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Happy Gaiaversary!!

*tosses confetti*
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Congrats on the 10

So....how many did we get into towns before we exploded it?

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Generous Giver

Uncle Kenny
I caught you
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Happy 10th Gaia! heart
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Squee Nii
Zero Omega
Is it my turn yet? ;u;

I read your PM over the weekend! I just have to look into some stuff.
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Happy 10th Anniversary Gaia heart
Everyone having a good day?
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Cheery Friend

Nice to see you guys and happy 10th anniversary.

I am having difficulty with the achievements page. I am unable to drag one of the achievements I earned from a long time ago into the show off your achievements slots. Is there a way you can make it so when we scroll down, that area also moves down along?
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for today's freebie, we got a halo and mini-wings but some people want separate poses, can we get it so that you can wear the wings without the halo and vice versa?
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Uncle Kenny

Hello! biggrin
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Uncle Kenny

*sees you*
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I have a question, as some one who comes and goes on gaia with a year in between breaks, is there ANY hope of getting that annoying 6 month "ban" optional? Meaning an option in the user interface?
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Precious Nerd

Hey everyone! Happy 10th.
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Adored Regular

Aww Lanzer making me tear up cry
I wish I were here for all 10 years!
But the last 6 were wonderful. 4laugh
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Hi smile Just wanted to say you guys do an amazing job running this site, Congrats on 10 amazing years biggrin heart
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