cares a great deal for his family.

Younger Sister || Molly Tsing :: [x] :: A proud but caring creature, she is strong-willed and courageous. She can be terribly stubborn, but Juno always has a way of talking her out or into things. She of course adores her older brother, but finds him to be very childish. She is awfully mature for her age, and enjoys presenting herself that way. She is also a talented actress, mostly interested in the old fashion theater and being on stage. She is ambitious and fiery, she desires nothing less than fame for her skill on stage.

Younger Sister || Sherry Tsing :: [x] :: More soft-spoken than her older sister, she is the budding flower of the family. Sweet, caring and lovely in all her ways. She is graceful, generous and can occasionally be very naive. She is often shy at first, but will eventually warm up to anyone who is nice to her. She has a motherly-air about her. Healing light ability...? MAYBE.
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:21 am
>> Role-Play History <<

Juno // Zone Rookie >> Sidekick
Sept. 30, 2011 -- Ditching Detention
"I think I just made a very good friend." /smirk
"It was a long trek, but we made it BB! We made it..."

Juno // Hack
Sept. 29, 2011 -- Reunited Bromance
"The usual Hack, always up to his usual shenanigans. At least I get to bum at his place, it's good to see him." /grin

Juno // Anemone
Sept. 25, 2011 -- Time to Shine!
"I met my only student for the first time! She's shy and quiet, but she's got spunk! I like her." /thumbs up

Juno // Clow // Zone
Sept. 26, 2011 -- You? A Teacher?
"Bumped into a student, Clow. She thought I was a student too apparently. Do I look like a young delinquent still? ... I guess I do. Welp! Anyway, bumped into BB along the way. Not sure if he was happy to see me or not... Oh well. I'll be bugging him plenty now that I'm back." /mischievous grin

Juno // Flo
Nov. 1, 2011 -- Just Your Regular Check-Up
"Beautiful scientist... But needs to be more spontaneous..! Maybe I should help her with that..."

Juno // Zone
Nov. 6, 2011 -- A Night Out
"I got beat up again, what else is new. Haha. Except this time it was by BB. Thanks BB, you're the best!"

Juno // Anemone
Oct. 10, 2011 -- Down Time
"Hm... I. I think I should be a little concerned about my behavior. But I'll worry about that later. She said I was a good teacher." /big goofy grin "Molly's gonna kill me..."

Juno // Avalbane
Nov. 20, 2011 -- Falling Head Over Heels
"She's a doll! A bit clumsy though and an alien, which is awesome! I wonder what those googoo eyes were all about... Hm."

Winter Ball ORP
Dec. 15, 2011 -- Control Room >> Dance Floor >> Garden Balcony
"Pretty normal charity event for the most part... Though I will say some interesting things happened..." /grin



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:24 am
>> Friendships <<

HACK, BFF BROMANCE 8D :: Even though Hack is slightly older than Juno, they manage to connect on a rather immature level. Hack being the first friend that Juno made since he first came to SA, he is also another very important person in his life. The two are normally seen being idiots together or eating together, as it was two great things they had in common.

ZONE, BFF 8D :: BB and Juno go way back, when BB first came to SA. Since his first day of being at SA, Juno has been difficult to separate from him, getting into messes and trouble all over the place. The friendship that they have is very meaningful to Juno, and he cares a great deal about his friend.

Galileo // Anemone :: Juno is currently unclear about how he feels about this girl, but there is something sitting in his subconscience that he can't bring to light. All he knows is that Molly will kill him if he does anything inappropriate even though Anemone is of legal age. He likes Anemone as a person and thinks she has great potential to become so much more than what she is currently (her lack of life experiences being the main deficiency). Ultimately he hopes to be a good mentor and teacher to her.

>> Relationships <<

</3 </3 </3 Seline Chang :: Shortly after receiving hero-status and returning home to Tasea, Juno needed a job of income and modeling happened to fall right into his lap thanks to his tall figure and slim build. After easily obtaining this job however, it was also just as easy to find lovely attractive female models as well. Seline Chang was one of those girls, and she instantly wound Juno around her finger. Alongside his duties as a hero, his family and his new girlfriend, life was good. Only perhaps not as good as he thought, because without realizing it Seline was changing him.

She was demanding yet soft and sweet and her words lulled him. She puffed up his ego exponentially until it nearly cost him his life. It had happened during a battle with Blue Rose in which he'd gotten far too confident and became careless. His overconfidence and carelessness lead to his near-defeat and numerous deep wounds. Refusing to be hospitalized and insisting that he was alright after just barely making it through the fight, he went home where his sisters would tend to his terrible cuts and stitch him up.

That day he received four scars; one across each ankle, one around his right bicep and the longest across his left shoulder.

These scars displeased his girlfriend, but not only that she was disgraced that he'd gotten so close to losing a fight. She broke up with him right then and there. Already heartbroken over his own behavior during his battle, he was now being further punished. Not long after these repercussions of his fatal mistakes in battle and his choice in lover, he took a full-time break from hero-ing to spend more time with his family. And not long after this did he decide it was time to return to SA.

<3 DR. FLO CRUSH +__+

>> Neutral <<

Clairvere // Clowrey
Conduit // Danica
Winter Frost // Avalbane
Treble // Theodore
Isaac // Rift
Pendragon // Arthur

>> Enemies <<

All villains...? Haha.
Blue Rose  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:27 am
>>> Belongings . . .

Juno's Hat -- This particular hat is very meaningful to Juno, though he stopped wearing it after becoming a sidekick. (Because it was getting fairly beaten up and he wanted to preserve it.) He bought it before he left home to go to SA and he still holds onto it even though he's retired it.

Juno's Shades -- These shades are simply a 'cool' factor that Juno was looking for, when he's wearing them no one can see his eyes. They were fairly expensive, like his hat. And he often wears them. The only time he isn't wearing them is when he's in civilian clothing.

User Image -- Apparently a gift from a student, Snaps, for Halloween that Juno has no idea what to do with. He's never really been a pet person. Maybe he'll give it to his youngest sister to defend her from great evils? It looks like a dog that can take a few hits.


User Image

inside the envelope is an unmarked cd in a clear case...


Secret Santa



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:31 am
>> Juno's Wardrobe <<

Coming soon! emotion_awesome  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:33 am



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:35 am
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:37 am



PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:39 am
>> Credits <<

Thank you Mori for making such a wonderful shop, and hiring me. 8D <3

Juno Official Art (c) Shnazz  
Dear Diary [Journals]

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