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Sailor Song

The Resistance


Name : Octavius D. Fair
Age: unknown
gender: unknown
Height: unknown
Crimes: Mass genocide , enslavement,drug running, fruit replication, human experimenting,war crimes , crimes against the dragons, killing the creators,counterfeiting
boat figurehead: Jabberwocky
devil fruit : Aqua Aqua fruit
devil fruit powers: they are able to become a giant water hydra they command all bodies of water and they can become it
Likes: men,killing,sex,rum, and money
Hates: people,helping, and pirates
bounty: Beli 4,800,000,000,000,000,000
Crew name: Jabberwocky Tsunami
Bio: After having gone to Emporio Ivankov to undergo secret surgery they have figured out how to produce a pill that can replicate the same effect as his devil fruit along with all devil fruit.

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Recolta Report | 09/05/2019 5:37 pm
good how've you been?
AisuRoseHime Report | 09/04/2019 12:37 am
nice avi
Shonem Report | 08/01/2019 2:29 pm
I appreciate it!
I hope everything is going well for you too!
Shonem Report | 08/01/2019 1:53 pm
ATM it's just an in between situation, but we'll be moving closer to the city next year.
We just had to get out of our last apartment, it was a huge hassle living there lol
Shonem Report | 08/01/2019 1:40 pm
Oh hallo lol
How you doing there?~

Me and my husband just moved, been up to a toooooon of things.
i need heaIing Report | 07/31/2019 1:09 pm
Catbitual Grin 3nodding
Sexyther Report | 07/25/2019 3:46 pm
Avatar very beautiful !! heart
and the profile is great too !!!
Nectlysi Report | 05/24/2019 3:31 pm
yes of course!
Nectlysi Report | 05/24/2019 3:29 pm
ohh thank you so much, I appreciate it!
Nectlysi Report | 05/24/2019 3:26 pm
it certainly does, nicely done!
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