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Gender: Female

Location: California

Birthday: 02/01

Occupation: Graphic Artist

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Welcome to my Store! yum_puddi

I aim to keep my prices average, fair, and low. I hope you find something great!

1) If you have a concern or question about an item, feel free to politely PM or comment me.

2) Please do not use a purchase, visit, or friend request as a donation request.

3) I can not hold bids. Choose wisely.

4) Anyone who violates these rules will be ignored.

5) Please strike a match after using Store bathroom. emotion_dowant

Thanks and come again!


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Remember the ones who love you, and don't dwell on the ones who don't. emotion_bigheart


About Me

Afro-American // Lass // 27 // Returning Gaia Nerd // ENFJ // Taken // Aquarius

I enjoy designing avis and meeting new people.

emotion_ghost A little spooky. emotion_skull

Current interests:

Music: Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Sublime, Flamingosis, iio

TV: Malcolm in the Middle, Arrested Development, Bones

Books: Frankenstein

YouTube: H3 After Dark, Crystal Lindy, HelloShelay

Constantly collecting: goggles, tattoos, undercuts + mohawks, afros, laurels, antlers

If I emotion_bigheart your avi several times, I promise I'm not stalking you. I either forgot, or you have great taste.

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propane accessories Report | 05/14/2021 10:33 pm
propane accessories
ahhhh thank you! xD i'm glad you got the reference haha!
Knox Artois Report | 05/14/2021 7:46 pm
Knox Artois
lol I didn't even think about the drink, but yeah. I kinda like being called 'Knox' around the forums - I don't think I'm really 'regular' enough anywhere to be recognized by people, but when they do refer to me in a thread they say 'Knox' and it's pretty neat. Considering my real name is pretty bland (not comfortable giving out my real name, but just for context it's on the same level as like 'Evan' or 'Brian'), it feels good lol.

What about your name? Where did that come from?
ChevelleRose Report | 05/14/2021 6:13 pm
You're welcome! I thought it might go well with some of your avies. 3nodding

And no I don't have a cold just a very weird sleep schedule...
I probably should drink more water though but I already drink like 2 bottles a day.
I have this neat water bottle/thermos thing that has a metal inside that keeps whatever you're drinking cold all day.
I tried putting hot apple cider in it a few times but it kept it very hot.
ChevelleRose Report | 05/14/2021 6:03 pm
'I actually have posted something recently' is what I was about to say till I remembered you had already commented on it. ^^;
I really do heart my biker girl avie cuz it kinda looks like one of those perfect avies I always see people make in the runway. 3nodding heart
As for my previous current avie, it can be found/favorited in this runway:

Knox Artois Report | 05/13/2021 9:36 pm
Knox Artois
Honestly, I got it from one of those name generator things. My old username was just bland (i honestly don't remember it, lol) so I wanted to change it but couldn't think of anything, so I just went to one of those d&d name things online lol
l e t s waste t i m e Report | 05/13/2021 2:26 pm