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Been on Gaia for 19years.
I go by either male or female pronouns.
I'm currently 35 years of age.
I won my Angelic halo from Gaia.

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The pofile song is the song that Billy Hargrove was listening to in the gifs that you see above and below.
I like to collect dolls and other Knick knacks.
Stickers are pretty cool.
80's music and coffee are life.
My current obsession is Billy Hargrove from Stranger things Seasons 2&3
As far as I'm aware I have no special skills or talents. Which is kinda depressing the more I think about it. But I'm sure I will be good at something one day.
For the most part I am an easy person to get along with. I'm more of a listener than a talker.
Feel free to send me a comment or PM.
Just so you know: One sided conversations bother me.
I like it when there is back and forth to a conversation.
So if you just talk about yourself every chance you get then I will probably block you. smile
If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to me.
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I once owned four ferrets:
I currently own ONE ferret. His name is Sterling.
Kitty (Kitty boo/Itty bitty Kitty),
Butters (Butter butt/Barn butt)
My first ferret was named Cinnamon (Cinnabun)
Sadly Cin,Kitty, Butters and Joey crossed the rainbow bridge.
D.I.P Cinnamon (Cin) 12-11 to 2-16 on 2015
D.I.P Kitty 4-14 to 7-12 on 2020
D.I.P Butters 2-12 to 6-6 on 2022
D.I.P Joey 3-14 to 12-29 on 2023

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~~~~~~~Medical crap~~~~~~~~
Papillary thyroid cancer: 10-12-17
Total thyroidectomy: 12-28-17
Gallbladder removal: 2-7-18
Depression medications started: 4-6-18
Broke my foot: 2-6-19
New depression medications started: 4-2-20
Bipolar medications started: 5-12-21
Broke my ankle: 5-15-21
Anxiety med adjustment: 11-2-21
Anxiety meds adjustment: 8-5-22




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