Hiyaki and welcome to my profile! Please feel free to call me "Vampy". I am Mexican, if that matters at all. I am a 29-year-old, charismatic, artistic, college student lump. I majored in psychology in central California. Recently moved to Missouri as of January 2019. I have been on Gaia as of August 29, 2004. I am currently werking at Starbucks making hot, bean water full time DISABLED. I have been diagnosed with 3 chronic illnesses as of March 2018. When I am not at work, I am busy sharing memes online, playing League or Destiny, or smoking (420 blaze it) and hanging out with my roommates or friends. I am on here quite often though.
Much like everyone else on Gaia, I love anime. I read Manga. I love animals. My favorite colors are purple and red. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas; it is my favorite movie heart I adore Halloween and orange things as well emotion_kirakira And am fascinated with Zombies. I also happen to be obsessed with Penguins and cupcakes. I love video games (I have my original N64 and Sega Dreamcast still. I also have a ps4) I play League. I love Pokemon. Love DC and Marvel. Love Deadpool. Speaking of which, I have the mouth of a sailor! pirate Ummm...let see here... Not sure what else to say. If you'd like to know more, please befriend me and we can chat? I love random messages or comments on here! I welcome any and all new friends. But, please, DO NOT RANDOMLY ASK TO ADD ME IF WE HAVE NEVER SPOKEN BEFORE. I won't accept. Just an f.y.i. Also, I do not like roleplaying. Sorry not sorry.
If you see me around in the art shops/freebs, you will notice that I am very nice and overly affectionate person! 4laugh Please do not be offended by this or take it the wrong way! D; I tend to call everyone (whether or not I actually know you/have known you for a long period or extended amount of time) by pet names such as "hunny", "hun", "sweetie", "babe" or anything else along those lines.
Also: I do not give random donations! D; I'm sorry. I only donate and gift things to friends! ; u;

P.S. I abuse emoticons on here! ninja

Current Relationship Status: Dating Ilfarmis as of October 14th, 2016 heart

Current Favorite Quote:

"Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, then its not the end." - Harmony_SH ♥

Profile Last Update: July 22nd, 2019

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Saw You That Bird...?

Hodwy! ^.^

Here is where i will (most likely) only post up new and old dream avi's as well as tektek's of my OC's and their descriptions :heart:



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Mister Moonshake

Report | 08/26/2019 4:03 pm

Mister Moonshake

chief im not alright

Report | 08/09/2019 11:12 pm

chief im not alright

emotion_dowant emotion_brofist
Mister Moonshake

Report | 08/05/2019 4:28 pm

Mister Moonshake

Your OCs are very cute
chief im not alright

Report | 07/10/2019 8:37 pm

chief im not alright

PFFFFFFFFFFFFT, and you didn't take me with you on the roadtrip? scream
nobutreally howd you end up over there lololol
And and omg I didnt get any texts sweatdrop lemme try and send you one this time, idk what happened. ninja
chief im not alright

Report | 07/06/2019 10:56 pm

chief im not alright

I MISS YOU MORE. crying heart 3nodding
Where ya been? redface

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Happy birthday ♡♡♡
jizzed when he

Report | 03/23/2019 5:55 am

jizzed when he

Thank you!

Report | 03/21/2019 1:05 pm


Haha yes - just seeing what's going on here xd
Wow... just wow!! How are you?

Report | 03/19/2019 7:18 pm


I would but I’m traveling for work and only have my phone

Report | 03/19/2019 6:56 pm


Lmao! Idk?! I think I just want to hoard some 03s. Maybe eventually get a play ticket but I doubt it. I’ve never even come close to having that much gold lol
And I’m really not good at investing gold. Trust me. I just play games in the casino forum. Win some, lose some lol


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I LOVE and welcome pm's! 4laugh I am super friendly! But, I DO NOT do romantic roleplaying. Period. End of story. I also do not randomly add people to my friends list if we are not, in fact, friendly. #sorrynotsorry