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Maybe I'm wrong, seems it's not a day off over at Gaia. Why not? World can wait :U
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Hello Gaia,
Thanks for the wonderful website and all the e-fun you have provided us Gaians. You are an awesome company with one of the best communities on the world wide web. Here is your thumbs up for being overall a WINNER OF THE INTERNET! *THUMBS UP*

Hip hip hooray for Gaia!
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-shambles and lurks about-
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Yay anniversary! emotion_bigheart
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Yeah today has been insane and fun, so thank you Gaia HQ.

1) How is training a new dev for zOMG! going?

2) Who will put the BB/Pirate recipes in zOMG!?

3) Sisky have you checked your gifts yet?
So, after 10 years, do you guys still consider Gaia in alpha or have we hit beta finally? razz
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    Thanks so much for the ten amazing years Gaia! Also, could you say hi to reapersun for me? I really like her art and blog. (◕‿◕✿)she has a wonderful nsfw tag btw
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Happy Birthday Gaia
Happy 27 birthday to me
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Happy Gaiaversary! Now, where's the cake?!
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I am pasting this directly from my Site Feedback thread concerning this request.
The thread already has 160+ users that want this. I do hope this ATA increases that 10 fold.

Yes HQ, I am going to be THAT users that complains. However first I must thank you for the fantastic 2003 freebie item you gave to us.
The 10th Anniversary Mini Halo and Winglets special item. Which of course can grant us the Angelic or Demonic versions.
However, I must say... you could have added an extra oomph that I am pretty sure many users would prefer and adore.

That of course would be to add two more poses. Each would have the halo and the wings separated.
I present the following images below to basically some up what the heck I am talking about.

User Image

*This is not adding the poses of the original Angelic/Demonic Halos and Wings*
CLICK THE SPOILER for solid proof that the poses are indeed not the originals.

User Image

So please Gaia. You have already released everything you need to do this.
Just separate the poses like shown. A user wouldn't need to get a duplicate.
Don't end the event on this note. It can be a tad greater if you let it be.

Everyone that wants this change, please click the "sign" in the poll and voice your opinion here.
Hopefully HQ will grace us with kindness and add the two poses that many of us desire! O A O
Can we get the eyes in Salon Durem in white as well as the old hairstyles in white pleasepleasepleaseplease? emotion_kirakira
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Today was very awesome and Happy Birthday Gaia! But today your meet in zOMG was so big that it maxed out the server Bladed Vase, its been so long since zOMG has been even remotely that full. When you give hype about something you get more people to join right, if you create more hype for zOMG more people will come, I know that many of the gaia staff gave up on zOMG but we the gaia community would like to see development on zOMG. I am one insignificant person but I would like to try and get my voice at least be heard because I am not the only one who wants more zOMG content. So may I ask will there be any work on zOMG anytime soon?
Happy anniversay smile
What do you envision for Gaia's future?
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Happy 10th Anniversary
Thank you Gaia Online for being a wonderful
play to use up all of my excess time! xd
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