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Just a collection of drawings, stories, and personal thoughts.



Details About Myself

I live with my amazing Gaia Husband and RL fiance Valag heart

Age: 26

Favorite Color: Purple

Me and mah child heart
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Avi Art

Art by my wonderful BF Valag

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Art by -_-Kris-the-random-_-

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Art by CereaI KiIler

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Art by AngeIfishy

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This one I can't really remember who drew it and who all is in it.. But I am goat mom. HMU so I can tag ya'll ;v;

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Hello, I am just going to sell things I do not wish to own anymore. If you are looking to try and barter with me, you are free to try. I also quest for charms, flowers, bugs & inks. All proceeds go to cosplaying, donations are welcome!


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His_Majesty_Jareth Report | 07/21/2021 1:10 am
Salutations once more!
AngeIfishy Report | 07/02/2021 6:46 am
You are most welcome my dear! heart
Mortcyntia Diction Report | 06/16/2021 12:50 pm
Mortcyntia Diction
One of my fave games by Doublefine.
TechnicalAo Report | 02/02/2021 7:07 pm
It's just cosplay's a mess tbh
Eggman Empire Report | 11/05/2020 8:31 am
Eggman Empire
^^ - squeaks-

Hey, Alice :3
Eggman Empire Report | 11/02/2020 1:33 am
Eggman Empire
Why? Is it because I'm youthful at heart? razz
Eggman Empire Report | 11/01/2020 6:44 am
Eggman Empire
Sour patch kids, lol. Anything gummi really 3nodding
Eggman Empire Report | 10/31/2020 9:25 am
Eggman Empire
Definitely. :c Do you have a favorite candy? o:
Eggman Empire Report | 10/30/2020 7:52 am
Eggman Empire
Well that's always important. 4laugh Best of luck, friend
Eggman Empire Report | 10/28/2020 1:04 am
Eggman Empire
And aww. That sucks. Do you at least like the candy?