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ణ ꒰ chime ♡ 20↑ ♡ infp ꒱ ഒ

hello everyone!! my name is chime, and i've been on gaia since at least 2008. i love to draw and create character designs! i also really enjoy writing, baking and taking walks in nature! i cosplay irl and here on gaia-- most of the time my avi will be a cosplay, give me shout if you recognize the chara! i'm just here to have a good time.

i really love cute things, otome games, the fate series, vocaloid and disney! i also love video games, some of my faves are kingdom hearts, nier and dark souls. other than that, i'm pretty into precure, twisted wonderland, touken ranbu , hololive and such! i always forget what i'm into when its time to write it down so forgive me for that!

anyway, thanks for visiting my profile! feel free to PM me or add me, i'd love to get to know you all. bye bye!

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Tifa Lockhart Report | 03/03/2024 9:50 am
Tifa Lockhart
This is late, but thank you so much for sharing your combo with me! I appreciate it. How have you been doing? heart
Finally Fantastical Report | 02/18/2024 4:22 pm
Finally Fantastical
That's very fair lol good on you for getting out while you could! imma be honest, these games got me in a chokehold I'm too deep in now 👀💦 Genshin's been slowly declining for me, the most I spend on the game nowadays is like 10 minutes to do some dailies and log out. Usually more if its a new patch with a new story or something.
Star Rail's been taking up more of my time since they've been big on the QoL updates and rewards and the story has been very good as of late, especially with the newest update.
And now they got all these new ones coming out that look crazy like Wuthering Waves, it's hard to keep up with these games

Who are your favorites?

Finally Fantastical Report | 02/16/2024 8:09 pm
Finally Fantastical
Much obliged 🙏 how long have you been playing Genshin for? You been keeping up with the new updates lately?
Finally Fantastical Report | 02/15/2024 6:00 pm
Finally Fantastical
Hey, thanks for the add! I've been seeing your cosplays around for a hot minute now, you do good work 😄
Tifa Lockhart Report | 02/13/2024 11:59 am
Tifa Lockhart
May I ask what your eye combo is? c:
MZgen Report | 01/18/2024 7:30 pm
Thanks for buying! whee
Luxiem Report | 01/07/2024 12:58 am
Hello!! Sorry for the very late reply! I didn't notice I had a comment since I barely log on sahkaghlsgjl Thank you so much for liking my Ike avi!!
fioruh Report | 10/13/2023 8:23 am
hi, ty for faving
WassupOctavius Report | 09/28/2023 12:26 pm
Wasuuuup!! xp Have fun in Japan heart
Mavis Report | 09/27/2023 10:42 pm
Thank you so much ;u;
Im glad you like them ♥️
They were harder than i originally thought xD;

I'm glad! Make sure to rest a lot!



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