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schnibbles on 02/24/2021
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BinnaBunny on 02/12/2021
winkletwinkle on 02/09/2021
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The name is Kaname, don't have much to say, other then getting better at art, also please pm me if you want to know more.

Other then that please buy the art.

Chibi's are 1bil, couple 3bil.
Capsule art 5bil now.

Example sets below

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

I will not post capsule art due to the fact it might lag some peoples computers if to much is going on. So please feel free to pm me and ask for examples of those.


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Fri XIII Report | 10/29/2019 7:57 pm
Wondering if you're still here 3nodding
Prodigy69 Report | 02/24/2018 3:05 pm
P♥E♥E♥K♥ A♥ B♥O♥O♥
Sieggyhart Report | 01/03/2018 1:35 am
ah i want to
i really dont mind
and im sure your story will turn out very nicely in the
LOL wow you and your editor are stealing all the fun
Sieggyhart Report | 01/03/2018 1:14 am
ah ok
i wanted to donate but i havent gotten paid yet l0l
didnt you have an editor helping you out before?
oh your right i forgot after Zomg was taken down little kids took over XD! thanks for the reminder
and LOL that profile, dam she went all out
ive been bored to no end lately trying to figure out what to. im at that point where you crave something new and exciting in life
Sieggyhart Report | 01/03/2018 12:44 am
ya but just trash talking someones art without saying why is pretty pointless imo
they just sound like kids hating because its not their cup of tea
ah well
im glad to hear some are helping you
ah, thats not the whole story up is it?
Sieggyhart Report | 01/03/2018 12:11 am
take as much time as you think you'll need
you cant rush art
seems like you have a hater and funny how the 2nd avi was made purely just to trash talk, prob an alt they made on the spot
the last time the book you showed me was good, i'll read up on this one when i can
thanks for the link mang and keep up the good work on your book
Sieggyhart Report | 12/29/2017 8:14 am
ah i see
nice nice mang
are there also previews for your next stories
Sieggyhart Report | 12/28/2017 9:59 pm
so if you update the book and someone already bought it
does it update for them too or do they have to purchase it all over again?
your books are really interesting and im sure the comic will be just as cool
Sieggyhart Report | 12/27/2017 9:49 pm
how is dragons nest and are you working on the same book you showed me before?
Sieggyhart Report | 12/27/2017 2:08 pm
yo man whats up
its been a while
hows life