((These are my versions of foxy, here is how they behave, their height, sanity, and small details))

Common Details

All of the Foxy's have bright yellow/gold eyes and the nightmare tongue.

Foxy (Finished)

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This version of Foxy is mainly used for FNAF 1 & 2 ((seeing as the 4th game is somewhat before her animatronic being made)). Being the tallest out of the animatronics, she stands at exactly 7ft. She is somewhat normal despite being dead, and doesn't really care for trying to scare anyone unless they deserve it. She is like a guardian or a big sister to the other animatronics even though they don't really need her so she usually stays in the cove. She tends to have her mind in the gutter like most pirates but doesn't act on her thoughts. She's easily embarrassed and tries to keep herself from being caught off guard. At this point of her life, she is very content with her life at the pizzeria.

Withered Foxy (Finished)

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Withered Foxy is used mainly for FNAF 3. Being out of order for so long, she's been put into a state of disrepair and has had most of her parts scrapped to save time and money on repairing her. Her stature has been brought down to an adorable height of 5'6". Being as old as she is, she tends to squeak when she moves and also has a cracked voice which fluctuates in and out of white noise. Her sanity over the years has dropped to the point where she suffers from paranoia and sometimes hallucinations. With the cove missing from this location, she tends to spend her time hiding in any of the storage rooms excluding the ones that were boarded up simply because she is terrified by who is still locked inside them.

Phantom Foxy (Finished)

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Phantom Foxy mainly appears in Fazbear's Fright in the game FNAF3. In RP she is what Withered Foxy turns into when she completely loses her mind. Being mindless and bloodthirsty, she will attack anything that gets in her pathway. Even though Withered Foxy is 5'6", Phantom Foxy is back to a staggering 7'.

Nightmare Foxy

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Due to no particular use, Nightmare Foxy can show up in any of the games. At a staggering 8'6", she is the absolute tallest in static height and is very monstrous in nature. Like animals in the wild, she likes to play with anyone she considers to be her prey and she only hunts for pure sport. Her eye patch has been permanently removed to show she is fully aggressive and will attack. Seeing as she is no longer sane, she confuses friend with food and will attack anyone dumb enough to come near her. Her jaw has been nearly torn off from one of her previous attacks and fears no man. Her actions are very erratic and she should be considered completely dangerous.

Shadow Foxy

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Just like Nightmare Foxy, Shadow Foxy can show up at any time. Being the remnant of what used to be Foxy, she cannot speak but still shows some emotion. At her normal height she is at a perfect 5ft. Being a shadow, she can stretch and shrink as much as she likes and gets a kick out of scaring the guards. Any signs of sanity are completely gone for she always appears to be crying while laughing at the same time. Her behavior, like Nightmare Foxy, tends to be very erratic and out of control. She's not dangerous.

Child Spirit Foxy

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This is the spirit of the child that was killed and then placed inside of Foxy. She doesn't appear till after Fazbear's Fright had been burned to the ground. She is about 4'5" and is very quiet. Due to her horrific death, she has a special hatred towards Springtrap/The Purple Guy and would very much like to protect the ones living that she has grown attached to in her time as an animatronic.

Tiny/Plush Foxy (Finished)

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This is just for fun and random RP. <3