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I would like the word "racist" to not even be a word anymore. It implies an insult to a race, however, we are all one race, the human race. Sure we have different ethnic backgrounds, but isn't that part of each ethnic person's charm? There are so many cultures out there, and while yes there are bad parts to each different culture, it is up to each culture to learn and grow from past experiences.

I would like to see unity, and mutual respect for all cultures. To be free to experience whatever culture you wish to experience without scrutiny or disdain. I would like to see the freedom of diversity, so long as peace is observed. It saddens me to see all the violence in the country today, and I hope peace will persevere.


If you don't quote me, I probably won't know you're talking to me.



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Queentintin Report | 12/24/2020 7:33 pm
Welcome , many happy returns *hugs*
Queentintin Report | 12/24/2020 2:57 pm
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Tanooki John Report | 09/08/2020 2:59 am
Tanooki John
We need to start a Gaia group that will tell the staff of Gaia that we are no longer going to sit back and watch Gaia staff pander to BLM (Burn Loot Murder) while this group gets away with supporting criminals, attacking Police, demonizing Donald Trump, and glorifying Marxism. I learned a lot from Praeger University that BLM had hurt more blacks and praise Marxism, attack innocent people and harm and damage black owned businesses.
Tanooki John Report | 09/08/2020 2:51 am
Tanooki John
Lanzer that little s**t! stressed
Tanooki John Report | 09/07/2020 4:14 am
Tanooki John
Gaia is supporting BLM!? Are you serious!? surprised
Nyadriel Report | 08/17/2020 2:08 am
Welcome. Nice to see some sense of sanity. I was hoping I would rub off on some frequenters.

Thank you for the comment on my avatar.
Yukizette Report | 04/21/2020 3:44 pm
Your avatar is gorgeous!
TA-Regret Report | 12/23/2019 5:01 am
how's your holidays blaugh
TA-Regret Report | 12/22/2019 12:29 am
hiii. you have sexy legs. what are they? smile
Tanooki John Report | 11/26/2019 2:44 am
Tanooki John
It's okay. And thank you so much. 3nodding