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Happy Anniversary, Gaia! heart

Q: I recall hearing about a new calendar of official Gaia events and user-run events at the Gaia panel at a convention I attended in September. Is there any word on when this new feature will be available?
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Is Gaia going to have a booth at Big Wow! Comicfest San Jose May 18-19 2013?

Probably not, but we will be at Fanime only a little bit after that.
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I have a really STUPID question now because I'm a 2004 oldbie who has been gone for a while. How do you customize the message under your name to get it to say something other than "Community Member"? I have gone to "My Gaia" and looked under every nook and cranny of "Account Settings" and can't seem to find where to change that!

Simple answer: You cannot.

The only way to change it is to become something else, like a Developer.
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Zero Omega
hey admins guess what c:

Waffle butt. emotion_awesome

Worth 70 million
That's because his butts the softest.
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What's the character limit for pm's?


ty ;u;

I could be very, very wrong but I think it's about the same as forum character limit, which is... Around 64,000, I think?
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The Treehouse just got updated with new 10th Anniversary items.

I hope everyone enjoys them. It has been a fun event from me to watch and participate in. yum_puddi yum_strawberry
emotion_kirakira Those are awesome!
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Everlasting Lust
Do you think you may be releasing offical Sailor Moon items since Sailor Moon is returning in the summer?

(Items like the ones in the mecha neko shop)

I like this idea very much.

I third this (meatballhead is in my screen name, and I'm a (former?) staff member of sailormoon.org! )
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Hey hey hey, Admins. c:

what inspired you all to combine the anniversary of GaiaOnline & Valentine's day together? I mean it was cool and all, but it's sort of weird to me... (or maybe I'm just the weird one...)
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
          I know you guys probably aren't going to have time to respond to this, or possibly even see this, but thank you all so much for your hard work. It has been a wonderful 9 years (for me) and I look forward to many more if you guys are still up to keeping this place running.

Glad you have enjoyed your time on Gaia, here's to see you around for more!

OMG HI MR ZERO XD XD XD HAPPY GAIA BDAY!!! I LOVE GAIA SO DANG MUCH ITS MY FAV ONLINE THING EVERR!! ive been on gaia since 05 and whenever im a lonely newb irl i come here xD xD XD i really want a chance to actually tlak to the admins for once..whats ur fav color? :O ANND WHATS YOUR FAV CEREAL *gives stare of truth*

Navy blue! And uhh... Probably cinnamon toast crunch.
:O omg ty for responding it means alot xD
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Happy 10th Anniversary Gaia!

Any chance of getting more Jojo knock-offs? Because there's so much you haven't knocked off it's silly. I have -almost- every Jojo item, and would like more to collect. >_>;
IT IS SILLY classified_fu
and it just so happens to be every anime ive ever crushed on
emotion_kirakira It would be marvelous to get everyone's hair/outfits/stands. Mostly their hair and unique outfit pieces. Like Diavolo's hair. And Doppio's hair. And an ice cream phone. And a stand arrow. And Okuyasu's hair. And a giant chain on a gakuran. And everything else.
everything rofl btw hilarious sig
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Do you think you may be releasing offical Sailor Moon items since Sailor Moon is returning in the summer?

(Items like the ones in the mecha neko shop)

That would be like a dream come true! I hope we can work out a partnership with them but that is obviously not all up to our side.
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happy 10th Anniversary Gaia! Thanks for the amazing items and all the fun.

I am wondering if Chocolate Skin is at glitch stats?? When equipping hairstyles/wigs, the skin cut most of it

I have heard people get their avatar entry removed because of using chocolate skin with hairstyle/wigs.

If it is still a glitch, Any time or when this will be fixed?

User Image

I am equipping only chocolate skin AND a hairstyle. Do you see it is kind of strange and unique?
Is that a glitch or not? I have asked this once, but without showing it out. It's harder to understand?

Send me a PM so I remember to check it out tomorrow at work.


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We need another Gaia Prom! Will we ever have one again!?
Yes biggrin
We do.
I was just thinking of that... It was so fun, back in 08 I believe?
Felix Walken

I play at lot of zOMG and HoC, two of the games Gaia has, but not on this account, I have another account I use more often than this one. I have nod idea what they'll do for St. Patricks day, they don't always do something for it, since it's a smaller holiday. Easter will be the next big event.

So all admins have mules, admins are like celbraties then they have to use a diffrent idenity SUPER COOL ^_^
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Q: Is there any chance of Moobie getting some spotlight in these coming years of Gaia? I felt he was pretty under-appreciated in these years. [ and the fact that he's just too damned cute to not give love!] I'd definitely be interested in more Moobie themed items!

I don't know about the future but if you haven't already, click the Gaia Online logo in the header, go to the bottom of the page that opens up, and click on Moobie there for a special prize.

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