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Birthday: 08/10


User ImageHello folks, the name's Logan. I'm 28 years old, i love me some video games, anime, and (as you can tell by my avi) love to cosplay. I'm taken by my lovely girlfriend and partner Lauren, she is the Michiru to my Haruka. If there's anything you'd like to know that i didn't say in this (brief) summary, your welcome to pm me and ask. ^u^ heart

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lycheestar Report | 05/26/2023 4:55 pm
Thank you very much! I am gaia_angelleft gaia_star gaia_angelright
non-objective Report | 05/22/2023 12:33 am
I love the DBZ parody community
non-objective Report | 05/22/2023 12:03 am
I just got my NAAAAAAAAAAILS done!. I'll make you care!
non-objective Report | 05/19/2023 5:00 pm
ngl, Im a little disappointed by the lack if DBZA comments on my entry xd
Ashen Demon Report | 05/18/2023 4:18 pm
Ashen Demon
Mmm yeah they have changed some things but to me it still feels familiar. Ultra hand is basically a glorified magnetic.
I haven’t played to many dragon quest game but I have seen some let plays. Mainly on 11. Also luminary is a guy Xd
Ashen Demon Report | 05/18/2023 4:06 pm
Ashen Demon
How are you enjoying totk ? I was inspired to make Luminary ( dragon quest 11 hero ) a totk outfit. ( i secretly support link and him Xd cause of heros smash reveal )
Sailor Mercury Report | 05/16/2023 8:32 am
Sailor Mercury
gaia_kittenstar gaia_diamond
Sailor Mercury Report | 05/15/2023 11:13 pm
Sailor Mercury
Ashen Demon Report | 05/15/2023 4:04 am
Ashen Demon
Nice Zelda c:
- Sailor Neptune - Report | 05/14/2023 7:06 pm
- Sailor Neptune -

Hi my love! I hope you are having a fun time with that new game today/tonight! heart
Had felt a little better later today. Did some small yard work with Roc and helped mom.
Now soon having a nice dinner with mom and then relax! heart
Love you my sweetie! heart heart heart

- Sailor Neptune -
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