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Lord Saiax

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Last Login: 06/04/2023 12:39 pm

Registered: 08/03/2011

Gender: Male

Location: in here with friends

Birthday: 10/21



i really love long hair, and like making femboy avies

i have cluster avies in different colors that i usually used to wear long ago

i get here sometimes or being away doing my own stuff, and mostly on discord

im friendly to people that make sense that they are friendly, i mostly like watching youtube and twitch and seeing memes

i like getting here a lot, sometimes my brain turns like adhd that i won't be good at smart conversations

if you're going to add me pm first unless you know me from forums or before

i had used to post game soundtracks on soundcloud long years ago so you can check it out


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Lewdwander Report | 06/03/2023 4:49 pm
Trans Pan Kitty Report | 05/31/2023 5:50 pm
Trans Pan Kitty
heart thankies for the favorite heart
BAKA-LOBO Report | 05/23/2023 11:46 am
Anytime emotion_yatta heart
BAKA-LOBO Report | 05/23/2023 9:20 am
Thanks for all the faves You said you liked avi art and I figured I'd show some appreciation back for all the heart s
BunnehSlop Report | 05/01/2023 8:21 am
Thanks for the favorite heart
STD Coated Slut Report | 04/14/2023 4:54 am
STD Coated Slut
That's a statement avi , fer sure!
lost pompom Report | 04/06/2023 12:31 pm
lost pompom
this is so random.. i saw your avi at someone's comment section!!
i can't help but tell that your avi is really pretty!
i love how the ears go with everything!!!
Pi Zoo Ree Report | 03/28/2023 7:12 am
Pi Zoo Ree
Whoa, I'm somebody's favorite.
Cool, thanks!
Anima Cordis Report | 03/25/2023 12:57 pm
Anima Cordis
Your Welcome~
SaraWhiteWolf Report | 03/23/2023 10:35 am
Thanks for the favorite. heart


I really like avi art, art by a friend
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