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Since nobody liked my last quesion... here's another...

Do Pink Links still exist at all?
Is there any chance they will come back?

Pink links currently exist in the form of random chance items like the Pink Magical Giftbox.
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It would be great to have a Easter/Halloween/Christmas Event in zOMG! This year.

My question for the Admins is this:

Will there be an zOMG Events this year?
Nothing new just one of the old one's?
Like Jack.
Or Gold Egg.

I don't see why only zOMGaian's are being punished. When we still buy powperups and spend real money on zOMG items.
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Thank you for an awesome experience online and a great event! Happy 10th Birthday! (PS: My favorite event is the Easter 2k12 - cutest items and so much fun to play! Thank you for the creativity behind it all!)
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Zero Omega
Arii Heart
Zero Omega
Arii Heart
Happy 10th anniversary!

I was wondering, is there any way to get an account unbanned? A friend of mine was wrongly accused of something and no one has answered his report from his other account attesting to what happened...

He's already filed a ban appeal ticket about it? If so, then he'll just have to wait for us to respond to the ticket.

Yes, he's filed a ban appeal about it. It seems someone sent him a gift of sorts and he opened it, and because he opened it Gaia banned him for illegal activity. He's been a faithful member for a very long time and it saddens me that nothing can seemingly be done about it...

Yeah, he'll have to wait for us to get back to his ticket if it's still in a "new" status. 3nodding

Thank you, anyways. :> Thankfully I haven't been banned from gaia or reported in any way, only hacked when I didn't know how to keep my account safe xp Well, HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!! biggrin I won't keep you any longer, I've already asked you two questions... ~Sincerely, AriiHeart~
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To all admin, will you send me a valentine?
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omg.. LOVE the new treehouse backgrounds, thank you! heart

i don't have enough stickers for both though. can't decide gonk
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Happy Anniversary from me, and of course from the 11th Annual Ball!

I have a quick question though, have you ever thought of adding rain to the Towns 2?
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bonking the thread!
poop...i cant find me post to see if people responded emotion_0A0 nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cat_crying
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Ma Ajmala
Oh and another thing I forgot to ask or wanted to get asked

Who is the owner of Waffes the cat? Or is he every bodies cat?

He is Lanzer's cat.

But do you contribute to the bring a pet to work pool?

We're actually a dog office now. Cat's come in rarely. Sadly I don't have a dog but we have around 3-4 on a daily basis.

So...rabbits not as common as well now then?

Hmm, I only know of a couple dogs, so who are all the dogs then?
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I have a really STUPID question now because I'm a 2004 oldbie who has been gone for a while. How do you customize the message under your name to get it to say something other than "Community Member"? I have gone to "My Gaia" and looked under every nook and cranny of "Account Settings" and can't seem to find where to change that!

Simple answer: You cannot.

The only way to change it is to become something else, like a Developer.

No, but yours says Lily-Livered Genius I should have said in addition... not the staff member thing like being a developer/artist/admin
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So now that all the items have been up and grabbed, will everything disappear tomorrow?
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I could not use towns or zomg from my phone today. Was it fun? Happy 10th!!!!!
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The ferret should be named Franklin
Or Dominic Furlniton the Disgruntled Ferret

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