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Hahah I can honestly say I had a great time in the hangout thread. 4laugh
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Tackle hugs I am happy to see you here

*hugs back* How have you been? heart
good I am enjoying my birthday I had waffles with baked cinnamon apples it was so good
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Happy 10th Anniversary ! *u*

(theres no frosting though)


Q:Is the 12th gen. of Case of Pietro will have all its contents like the previous gens anytime soon? or is it getting fixed atm? or whats the deal? D:
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Q. Is it possible we can get the art corner updated with art from non artists working at HQ? I know Zero Omega's quite the up and coming artist. wink
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And oh, Lanzer, you've been wearing near the same stuff for the whole decade...or at least let's pretend that's true....

Change! >: D
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Zero Omega

You know what you should do for Gaia's anniversary?

You should embrace your inner broniness

*pets and runs away*

Thanks for the suggestion, Sextans! The red does pop out quite a bit, though I guess not all Gaians see that as necessary information. We will take all your suggestion into consideration.

Things have indeed changed a lot in a ten-year period of time and
we still have a lot of work to do on how to improve the Gaia Forums, so what do you think of starting to get rid of the annoying "Topics Blocked: 27 " ?
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Actually i have a better idea,what if this Black List would reset itself after a period of 6 months ? Surely most people don't even remember why they're ignoring those Gaians after that long period of time.
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Or could you reduce the limit of the ignore list System to 40?
the current limit is 500.
We should encourage more positive community activity, not just focus on the negative.
the Ignore list Feature feeds negativity.
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I asked this before on facebook

with the recent thing known as "The Harlem Shake" phenomenon. Is there a Gaia staff version in the works? emotion_dowant emotion_dowant I think some Gaians would get a kick out of it if you guys made one
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The chocolate melts ever so...
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Congratulations on ten years Lanzer!

Question: How long until you release the next winning items from the last contest?

Also, the story line got better after Overseer and Sentinal were introduced.

...slightly on your tongue.
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Just stepping in to wish a happy 10th anniversary!
Will you guys ever bring back a real gaia store for plush toys, tshirts, hoodies, hats, etc?
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HAPPY 10th Gaia anniversary 4laugh
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grombie skin plz
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so nice this place has not exploded yet

My question is do you guys have cake at the HQ and what flavor is it and what does it look like

We had a chocolate and vanilla cake with flower decorations on Friday.

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