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Reply Dear Diary [Journals]
{ Rookie } SUNBURST ☎ Straffe Einreihard (Auric Halcyon)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:14 am
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This journal belongs to Sunburst, aka Straffe Einreihard
who is played by Auric Halcyon
Do not post without their permission.

Status: Active
Sidekicks: -
Current residence:
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:22 pm
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Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:24 pm
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Hero alias: Sunburst
Real name: Straffe Einreihard
Powers/abilities: as his name suggests, he glows in the dark--- well, a little more than that; Sunburst can conduct pure photosynthesis and channel kinetic energy and power, giving him the ability of photokinesis. In laymen's terms; he blasts you with light. He can do a few other things with the light, make a bright flare that will blind, or cover himself in it so all you see is shiny shape of a man. Mostly his power is not fully developed, as the conducting of photosynthesis means he stores the solar energy, but currently he only knows how to release it in a photokinetic form; he could potentially be plugged into a wall-socket at a later date.

Which area is the character based/from: Crantel
Age upon entering academy: 17
How did your character get their powers: mystical amulet of an alien sun-god that fell to earth when a planet exploded as the transport ship that contained the amulet was passing by sending the ship into a crash that killed the crew, destroyed most of the ship, but that the amulet survived intact inside the little black box. It sat for hundreds of years, long thought destroyed and lost through time until a chance cave in and rock slide brought Straffe into its possession. Whether it was destiny or chance, fate or coincidence, the amulet of the Gra'gor'em'thai Szetma is his- and as the Gra'gor'em'thai people would say, only the Chosen One shall bear its ungodly light (they are primarily a nocturnal species and the Szetma is considered a cruel and mean god by their standards) and bring light to the darkest caves. According to the Gra'gor'em'thai it is also cursed, if he is ever struck down by a servant of the darkness, all the lights in the universe shall blind the striker forever! But this is a race of aliens who don't go out on Saturday because they are afraid of the great Satur-Suporoto-GOARU! A deadly mythological beast that appears right after a goal is scored on a Saturday sporting match. Actually, the amulet may have no power whatsoever, it may in fact be the strange alien yellow crystal in the center of the amulet that gives Straffe his power. It may also be some sort of harmful radiation- he's never had it checked out, because it's magical and he doesn't want to break it by letting a weird scientist put it under a microscope and poke it. Note: If he takes the amulet off, he loses his power, and also stops glowing. Thus if someone snatches the amulet, he becomes a normal person again!

Why enter academy: When he was out at night, walking the dog, a would-be villain noticed him (not hard since Straffe glows in the dark) and tried to use him as a hostage to get away from a pursuing hero. After the brief standoff and subsequent a**-kicking, the hero suggested that a glowing boy might find a good place in an academy for other special students. Curiosity and a desire to control and enhance his powers led Straffe to making enough of a problem at his current school that his mother and father agreed, a transfer was in order.

Strengths: The upside is that during the day and in really bright conditions, he's more powerful, he can do more and delivers more damage. He is literally solar-power-a**-kicking. He also doesn't have much trouble looking at hideously bright things as a small side-effect.
Weaknesses: the downside is that he glows in the dark (thus he can only really stealth up on a blind-person) and that his power is weaker in darkness or with poor sunlight. If he goes too long without light, he might temporarily loose it until he can 'recharge.' He is also less active at night due to the drain on power. The amulet has to charge up if he is not wearing it, thus he tends to keep it on. The glow is not very noticable during the day, more in darkened places.

Inimical: Someone always needs to play devil's advocate, Straffe is that someone. He literally cannot help himself- if someone starts ranting about an arguement that was 'so' theirs, he will challenge the views and opinions- it's not that he enjoys arguing- although he does- it's more that he literally cannot stop himself from pressing people to understand and accept both sides of a coin. This can make really makes others frustrated. He rarely just 'agree's that you're right' about something, he must force you to defend the issue, to prove your point is not just emotional garble, but intellectual reasoning.
Optimistic: This is a very hard trait to pin on Straffe. He will pretend to be a pessimist until the world explodes- because no one likes an optimist.... out loud- secretly a lot of people think that with a little luck and good attitude, things will work out well in the end. Straffe does too, but he'd never admit to it, because intellectual types think optimism is a sign of a vacant mind. Occasionally he will say something that he hopes to lift spirits, although he will never say any of those silly catch-phrases like 'fish in the sea, half-full cups' but he tries to encourage the positive mindset that is akin to success. The downside of being optimistic is that when things don't turn out for the best, he can be often left disappointed.
Humble: Straffe isn't the sort of person to boast about his achievements or claim himself as oh-so-awesome. When he does something good, he does not strut around like a c**k, he tends to smile and bow his head, and casually wipes off praise and awards. He doesn't do anything for the glamour of it, for the glory. He doesn't rub it in when he wins a debate, or if he turns out to be right. He doesn't chuck a tantrum when he comes last and he's generally a good sport.
Personal Honour Code: His own sense of ethics and right and wrong is perhaps his biggest flaw and his greatest strength at the same time. Straffe's code of ethics are absolute, he'd never break them, even if it means making someone close to him sad or causing someone innocent to fall victim to something bad. His code is in no means perfect, and this can cause him a lot of conflict when his own ethics comes between those of the majority. Is it better to be a hero in secret or to show one's identity proudly? Is it better to kill a villain or put them in jail? Does having power mean that you have a right to use it? While he's still young, and this means that he's still learning what he can and can't do, his moral code is his own, and this means that for Straffe, the ends justifies the means.

General backstory and motivation for becoming a ~*~Hero~*~:
It was a dark and stormy midsummer afternoon and the poppies were in bloom, red blossoms and black seeds scattered across the white pavement like droplets of blood spilling from the sky itself. Or it would have been back in Crantel, but the Einreihard family was on vacation to a small tropical island- the first vacation in several years for Straffe's parents, but an awkwardly timed one for Straffe. The island was beautiful, yes, but like any child, Straffe was quickly bored with the resort pool and the gift shop, his young eyes turned to the rocky shoals and cliffs along the resort's beach. So when his parents were a-stupor at the swim-in-bar, off went our young hero to explore the ancient ediface of the island. He was barely out of sight of the resort when he found that the cliff that met the sea had an inner ridge that lead into a mostly dry looking cave. Feeling no fear, he wondered deeper, hoping to see giant octopi or Godzilla at rest. the rock underfoot was old and brittle and after a few steps, a strange creaking noise followed him. Suddenly the floor gave way and Straffe fell into a dark cavern. He hadn't recieved any major injuries, but given the little light around, he began to panic and tried to feel his way around. His fingers found something metal- a box! and he found a button that opened said box. Something warm inside, like metal that had been left in the sun for a long time. Straffe activated the necklace with his touch and the warm glow gave him enough to see that inside the cave was the bits and remains of an alien spaceship. No sign of a crew, just a glowing necklace. He used the light to guide himself out of the cave and kept the necklace; afterall, finder's keepers.
After a while of experimenting, Straffe soon realized that the necklace allowed him to do more than just call up a glow- it converted photosynthesis into kinetic energy that he could control! this was a scientific breakthrough, but it was also dangerous in the wrong hands, and besides, Straffe believed that it was probably something that he would rather discover himself and be sure that it couldn't be used for nefarious purposes. A little bit of selfish thinking, but hey, better it get used by someone of good moral fiber, right?

Looks department:
Hair: long to his elbow, black and tied into a tail. A little wavey in the bangs.
eyes: purple
skin: coffee brown
necklace: looks like an old Egyptian symbol of the sun, it's heavy and quite obvious.
Costume: white and gold, and a cape. Sun symbol on his chest. mask over his face. Details up to artist.

Civilian clothing: he tends toward the school uniform or a plain jeans+shirt affair. Straffe is pretty casual.

Straffe is an only child for his parents but lives with his grandfather and his uncle and his wife under the same roof, his cousins are 5 years old and 4 apiece, so no real play-time fun with them for him. His family has a nice big house, but with 7 people under the one roof, it can get crowded. Yay for school and dorms. His family are middle-class, but afford a nice house because they have other working people paying rent. He comes from a pretty balanced home life, and he gets on well with his mother and father and uncle and aunties and cousins. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:25 pm
Mini pets:

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User Image  

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:26 pm


Jenner- a young boy who controls shadows. Straffe likes him, he's easy going but tends to be a little negative.
Anemone- Shy girl, seems a little flighty.
Conduit- Nice girl who's a little touchy about physical contact. Think her power excites Straffe's........ amulet.
Theo- quiet guy from drama class.
Black Blood-

(nothing much yet)


Rex Ruthor- a monologuing old-school villain, he stands no chance against Sunburst!  
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:27 pm
RP Log

Momma's own recipe - Jenner and Straffe meet at dinner.
Dorm mates, right!- Jenner and Straffe become roomies. Light and Dark. It's like living shadows with a living night-light.
Use the Limit Breaker attack!- Straffe meets Danica
Christmas ORP (complete-- 2pnts)
Dancing Shoes Dani and Straffe after christmas ball
So we're a thespian society? Reg, Theo and Anemone meetin.


Journal set up- heart
Journal Entry- heart
Caught! Rex Ruthor heart (2pnts)

RP-3 pnt

Total Current: 7 pnts

SIDEKICK - HERO (35 pts)
Journal Entry-
Total Current:

SIDEKICK - ??? (40 pts)
In addition to accumulating points, you need to show in your RPs how you've become not-so-hero-like anymore
Possible alternative paths
Anti-Hero (Extreme force and questionable morals)
Fallen Hero (Disgraced or conflicting motives)
Hero Agent (Behind-the-scenes techie or sleuth)
Villain (Whole different can of worms...)

Total Current:

HERO - SUPERHERO (over 9000 pts)
Total Current:

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:28 pm
Photo Album:
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:38 pm

To Rika Mayuri for the epic artsu!
To Mori-zae for the shop itself
And naturally to all the super wonderful staff!! You guys are really encouraging and sweet, it's a massively positive environment.  

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200

Auric Halcyon

Fiendish Sex Symbol

13,800 Points
  • Noble Shade 100
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:26 am
It grows warm.

Power infuses it, it drinks from light that it has not felt in millennia, and knows love.

Before, there was always darkness, always seething and hatred, always the ones that did not love it, but feared and scorned it's light. This one did not, he basked inside its protections, always gentle, always kind.

The heat of the sun burned down on Straffe's shoulders. Naked from the waist up, he'd found that the academy roof served as good a spot as any. Power training had gone well today, and the teachers had recommended meditation. Light rolled around him like a giant halo, lazy shapes forming occassionally. His whole body felt bleached and white with energy, the flow of photosynthesis through his system gave his eyes a blind, white radiance. All light and heat. It wasn't so hot that it burned, but intensity poured through him. Charging the alien device around his neck, and in turn, lending energy to him. Next week he knew that the class schedule would involve taking time off from using powers, for most it meant simply making do without, for Straffe it meant removing the device entirely.

A shudder ran through him, a longing and sadness to be parted. Straffe opened his eyes, blinking through the haze of white around him, he brought a hand to his face, staring at his skin- was it getting paler? No, concentrate on the emotion. It wasn't his emotion... was this thing... no...

Straffe's meditation ended as his mind crashed back to normal thought, he landed on the ground, which was distracting- his backside impacting with the concrete. Had he been floating?

"What the hell?" Straffe stood, rubbing his a**. Was his power getting stronger? Or was he learning to control it better?

Or was something else getting stronger. His own thoughts from when he had first gotten the device came back to him. He had no idea where it came from or what it was truly intended to do. Was it sentient? It couldn't be sentient.

With a groan Straffe stood, gently stroking his necklace. It didn't have feelings and emotions. That was just his own mind, projecting.

Besides, if it did have emotions, it would love him, of course it would. Never wanting to be separated, just together, like they were supposed to be.

Straffe stopped stroking his necklace and pulled his shirt back on, forgetting about his meditation and heading off for lunch. He was always hungry these days. His mother had said it was part of growing.  
Dear Diary [Journals]

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