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Why did you lie to me about the zurg returning when they totally logged on recently?
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So how many staff have been here since the beginning?
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Can we get back the old towns halloween and christmas music? or have it be downloadable? I loved it ^^
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Can we please have the Nerd achievement again? Pi day is coming.... Star Wars day too *wink wink nudge*
I want it so bad!!! emo
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Uesugi Ankit
Uesugi Ankit
Can I have stuffz

Happy Anniversary! smile

Enter contests - you might win! And Happy Gaiaversary to you too! biggrin

I never win contests. emo
But I got dis, gonna get that 03 letter. 8D

talk2hand , that person who posted that one time is going to win XD
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I am havin' so much fun. whee
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so nice this place has not exploded yet

My question is do you guys have cake at the HQ and what flavor is it and what does it look like

We had a chocolate and vanilla cake with flower decorations on Friday.
well there goes my bet on a grunny cake
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Any chance we could get some Avatar: the Last Airbender items?

Also: Happy 10th, Gaia!
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Sort of a question, kind of not.......I'm starting to hear disturbing talk about how, if and/or when development should ever continue for zOMG, you plan to have it so that going through this "Dead Man's Shadow" place & raising the levels of our rings with "shadow orbs" will be mandatory, in order to be able to access any other future areas. I'm seriously hoping that this remains nothing more than a silly rumor, because there are quite a few users who consider this particular "area" to be "optional-only". cat_stare
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Holy cow I'm late on this!!! I should've been checking the GCD instead of the staff alerts!
I can't believe how many people showed up!!

I should've known your favorite color Sisky. You always seem to have orange something on!

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Happy 10th Birthday Gaia~! Congrats to all the staff members.

Can't wait to see what's in store next. Can we have more plot? And please stop leaving us hanging. ^^
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i dont have any thing to ask jest a bit to say smile i missed all the fun today as i was verry bizy but i like the site
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Sweet Kitten

Happy 10th Gaiaversary !
Thanks for being the best admin we could ask for.
May I have a special reward?

Happy Anniversary!

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