The man behind the avi.

Hello guys, my name is Mikeh. I've been on Gaia a long long time. I've been Newb With A Halo, Big Baby Sweetz, Doleful Heart, xMikeh, the list goes on. I'm a big gamer, my PSN is xMikeh, my BTag is Mikeh#1284. I used to be big into marketing on this game, I've since lost and given away all my items but made a ton of friends that I should keep in touch with more often. I am probably biggest known for being Newb With A Halo, but I was also a avid gambler in the casinos here, left me a bit broke. xD My most recent gaming accomplishment would be getting #1 in the achievements leaderboard of Diablo 3 season 1, was even a kotaku article on me, felt special.

In real life I'm a 29 year old married man with three kids. Ian, Makayla, and little Eevee. I was a call center manager for a couple years working with AT&T and FEMA. Currently inbetween jobs, but not for long. Real life for me is quite hectic, my son just got hit by car, the baby just being born, and work stuff... Anyway you aren't here for that so how about something fun instead. If you made it through my Bio we'll play two truths and a lie, you can comment or PM which one you think is the lie. ;D

I was once taken to Knotts Berry Farm by a pimp named Blunt.
I gave away approximately $200,000 in beats headphones while being laid off ATT
I made over $14,000 by selling off all my stuff on an old MMO I played