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Happy 10th year anniversary everyone!

It's great to be here with everyone on this very special day. 10 years ago Gaia opened its doors and a hundred people joined the site. Today we have hundreds of thousands Gaians here celebrating and having fun together. The overwhelming support from all of you is beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you for being a part of the celebration! Let's get started!
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Can I have stuffz

Happy Anniversary! smile
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Happy 10th anniversary, gaia!
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First off, thank you for making this wonderful site. I know I say it a million times, but, I am so happy to be a Gaian.


Staff, you're invited to come join us in zOMG tonight to try and fight an epic landshark. Actually, everyone is invited. biggrin

Or when it does happen.

Also thank you to Uncle Kenny, Sisky, Brony King, and Sandokiri for setting up the parties in towns and zomg. It was a lot of fun!!! And truly memorable.


*lurks now*
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If they can't delete the topics, it would be great if they allowed us to press a button with a confirmation which allows us to unsubscribe from these topics. I think it would make more sense than actually letting us see this information which is rather not useful after a while XD

Things have indeed changed a lot in a ten-year period of time and
we still have a lot of work to do on how to improve the Gaia Forums, so what do you think of starting to get rid of the annoying "Topics Blocked: 27 " ?
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Actually i have a better idea,what if this Black List would reset itself after a period of 6 months ? Surely most people don't even remember why they're ignoring those Gaians after that long period of time.
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Or could you reduce the limit of the ignore list System to 40?
the current limit is 500.
We should encourage more positive community activity, not just focus on the negative.
the Ignore list Feature feeds negativity.
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I love the new item thanks so much
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Hi Admins,

Why do I often see a Notice of my wishlist item, "Angelic Halo" offered at 555,352 gold? Every time I click it, there's no halo listed… and secondly at that price??? Every time?

Happy Anniversary!
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Happy 10th Gaia. 4laugh heart

edit- and thank you for having me be one of the featured avis last week. whee heart
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4laugh Thanks lanzer and staff for a great 10 years!

Q. Were there any items you guys totally wanted to release for the anniversary that you weren't able to?

Q. If you could go back in time to 2003, what would you tell your earlier self?
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I love the option to trade fish in bulk at the Ol’ Fishing Hole. I was wondering if it would be possible to apply the same technique for exchanging ink for ink?
to have the option of:
15r + 15b + 15g = 3w

In relation to the Ol’ Fishing Hole and just for verification, does the exchange option look in our storage locker for qualifying items?

Also, I like having currently equipped items grey-boxed in Inventory and in Sell Item in the marketplace. Is it possible to add an option to grey all items equipped AND saved in closet? Sort of like the option to view just an item, or view item with Dressing Room in the marketplace.
It could be very useful for people who’ve bought the extra spaces, and a full closet, on whether it was ‘this’ or ‘that’ pair of black jeans that wanted to sell. Or how many of those Titan’s Legacy’s do I use.
I understand it might be difficult if more than one outfit equips the same item and the quantity owned is more than one, and that it may also come in conflict with Sell an Outfit.

Is there an order to achievement titles in the drop downs? Order of acquisition? Would it be possible to add a GaiaLab feature that would put them in alphabetical order?

One last thing, and if I need to be redirected to glitches I understand; Do messages in a bottle time how long you have to respond? If I take to long to think about an answer, my response doesn’t seem to show up in the bottle.

Thank you for your time!

Er, actually, one more small question; In Black Jack, is the time it takes to deal deliberate? The CardBot deals faster when facing it as a dealer, than with Russell or Becky.
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Thank you.
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Happy 10th Gaia!

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Hey, avid-Gaia Fisher here! Have you guys ever thought of implementing a Rare piece of Junk? There are lots of rare fish, so why not a rare junk too? Like maybe a shopping cart or something. xd Just a thought; I loved the last Fishing update. c:
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Happy 10th Anniversary. I want to thank all of you for the time, and hard work to make Gaia so amazin'. I hope the next ten year will be just as awesome.
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Happy 10th Anniversary. <3

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