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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:22 am
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This journal belongs to Black Jack, aka Dahlia Bekket
who is played by Kailey Koreco
Do not post without their permission.

Status: Active
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:49 pm
Table of Contents____________

xxxxxxxxThe Story Thus Far
xxxxxxxxRhea Mathews
xxxxxxxxxxxx--Dahlia Bekket
xxxxxxxxIn the Life Of
xxxxxxxxBlack Jack
xxxxxxxxCard Manipulation
xxxxxxxxxxxx--Rest of the World
xxxxxxxxPhoto Album



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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:51 pm
The Story Thus Far____________

Start here

End here

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:51 pm

║Rhea Mathews
Actual Name
║Dahlia Bekket
║December 26th
║Capricorn. Birthstone of turquoise.
║Ronth, through and through.



║5 foot 2 inches
║Dahlia is of a pretty average build for her age. She already shows signs of leaning towards her mother's wider hips, and though her body is mostly slightly dulled angles
║at this point, she has the high probability of following her path further as she grows. For now, her acrobatics keep her more on the tiny side with forming muscles
║from the exercises.
Facial Features
║Her face is more oval, with a beauty mark a little off center beneath her left (our right) eye.
║Black-blue in color, she keeps it cut to her chin. It naturally puffs out a bit at this length, curling lightly along the tips around her face.
║A few tints up from a Robin's Egg Blue, her eyes are typically more narrowed in a guarded fashion. When in a more cheery persona--or when just not as
║guarded as normal--they take on their natural slightly rounded almond shape.
Special characteristics
║Her only defining feature at this point is the beauty mark beneath her left eye.
xxxxxDahlia has a taste for the dark and frilly, in terms of clothing. If you had to give a one-word label to her wardrobe, "Goth" would certainly work best.
║She adores skirts, can't get enough of shirts with puffy sleeves, and has a slowly growing collection of various chain, leather, and lace accessories. The number of them
║with card and suit motifs makes up the majority. She has a preference for blues and silvers with her blacks, though also has quite a few outfits consisting of mostly white.
║Purples and reds are also common, though she likes to avoid yellows, oranges, and pinks. Greens and browns pop up here and there in her outfits on occasion. Most
║commonly, Dahlia can be spotted in a short, puffy-sleeved top of some variety with a skirt, either a tie or necklace, and boots. Something on her arms--bracelets, bracers,
║or gloves--is also quite common.

xxxxxShe does possess a few wigs and colored contacts. While these are held in reserve for other personas, and her Rhea identity doesn't require them, now that
║she has moved into the Academy she is on the look-out for rebuilding a back-up wardrobe for should she ever need to take on a new identity.


Personality Traits____________

Miss Independent______
xxxxxDahlia is no stranger to fending for herself in one way or another. In fact, she quite likes it. Cooking her own meals, repairing her clothes, even doing her own
║grocery-shopping should she have the money. Her family left a lot to be desired so much as providing for her and her brother, requiring Dahlia to develop a strong sense
║of self-reliance--beyond her trusty cards, anyways. If there's ever a problem in her life, any task that needs to be completed, she takes it upon herself to get the job
║done and get the job done right. She's a strong-willed girl, and rarely sees a situation she can't handle. Some just might require a little more planning than others,
║maybe a few extra tries... but she'll get it!

Fifty-two Pick-up______
xxxxxDahlia has no problem remembering information. Stories, shopping lists, most of addresses, faces, and other such visual info she's golden with.
║Have her read a book once and she'll likely be able to summarize the entire thing for you, with key points, even months later. Numbers, statistics, and names on the
║other hand... tend to get more than a little jumbled in her head without various notes or signals around her to rattle her brain. This has lead to a good few botched
║aliases. Not because she can't keep the stories straight or remember who is playing which role... but simply that she can easily forget what each role's name even is!
║This does make it a bit easier to catch her in her lies when she's in disguise or even just trying to keep people from her real story. Just pay attention to the names she
║mentions, and see if they happen to randomly change over time... and you've got her. It is why she's fallen back to Rhea for an alias now, rather than trying to come up
║with a whole new persona. It is a name she remembers, never mind likes, and hopes that all associated names for "Rhea's" backstory will be easier for her to keep
║straight than some of the others.

Me, Myself, and I______
xxxxxIf you see her in costume, Black Jack has no problem giving you that name. If you see her in civilian clothes, that's when things start getting tricky.
║"Rhea Mathews" was her favorite false identity thus far, and often the one she falls back on these days when asked her name. Should she come to feel somewhat
║close to someone, she's willing to confess that is not her real name and give them the name "Dollie" instead. However, just getting to that point with her, never mind her
║giving her actual name, is a feat in and of itself with this girl. Dahlia is so self-reliant, partially due to a strong distrust for the rest of the world. Her family did so little to
║foster a sense of comfort or trust when dealing with others beyond her cards, that after thirteen years she's become very guarded, to say the least. Oh she can get up in
║front of a crowd and put on a show, give you an answer to every question you ask... but all of it would be a lie. She internalizes a great deal of her thoughts, personality,
║and opinions. That includes internalizing her problems. Asking for help is a no-go for Dahlia, who sees no point in showing such vulnerability to the world. In fact, she
║does everything she can to hide that vulnerability. She's played enough would-be helpers to know the kindness and pity someone shows can be
║little more than a mask.

Little Miss Apprehensive______
xxxxxFor all her independence, for all her personalities, take away the masks and you're left with a rather confused and unsure girl. Which is her biggest
║reason for hiding "Dahlia" from the world. Oh she's confident she can complete anything thrown at her, but in her mind it is because she is the one in control of those
║situations. She can control her meals, control her outfits, and in Dahlia's opinion she can control any assignment thrown her way in that she will most certainly complete it.
║Somehow, someway. The rest of the world around her, however, she has no such control over. The people, events outside her assignments, and most importantly the
║reactions of those around her. People confuse her, simply put. Though her family had obvious people skills, these were not passed along to her. She feels more than a
║little awkward when not under the protective mask of a persona, and roles that require a great deal of social interaction risk her missing important social cues, becoming
║flustered, and even blowing the whole role. At which point she feels not just exposed literally, but figuratively and from that she feels completely vulnerable. In her mind,
║the personalities are protective shields from that vulnerability. While she might be unable to really understand people, to her the personalities are able to adapt as
║needed to complete the objective. This is not always the case when she is forced to socialize for too long. She certainly tries to adapt the personalities to how she thinks
║the target would be best fooled, or trying to be what she thinks they want her to be, but they are guesses as she grasps for straws. The personalities are a necessity to
║her, not only to protected her guarded secrets from the untrustworthy world, but also to flatly protect herself. Dahlia deals with socializing as she does with fights:
║sending "others" to deal with the targets to hopefully allow her to keep her distance. She knows no other way to deal with the world without risking herself.

Shades of Gray______
xxxxxDahlia has a few... misunderstandings when it comes to moral issues. Being raised as she was, she sees no harm in conning people out of
║their money or stealing. After all, that's how she got most of the things in her life. So long as people aren't injured, where's the problem? Causing more than a few bruises
║to a con target is out of the question for her, but if roughing someone up keeps them from chasing her or any associates down then in her eyes it's the right thing to do.
║For Dahlia, the ends greatly justify the means. So long as she benefits from the situation, and no one is seriously injured, she'll bend any rules she can without any
║hesitation. Any resulting consequence would be more likely to confuse her, if not cause her to turn even more internal for a time should she be confronted verbally for
║her "misdeeds."



Appearances are Half the Mask______
xxxxxWhat little girl didn't sneak into mom's closet while she was gone and play dress-up? Dahlia, long before she had any concept of why her parents would put on
║shows, adored her mother's costumes. Time has not changed her love of the fancy, extravagant outfits. The moment she was able to act as stand-in assistant for
║her mother and gained her own costumes, she was thrilled beyond measure. Even the new outfits she'd get to play with each time they took on new identities made
║everything else worth it to her. Her adoration of dressing up, putting together new and fun outfits, hasn't lessened in time. In fact, Dahlia is always on the lookout for
║new additions to her wardrobe, new ways to play and pretend for a little while she's someone completely different.

Thread and Needle______
xxxxxSimply paying for new clothes sometimes would just not do, especially for the more elaborate ones her mother would wear as her father's assistant in shows.
║Beth was no master seamstress, but she could get the job done by constructing her own costumes from prints purchased from craft stores. To save on costs, she'd
║often reuse things bought from used good stores and refurbish for her use. Most of the family's clothes actually came from similar feats from the lady of the house.
║And who was her usual assistant? Dahlia. Every fabric feat her mother made, Dahlia was right there beside her taking in everything. Often she'd do minor sewing projects
║to help her mother out, cutting fabric here and there according to specifications, even eventually tackling small projects on her own. She still loves spending time fiddling
║with her clothes, adding her own personal touch to whatever she buys. Extra ruffles, shortening hems if needed, adding extra buttons... she's still learning
║and mostly takes on only small projects still, but finds them relaxing nonetheless.



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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:56 pm
In the Life of____________

║Dahlia's family still resides in Ronth, however she has not had any contact with them since her departure. Her brother is currently held in prison.
Housing situation
║At this current time, she resides at the Academy.
║A recent entry into the Academy.
xxxxxThe icy evening of Christmas found Irene DuPont held up in the maternity ward of a hospital. It wasn't until the wee hours of the following morning that the
║baby was born, and just past noon that the on-duty nurse realized the mother and child were missing. It was 12:15 p.m. when they realized the mother's name and
║insurance information had been false.

xxxxxThe second child, and only daughter, of Daniel and Elizabeth Bekket, Dahlia's first lesson in the world was a simple one: under only the rarest of
║circumstances do you give your real identity to someone outside the family. It only leads to trouble, and trouble's no fun less you're the one causing it. The Bekket
║family--Daniel, Elizabeth, Dahlia, her elder brother Victor, and Daniel's father Daniel Senior--scarcely ever went by their actual names in public. Daniel and Elizabeth held
║jobs as pretty high class magicians at the Coastal Vantage Hotel casino in Ronth. Or rather, the high class magician and his high class assistant. The two had
║quite the reputation for their astounding shows, and while they'd never share their secrets behind their tricks... their shows were a mix of slight of hand and
║powers. No smoke and mirrors here, folks. Daniel inherited the Bekket line's innate ability to manipulate cards with the mind from his father, and from this came
║his ability to manipulate the space inside a card. He could hold an indefinite amount objects within a single deck of cards, utilizing this often in his shows. Fireworks
║appearing out of thin air with only a card or two in the air behind them, props appearing out of the cards, his lovely assistant vanishing behind a curtain with
║ only a card being left behind in her place. Elizabeth herself was not one to be shown up behind the scenes. It was her ability to create illusions that often disguised
║her husband's cards as various other props. Beth could take any inanimate object and create illusions around them to "morph" them into anything--or anyone--else.
║Of course, try touching the illusion and one's hand would simply encounter the original object, if not just fall through the illusion if the original object does not take up the
║total space of the illusion... nor could her illusion people speak or interact with the world around them.
║But up on stage? Where no one could tell the difference?

xxxxxTheir shows were phenomenal for their sheer impossible nature.

xxxxxDaniel's father, mostly referred to as just Senior or Grandpa, taught his son all he knew about conning folks out of their hard-earned cash,
║something he himself in turn was taught by his own father. Dahlia's great-grandfather was born in northern Ronth, desperation fueling his use of his powers to first
║start tricking and conning whoever he could for some quick cash. Senior was the one to refine the tactics, though his power to manipulate the cards into various objects
║--namely weapons and armor--was more useful to him in fights and robbing than the gambling heists his father preferred. Daniel in turn went for cons, disguising himself
║and his act to perform in a variety of locations across Ronth... only to rob his employer blind in a variety of schemes all revolving around fake business plans. Eventually
║he met Elizabeth, a waitress down on her luck and willing to go to any means to make the big bucks. She had powers, sure, but she scarcely used them. It was Daniel
║who made her realize how valuable they were, and his charming smile and patience as he worked with her to cultivate them further was what helped her fall so head over
║heels for him. Her powers combined with his gave the two a formidable edge, enabling them to conduct larger heists as time went on. Bringing Senior into the program,
║and then their son even right after he was born, made a life of crime a family ordeal.

xxxxxDahlia was scarcely two years old when she was already playing minor roles in her family's schemes. When her personal adaption of the Bekket powers
║more emerged at age five, she became all the more involved, causing diversions and mischief to distract or even simply entertain the targets while her family
║conducted the rest of their business. At age seven she began filling in for her mother as her father's assistant in some of his con shows. Never did anyone in the family
║conduct any illegal activities around or in Coastal Vantage Hotel. With that area being where the Bekkets' actual names were used, they did all in their power to
║ensure their antics would never be tied back to the magical duo of Coastal Vantage.

xxxxxDaniel and Beth were hardly parents of the year, and in fact showed little interest in their children outside of their use in cons, or minor daily
║tasks such as Dahlia helping Beth with costumes. They'd occasionally make enough food for themselves and the kids, sometimes include them in shopping trips if they
║remembered. Each time they'd conduct a new con in a different part of Ronth, they'd pack up all their things (via David's cards) grab the kids and Senior, and take on
║new identities in some new neighborhood. When the con was completed, everything would be packed right back up, and they'd be back on the move. School?
║Homeschooling was what Victor and Dahlia got, between lessons on how to disguise themselves, how to pick a perfect target, how to plan a con, and how to execute it.
║Acting was a daily lesson for them as well. Had to be, with how often they'd be pulled in as extras on their parents' schemes. But once Daniel and Elizabeth were
║done with their kids, they'd leave them wherever and run off to have their own fun, or travel on their own for some new plan. They had no time or thought for their children
║outside of additional labor.

xxxxxThe primary caregiver for the kids was clearly Senior... and even that is giving him more credit than due. He would train the kids somewhat, act as their
║school teacher, bark at them to make him meals (and making sure they made enough to feed themselves as well), take them out for smaller scams on the streets as
║further practice, and even acted as occasional babysitter while Daniel and Beth were on "business" trips. Victor took the lack of parenting in an almost productive manner,
║becoming more brazen and bold as his ability to imbue cards with explosive energy proved to be more suitable to following Senior's footsteps than his father's.
║Victor far preferred gambling games and the direct approach rather than magic and trickery. Senior often took him out with him to perform minor heists across Ronth,
║though it wasn't until Victor was around seventeen that he began running on his own.

xxxxxNot that the family minded. In fact, Daniel, Beth, and Senior were all quite proud of Victor. He was following the single code of the family: "Perform cons
║or heists, or get out of this family." It was one even Dahlia knew too well and was well on her way to following. Petty theft was already common for her, she was
║used to stealing clothing, food, and even money just to get by. As her parents and grandfather were not especially looking out for her, and her brother was more
║concerned with planning his new big scene to prove his worth, Dahlia grew up only relying on herself for her day-to-day survival. She grew up with grand dreams of
║someday being known around the continent as one of the greatest performers, rivaling even her parents' abilities. She dreamed of their approval. And she was fine with
║the fact that the only way to gain as much was through criminal activity.

xxxxxWhat was criminal to the rest of the world, was her daily bread and butter.

xxxxxJust after her thirteenth birthday, with her brother now eighteen, the "mundane" life of Dahlia Bekket was thrown upside-down.
║Victor had grown to become such a cocky, violent young man, and had fallen in with a rather nasty crowd. The gambling rings and heists were no longer thrilling him,
║and the young man got together a group of like-minded individuals and performed his greatest show yet: the robbery of a large bank near Coastal Vantage Hotel.
║Victor and his crew were apprehended, and charged as an adult was shipped off to prison. Senior was proud of his grandson for his attempt, Daniel was impressed by
║his planning, Elizabeth was charmed by his enthusiasm. Their only criticism came in that Victor broke their rule to not hit a location so close to home.
║Authorities connected "Arron Giles" to his real identity of Victor Bekket, and while Daniel and Elizabeth publicly admitted shame to their son's behavior...
║the biggest impact to them was more grumbling about how they had to put a pause on some of their new plans in other parts of the country.


xxxxxWas horrified at the concept of being locked up, should she be discovered for one of her criminal acts.

xxxxxIt was the first time in her life the reality of the fate of criminals hit her so close to home. Up until that point, she was only vaguely aware of what
║consequences followed criminal actions. After all, her parents and grandfather had done it for so long, and their disguises and constant moving around kept them safe...
║right? Victor just messed up! But if one mistake was all it took to lose one's freedom....

xxxxxDahlia was petrified of this fact. Without any word to her family, she packed up a few of her things and left. She stole food where she could, conned money
║when able, and following leads--perhaps with a little bit of luck thrown in--she managed to find Sidekick Academy. She wasn't sure what she was doing. She wasn't sure
║why she was there. But surely a place like this would be better than jail. Perhaps a place like this could help her reach her dreams.

xxxxxPerhaps this place would make her parents proud of her, without her having to go to jail to gain their attention again.


PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:58 pm
User Image╔═════════════════════════════════════════
The Rookie

║Black Jack
║Card Manipulation
Age Upon Entering the Academy
Powers Obtained By
║Genetic. Dahlia is from a long line of "magicians" who utilize their card manipulation for their wallets' gain.



Pick a Mask, Any Mask______
xxxxxUsed to disguising herself and playing a variety of roles as dictated by her family for one con or another, Dahlia can pluck
║a range of personalities from her repertoire. Never mind disguises, given the right resources. The shy new girl in class, the
║sweet child pulling you to play an--unknownst to you--rigged gambling game, or even the magician's dweeby and klumsy little
║assistant. Her most typical roles, but good practice. As was gaining and ditching a variety of false identities and cover stories
║each time she and her family had to relocate. All the names, personalities, accents, even mannerisms and style of dress, where for
║nothing more than temporary cover stories. A skill she employs on a constant day-to-day basis. Dahlia is a little actress, and while not
║yet perfect at her craft, if you ever need a girl to go undercover look no further! She's far more confident with roles that have her
║blending into the crowd, but does have a more outspoken persona or two she can utilize if need be. Those require a bit more
║practice though.

Ace up My Sleeve, Dagger in My Hand______
xxxxxTricks of the trade, so far as self-defense and performances go, knife fighting and acrobatics were taught right alongside
║reading and arithmetic. The acrobatics came first, flexibility stunts to help her perform assistant work during her father's
║performances. Later on, they morphed into how to keep herself out of the lawman's hands, for when that day came. Or, as her mother
║more liked to think, how to slip out of a target's hotel room after the job was completed. The knife work was a bit more practical,
║in Dahlia's mind. She learned pretty early to always keep a little extra something on her, just in case a deal went south or she was
║found out. Not that she's yet to experience that herself--she's always been a lure and side-actor rather than a main performer.
║She's better with her acrobatics than her skills with a knife, and in a fight more relies on her ability to land quick hits than any "slicing
║and dicing." Who's to say how she'll develop her technique over time, though.



...Where are My Cards?______
xxxxxWhile this should not be much of a shock, Black Jack's powers all come from the deck of cards she clings to. Sure she can utilize
║other playing cards to use as distractions or turn anthropomorphic, but a sheer fact of the matter is without any cards the girl's out of luck. Physically, she is not
║at all someone who can be can relied on in a fight. She's quick, and more than able to perform some fancy flips... but all in the name of getting more distance between
║her and the opponent. Black Jack's reliance on her cards as not only distractions, but later as physical forces, also makes them a sort of security blanket. When not in a
║fight, she keeps at least one with her at all times. A single card is more comforting and makes her feel safer than a whole armory of knives at her disposal. In an actual
║fight? Take Black Jack's deck from her, and not only will she be without her powers, but she will believe herself to be utterly useless. No amount of acrobatics or knife
║work, to her, can make up for the loss of her cards.

Invisibility Cloak Requested______
xxxxxIf there's one tactic Black Jack requires in a fight, it's stealth. Direct approaches in fights--and in life, so far as she's concerned--rarely turn out in her favor. Instead,
║she counts on her cards to keep the target busy so she can sneak around from behind to take them out. And when that fails? She's high-tailing it out of the area to try
║and re-group and figure out another plan. It takes very few hits to take this girl down to the ground, a fact she's all too aware of. Nor willing to test her limits on. The
║distance also allows her the necessary chance to order her cards into--should they comply--position. She can certainly try ordering them around while in the middle of
║the fray, but the chances of them moving fast enough to be of assistance is slim.



Motivation for Becoming a Hero
xxxxxTo escape a possible jail cell in her future. After her brother was sent to jail for a botched heist, she decided she valued her life in the outside world too
║much to continue following in her parents' footsteps. A change, a new life, was needed.
xxxxxBlack Jack quite enjoys her attire. Modeled greatly after her mother and father's typical costumes, this Rookie looks ready for a show on the stage rather than a
║battlefield. A black magician's jacket--complete with puffy sleeves, lace trim along the arm openings, and blue stripes along the inside--trails down to her knees. The
║tail of the coat is cut into a heart-shaped design. Beneath the coat she's donned a sleeveless white, high-collar button-up shirt which in turn is under a vest. The vest itself
║is a darker teal with silver lining and designs. Following that, a black and gray checkered skirt puffs around her legs until the teal hem cuts it off around half-way
║down her thighs. A crystal looking cloth heart can be seen sewn into the sides of her skirt. Black leggings and black booties finish, along with black gloves, finish the look.
║Black Jack has also adorned a small black jester's hat seated in a dark silver crown. Over her eyes she wears a black lace mask. From her beauty mark she uses makeup
║to draw a black spade mark on her cheek. Further makeup can be seen in the form of black eyeliner and black lipstick.



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Unsealed Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:59 pm
Card Manipulation____________

xxxxxCareful playing card games against Black Jack. She's got more than an ace up her sleeve. The most obvious point of her power is that this girl can
║manipulate cards--playing cards, she's yet to test any other type of card--with her mind. Typically this consists of levitating the cards around, perhaps throwing them
║at people for some nasty paper cuts. She, like others in her family, also has the innate ability to know which card is which without visually seeing the face of the card.
║Taking her power one step further, Black Jack is able to manipulate the cards into little minions for short periods of time. In this, the cards sprout arms and
║weapons based of their suits:

xxx Bladed fans for Hearts. Cards in this suit tend to be a bit slower to follow orders, if they ever do. Black Jack remarks they are lazy, but mean well.
xxx Spears for Diamonds. A suit of risk-takers, they tend to act more like blitz fighters... even sometimes when Black Jack demands otherwise.
xxx Sickles for Clubs. Friendly, Black Jack often can't help but wonder if they aren't the most reluctant suit to fight. They are more likely to take hits than deliver them,
xxxbut are capable of dishing it out. In theory.
xxx Swords for Spades. The suit that is the quickest to follow orders... usually. Tend to be the instigators in arguments with other suits--and one another--but Black Jack
xxxcan't tell if its out of a love of conflict or just a love of playful boasting.

xxxxxxxxxBlack Jack's control over the cards is limited only to shouting directions to them. While her ability to levitate them with her mind is still possible, just because
║she can move them into position does not mean the cards will follow her orders. The moment she gives them a more humanoid appearance, she does give
║them a growing will of their own.

xxxxxxxxxStarting off, it's more the number of the card minions that's the problem for anyone facing her. Weapon wise, you'd have more to fear from Black Jack's
║dagger than the spikes and spears from the cards. Their weapons are their most simplistic at this stage, with injuries inflicted no more than small cuts at the worst.
║Due to this, Black Jack more liable to use the cards as distractions than for offense. She is able to summon 4-8 cards. They are small, around 2', consisting of the small
║number cards (2-9). Her control over them is at its weakest at this point, with many of her commands more likely to fall on deaf ears. The cards can often be seen falling
║over one another or mobbing to attack in the wrong direction... if not just bickering with one another, at this point. A general to an army, she is not.

xxxxxxxxxAt Sidekick stage, the cards have grow to 4' Jack soldiers. They're tougher in this stage with more threatening weapons capable of delivering larger cuts
║and bruises. They have even formed a short attention span so as to more accurately follow orders from Black Jack. However, with their growing "brains" seems to be
║a growing love of mischief and trickery if Black Jack doesn't keep an eye on them or is too slow to order her cards back into position. This has a strong chance of getting
║them KOed and reverting back to normal playing cards, rather than helping their mistress. They are just as likely to tease and prank allies as they are opponents at this
║stage, though do usually respond very quickly to anyone attempting to go after Black Jack. The Jacks are more reliable in this stage, but practice is still required.

xxxxxxxxxAt the peak of her power, Black Queen is able to summon a King of Spades. Now 6' and with a greater power than the three Jacks combined, the King
║is fiercely protective of his Queen and very unlikely to disobey directions. His weapon is as deadly as it looks, capable of inflicting large gashes if an opponent isn't
║careful. He rarely travels more than six feet from her side on his own free will, and does seem capable of telling the difference between allies and enemies. The
║King might even act in the defense of an ally if they are in close proximity to Black Queen. However even should Black Queen demand otherwise, should the King
║be forced to pick between an ally or her... he will always chose the latter.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:50 pm

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Daniel Bekket
xx-To come-

Elizabeth Bekket
xxPerfume, vanilla, city air, and cigar smoke. -To come-

xxCigar smoke, whiskey, musk, and expensive suits. -To come-

Victor Bekket
xxSmoke, burning paper, cheap alcohol, and cheaper women. Dahlia's elder brother, there are few moments in the girl's memory where the two of them got along.
║As explosive as his power, Victor is a young man who embraced the violence of the streets. He embraced the family lifestyle to con and steal, a nod to his
║great-grandfather in his own love of gambling rigs. A nod to his grandfather, and caretaker, in his love to also take his spoils by force with the help of his powers.
║With the power to control cards, for Victor came the power to also cause the cards to become dangerous explosives by the whim of his mind. This power, and his lust
║for not only money but the recognition of his parents, was what landed him in jail after a failed bank robbery not long after his eighteenth birthday.

xxxxx__The Rest of the World_____

xx-To come-



Unsealed Gatekeeper


Unsealed Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:53 pm

xxxxx__The Deck_____
xxxxxxxDahlia had received her first deck of cards when she was four years old from her grandfather, Senior. While her current deck is not that same one, it is a duplicate
║as ordered by Senior from the same company he commissions all the family's decks. This particular deck has been with her since age nine, the box well-worn to the point
║of needing tape along the bottom to keep it shut. The cards themselves, however, are in pristine condition. Helps that she rarely uses her hands to move them. Dahlia is
║quite protective of her cards, though will allow others to use them in card games. So long as she supervises, and they are careful with them. Should she see anyone
║damaging them, or in her words "injuring" them, she does have few qualms using some of the other cards to slice the offender. If not just use her knife.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:54 pm


xxxxxxxPet Species: Black Unicorn
xxxxxxxPet Name: Alexander
xxxxxxxAbility: Roflstomping No seriously you see those hooves?
xxxxxxxDollie's Thoughts:



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Unsealed Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:08 pm

xxxxx__The Beginning_____
xxxA Member of this Family

xxxWelcome to Sidekick Academy Solo
xxxSomething's Missing in this Picture... Solo
xxxWhen Goth Meets Ghost--er... Alien Incomplete
xxx??? Dahlia+Violet meeting - PRP
xxxArtificial Luck Solo Incomplete
xxxBoys Just Like to Chase Skirts Not Wear Them! Bent Meta Incomplete
xxxI Dub Thee the Bauers Bent Meta Incomplete





xxxxx__Point Values_____
xxx1pt Journal entries, solos
xxx2pts Rps
xxxVaries Missions

xxxx3/10 points
xxxJournal set up (1pt)
xxxJournal entry detailing how/why you came to SA (1pt)
xxxSolos (1pt)
xxxGrowth Quest _

xxxx0/35 points
xxxGrowth Quest _

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:09 pm
Photo Album____________

xxxxxxxA deck of cards different than her usual sits atop Dahlia's desk. Whatever could they be..?


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show...............User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


Unsealed Gatekeeper


Unsealed Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:09 pm

xxxxxxxBlack Jack seems to have drawn a blank card...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:13 pm

xxxxx__Shop Concept_____

xxxxx__Official Black Jack/Dahlia Art_____

xxxxx__Journal Layout_____
xxxxxxxKailey Koreco

xxxxx__All Other Characters Mentioned_____
xxxxxxxTheir respective owners

xxxxx__All Other Art Depicted_____
xxxxxxxTheir respective artists
xxxxxxxxxxxxBlack Jack and Mimic - Kitangel



Unsealed Gatekeeper


Unsealed Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:15 pm

xxxxxxxAlways trust Black Jack to have an ace up her sleeves...

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