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Name: Drake
Class: Technomancer/Necromancer
sexuality: Bi
Race: Drow/God
height: 8ft6in
Weapon: Snake Greatsword
Bio: His mother sold him into the black market at a young age from there he learned how to channel and master magic slowly over time. He soon learned that from his god half that he can't die from age and or any form of Posins or sickness but he can still die from other means he will also reman forever look young. Drake slowly worked his way up the ranks he became a drug dealer soon an arms dealer as time went on his wisdom and intelligence rose greatly above those around him even more so then the gods. Over time he worked his way into becoming a grand master wizard and inventor finally he had risen to becoming the Lord of all the lands.

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DauntlessCoward Report | 03/16/2024 3:58 pm
Thank you for the compliment on the avi! Your profile and avi are very cute too. heart
Deer In Gray Report | 02/25/2024 6:15 pm
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Your avatar is gorggg
Meika Satsuki Report | 02/16/2024 8:51 am
Thank you for buying! heart
iRobotic Banana Report | 11/09/2023 2:13 pm

Thank you for your purchase!
RevvRaptor Report | 11/02/2023 11:39 am
Eekum bokum
tillisnut3 Report | 10/22/2023 8:54 am
Thanks for the gifts. I hope you are having a great weekend. I am doing well.
Red RoseWitchling Report | 06/20/2023 9:38 pm
heart Ty 4laugh
Red RoseWitchling Report | 06/20/2023 9:37 pm
You welcome I hope it will complete your Queen mermaid Avi i love it emotion_kirakira
Red RoseWitchling Report | 06/20/2023 9:31 pm
Sure no problem 3nodding
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 04/26/2023 10:07 am
Busy but great and ya?
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