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I drop art freebies in the CB.
Item that I created: "The Glorious Chest of H34LTH"

I want art too!
Quote me and post: "Draw me H34LTH" for a chance at a freebie.


Hello, I am H34LTH. I am an Artist and an overall good jolly person. It doesn't have to be Christmas and I just have that energy of sitting by a fireplace, chatting, cozy and warm.
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My stories will spark inspiration,
my films will invoke passion and emotion,
and my paintings give you a sense of harmony.

My Art
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Fan Art
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My Webcomic
My Item

The Glorious Chest of H34LTH
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VileDisrespect Report | 12/14/2023 1:12 pm
which item bro?
jynxll Report | 12/14/2023 12:52 am
FlNK Report | 11/13/2023 2:31 am
Happy birthday my dude, I hope you doing hood and have a great day
arcteryxx Report | 02/06/2023 11:14 pm
Thank you my friend heart
Token Starfleet Extra Report | 01/31/2023 9:13 am
Token Starfleet Extra
Your dragons are inspirational, GOTTA HATCH 'EM ALL stressed
Token Starfleet Extra Report | 01/30/2023 3:23 pm
Token Starfleet Extra
OMG Fam xd
I meant to only do one egg... Now poor Also has four... it's like Pringles, once ya pop
Token Starfleet Extra Report | 01/30/2023 2:21 pm
Token Starfleet Extra
I thought I got over using it a long time ago. Then recently one of my friends eggs hatched and damn if it didn't hit me in the Tamagotchi feels LMAO.
Also an Extra Report | 01/29/2023 4:11 pm
Also an Extra
Token Starfleet Extra Report | 01/29/2023 4:01 pm
Token Starfleet Extra
Thanks for clicking the eggs, switched from Safari to Firefox for security reasons and having password issues rofl xp
kittyfeets Report | 01/26/2023 8:43 pm
How are ya!!!!??

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