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Welcome to my Store! yum_puddi

I aim to keep my prices average, fair, and low. I hope you find something great!

1) If you have a concern or question about an item, feel free to politely PM or comment me.

2) Please do not use a purchase, visit, or friend request as a donation request.

3) I can not hold bids. Choose wisely.

4) Anyone who violates these rules will be ignored.

5) Please strike a match after using Store bathroom. emotion_dowant

Thanks and come again!


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Remember the ones who love you, and don't dwell on the ones who don't. emotion_bigheart


About Me

Afro-American // 28 // Returning Gaia Nerd // ENFJ // Taken // Aquarius

I enjoy designing avis and meeting new people.

emotion_bigheart emotion_ghost Spiritual, salty, sweet. emotion_skull emotion_bigheart

Current interests:

Music: Ronald Jenkees, The Pillows, Nujabes

TV: Yu Yu Hakusho, The Mandalorian, Close Enough, The Legend of Vox Machina

Books: Frankenstein, American Born Chinese, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

YouTube: H3 After Dark, Crystal Lindy, HelloShelay

Constantly collecting: goggles, tattoos, undercuts + mohawks, afros, laurels, antlers

If I emotion_bigheart your avi several times, I promise I'm not stalking you. I either forgot, or you have great taste.

Busy all week, appears on the weekends.

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Tamarindo Burrito Report | 05/17/2022 11:05 pm
Tamarindo Burrito
If they got mariokart and at the party and no one bothers me then I'll go to college parties lol
LilyLuff Report | 05/07/2022 5:51 pm
Of course! heart

Ahhh, that makes sense! I love when that happens - when you end up finding an item you technically weren't looking for that not only works for what you were looking for but also adds even more character to the design (and makes the other items you use look even better, too)? Yeeeeeeeah, that's always cool when it happens. smile

Yeah! Thank you so much. Thank you!! However, I cannot and will not take credit for this current lovely avi - it was a ghost avi made for me by Ichigo Arerugi (link goes to their ghosting shop). I just recently got The Alexandrite Goddess and Ossidian Calla Princess and have been trying to figure out how to use them together successfully, and my attempts so far have pretty much failed, but they helped me out with that, resulting in my current avi which I absolutely love. emotion_kirakira I adore those color combinations that you mentioned, too, and love to incorporate them into my avi as often as I can. So I'm lucky this person was willing to help me out with that, too, for this one. ^^
Mercurio DeRosa Report | 05/05/2022 11:15 pm
Mercurio DeRosa
Aw, thanks! Glad to see other people can enjoy it, too!
LilyLuff Report | 05/05/2022 5:31 pm
Oooh, well that makes sense! It's a beautiful item and the avi overall turned out BEAUTEOUS. :')

OMG YES, okay, I'm glad to know that was purposeful and that I'm not weird for noticing it. LOL It seriously looks amazing! Totally adds dimension, both to the character physically AND, like, story-wise? An enchanting ghostly lady and her tiger friend. Yes, I do love that. biggrin (Or however you interpret it, haha, I still love it!)

Well heck, that's good to know - thanks again. Next time I submit I'll make sure I actually have everything in there totally ready to go, LOL... But thank you so much! :')

Aw, thanks!! The balloons + arm mod is Rosette Sky Child, and the skirt is Hidden Flaw. Btw apparently the balloons are somewhat transparent, so I'm also using a background (ish) item called Mint Julep Night Shepherdess (the background part that's affected is just the very top) - that's what makes some of the balloons that orange-y/ivory color? I discovered that on accident as I've never actually used Rosette Sky Child for the balloons before. ^^; And I will admit I've gotten used to using background items way more often now than when I was first on Gaia like a decade ago, LOL. But some of them are SO COOOOOOOL, I cannot resist seeing how I can incorporate them. biggrin
LilyLuff Report | 05/05/2022 10:04 am
Oh, of course!! Not to be weird, but I honestly look forward to seeing your avis in the Arena. You're super creative and I love seeing what you make! 😍 And seriously, your current avi came out AMAAAAAAAAAZINGLY. Like, is it just me, or do the arms kind of look transparent, also? I mean, I see that they're doing a great job of blending in, but they look kinda like they're transparent which adds dimension to the way they blend in? Seriously amazing (even if it's just me who thinks/notices that. LOL)!!

Also whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat omg, I am embarrassed...I didn't think anyone could actually see the avis we submit to the Arena until the week that they're officially entered? I wasn't finished with the description (I was gonna add what was written about Hades' description) but I wanted to submit it soon since I'd finally gotten all the items I needed for it. I feel like a fool, just a bit! But I finally edited the description so it's as finished as I had intended now. ^^ But still, thank you so much - that is so, so sweet! :')
ChevelleRose Report | 05/04/2022 10:33 am
Those sound delicious! surprised heart
I might've seen those MnMs while shopping online before but wasn't sure if they were still in stock.
I'll try to find a bag to see if they're as delicious as the smores MnMs(which do taste like smores minus the marshmallow). 3nodding

lol I was just very excited because I hadn't had chinese food + some of the others in a while.
Do you like chinese food or have a fave takeout?
ChevelleRose Report | 05/02/2022 11:03 am
It was pretty good! ^^
Tried jello shots for the first time(made with green apple jello), had a cake(vanilla with whipped creme frosting and mini m&ms and sprinkles), we had chinese food + egg rolls + rice, cheese sticks, sweet tea, my mother surprised me with some new MnMs(smores flavored), got some new books, and chocolate marshmallow cookies. Oh and we watched movies and later on I watched some ghost story vids + spooky tiktok compilations.
Also checked on my gardens that day and my lime tree is doing very well(I think I have over 50 baby limes), my veggie garden doesn't have anything yet but the plants are growing nicely(I'm growing corn this year ^^), and the flowers are doing well even if not all plsnts have bloomed yet(it's mostly the roses, a few easter lilies, partial hydrangea blooms, and the azalea bushes).
rr u sirius Report | 05/01/2022 2:21 pm
rr u sirius
ty for the sweet comment heart I love your tiger avi it is so beautiful emotion_kirakira
TheFunBeast Report | 05/01/2022 2:12 pm
That's an easy one to remember, just in case I ever need a tiger item heh. It's very fetching, hehehehe.
TheFunBeast Report | 05/01/2022 2:00 pm
Oh you're welcome, you and your tiger are very pretty!