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Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary! Thank you for this wonderful site and all the work that you do to make it the community it is. I know it takes users to help make it a community, but we wouldn't have stuck around if it didn't have such an amazing team behind it. We might be the water to help it grow but you guys are the seed, the soil and the sunlight. Thank you so much for everything. <3
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Congrats on the 10

So....how many did we get into towns before we exploded it?


I don't even know...but that was pretty epic.
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Zero Omega

You know what you should do for Gaia's anniversary?

You should embrace your inner broniness

*pets and runs away*
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so nice this place has not exploded yet

My question is do you guys have cake at the HQ and what flavor is it and what does it look like
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Just out of curiosity, did you ever actually think the site would explode in popularity the way it did? How did you market the site in a way that caused the increase in numbers?

(I'm considering going in to marketing for a career and I'd love some info on how you did it.)
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Yeah today has been insane and fun, so thank you Gaia HQ.

1) How is training a new dev for zOMG! going?

2) Who will put the BB/Pirate recipes in zOMG!?

3) Sisky have you checked your gifts yet?

Heya Scobre!

1) Not sure what you mean by training a new dev for zOMG! Are far as I know, there are no plans to train a new dev for zOMG. We do, occasionally, have someone help with bug fixes and whatnot, but that is the extent of things.

2) I'm not sure - I'll have to check for you! biggrin

3) Not yet - sorry about that! I've been crazy busy today ^^

Happy Gaiaversary! biggrin
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dang it i took too long to edit my post, first page. emotion_facepalm

happy 10th anniversary!!!!
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Q. Is it possible to get a summary or something that pulls all of the manga and events together into one seamless work? We've got the manga but it's not exactly...very coherent in between happenings.
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Coma and Tail
Coma and Tail
The first 3 staff/Admin/etc (non regular users) to quote this will receive a bust up Fionna the Human cosplay fansign!

Only one has quoted!

Congrads on 10 years Gaia!

Taken from my FB comment to you guys:

I remember joining back in late 04. The site has gone through some MAJOR changes and upgrades. While there are still issues (unlike the yummy sushi errors) and bugs in the site, that's what comes with having some amazing people who design and run it. Without the mistakes, random mishaps, admin hackings, and everything else I've seen over the years... well, it just wouldn't be the fun Gaia that I know. I can't wait to see more of the QTDs! Keep up the good work, and give yourselves a pat on that back! Just to think- in another 10 years, my son might have his own account!

We're glad to see that you've enjoyed Gaia this much! It's been a long haul and we hope to have more fun stuff for all the users in the future!
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Do you have any cake over at Gaia HQ? If so, what kind? In detail please. emotion_dowant
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Today was very awesome and Happy Birthday Gaia! But today your meet in zOMG was so big that it maxed out the server Bladed Vase, its been so long since zOMG has been even remotely that full. When you give hype about something you get more people to join right, if you create more hype for zOMG more people will come, I know that many of the gaia staff gave up on zOMG but we the gaia community would like to see development on zOMG. I am one insignificant person but I would like to try and get my voice at least be heard because I am not the only one who wants more zOMG content. So may I ask will there be any work on zOMG anytime soon?
I support this post!
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Hi Gaia Staff!
Congrats on making it to 10 years!
Hope to see another event like this in another 10 years time xD

Also first ever ATA post cos it's like, 1am o3o
Off to bed for meee~

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Yay for 10 years, glad to still be here ^_^
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How much champagne will you guys be having later today?

This needs an answer lol

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