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User ImageHello folks, the name's Logan. I'm 29 years old, i love me some video games, anime, and (as you can tell by my avi) love to cosplay. I'm taken by my lovely girlfriend and partner Lauren, she is the Michiru to my Haruka. If there's anything you'd like to know that i didn't say in this (brief) summary, your welcome to pm me and ask. ^u^ heart

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AIear Report | 06/16/2024 12:57 pm
Hey c:
EternaI SaiIor Neptune Report | 06/01/2024 7:03 pm
EternaI SaiIor Neptune

I love you Logan! heart
Thank you for being amazing boyfriend and my dearest love! heart heart
Im so thankful for you being apart of my life and loving me in general! redface
Never change for anyone and always be you! heart

omgpeeps Report | 05/10/2024 8:03 pm
mrgreen Hi I wanted to say amazing profile and Sailor Uranus forever! pirate
EternaI SaiIor Neptune Report | 03/22/2024 4:20 pm
EternaI SaiIor Neptune

Thank you my love! Thank you for the gifts and love! heart heart heart
Wishing you were with me today! [Technically I wished you were with me all the time...] heart redface heart
Ive done a lot today so far; Saw my tax guy, got my car washed, got breakfast at Jamba, cleaned around my yard and inside of the house.
My mom and I are going to get sushi later and then go see a play that my Godmother made costumes for! So thats nice! 4laugh

EternaI SaiIor Neptune Report | 03/09/2024 9:45 pm
EternaI SaiIor Neptune

heart heart heart
I love you Logan!!
Thank you for loving me and making me feel amazing!
Your a true blessing in my life and beyond!
Cant wait to have you back in October!
heart heart heart

Decepduckon Report | 02/18/2024 5:57 pm
For sure! I love the aesthetic for the pilot a lot.
Can't wait until more episodes drop hopefully later this year.
Decepduckon Report | 02/18/2024 4:01 pm
You're more than welcome! And same, it's tons of fun.
Dang, even your Mordecai is spot on! That's actually a first on seeing a Lackadaisy cosplay here.
But yesss, definitely do look forward to seeing more of your other works. :'>
Decepduckon Report | 02/18/2024 2:50 pm
Speaking of Husk, yours looks wonderful. You did really great with both! Also looking forward to seeing how both Ozzie and Stolas come out. I bet they'll be great!
I actually did an Ozzie a while back too alongside Fizz.
And thank you again, that's so sweet of you! I have to say that your cosplays have been great in arenas from what I've seen too. Excellent job to you as well.
Decepduckon Report | 02/18/2024 1:58 pm
Aaaa, thank you! I've been working on him for quite a while since I was trying to figure out what would look close enough.
I definitely have more in the works. The Hellaverse characters have honestly been the most fun to mess around with. By far Sir Pentious and Fizzarolli were the most tricky for me.
Decepduckon Report | 02/18/2024 10:05 am
Absolutely and thank you so much! I appreciated it. ;v;

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