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For any staff that can answered my question about the servers?

1. How many exactly servers we crashed in either zomg or towns?
2. Did we meet the goal of having a high number of users in this event for the website
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I got this screenshot for you razz User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Uncle Kenny

I don't even know...but that was pretty epic.

XD I got in basically after you posted where is was...so peaceful quiet.....and then a few leaks....a few more....


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Can I have stuffz

Happy Anniversary! smile

Enter contests - you might win! And Happy Gaiaversary to you too! biggrin

I never win contests. emo
But I got dis, gonna get that 03 letter. 8D
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Maybe I'm wrong, seems it's not a day off over at Gaia. Why not? World can wait :U

Technically it is a day off - a federal holiday, But we'd rather hang with you all biggrin
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First, thanks for the valentine, I had a little fangirl squee moment, and then thought about how silly it must have been for you to send a valentine to someone who had your face on their avatar ninja

Second, for you and for anyone else who happens to see this, you have 10 years of Gaia memories. What sticks out the most for you?
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Q. were do you come up with all the fun holiday activities ?
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Uncle Kenny
I caught you

I love your avatar! It's so purple!
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Happy 10th year anniversary everyone!

It's great to be here with everyone on this very special day. 10 years ago Gaia opened its doors and a hundred people joined the site. Today we have hundreds of thousands Gaians here celebrating and having fun together. The overwhelming support from all of you is beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you for being a part of the celebration! Let's get started!

Lanzer, I seem to remember a time when people could log on during any day of an event, and still be able to get all of the items associated with that particular event, whether they were actually online during those previous days or not. Nowadays, I (and others) forget to log in for one single day (due to having to deal with this little thing called real life), and I'm somehow not allowed to claim a grant that, for all intents & purposes, should clearly & obviously be left active until AFTER the event is over? Hasn't this site been around a bit too long for this kind of malicious oversight to still exist? cat_stressed
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LabTech Deusy
I have a question, as some one who comes and goes on gaia with a year in between breaks, is there ANY hope of getting that annoying 6 month "ban" optional? Meaning an option in the user interface?

We don't currently have any plans to make this an optional feature, sorry.
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Latina Puddingv2
I have another question
How long do you have to wait to get a trading pass back?

On my to-do list, sorry for the wait. sweatdrop
It's okay 4laugh *gives cupcake*
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Your signature is so cute!

Thanks! 3nodding
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Hey everyone! Happy 10th.

Happy tenth!

Avatar is really cute!
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Things have indeed changed a lot in a ten-year period of time and
we still have a lot of work to do on how to improve the Gaia Forums, so what do you think of starting to get rid of the annoying "Topics Blocked: 27 " ?
User Image

If they can't delete the topics, it would be great if they allowed us to press a button with a confirmation which allows us to unsubscribe from these topics. I think it would make more sense than actually letting us see this information which is rather not useful after a while XD
Hey, avid-Gaia Fisher here! Have you guys ever thought of implementing a Rare piece of Junk? There are lots of rare fish, so why not a rare junk too? Like maybe a shopping cart or something. xd Just a thought; I loved the last Fishing update. c:

There was a fishing update?! Other than the angelic rod last year....I haven't seen any updates since the new fish at each lake...and the items they make at Logan's.

I gotta go look at the fishing forum, I guess.

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