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Daniella, 38, Female.
Virgo. INFJ.
Green eyes.
Eclectic Witch.
Cernunnos & Lilith. ♥
Falling in love with fictional characters easily. ♥
Movies and music.
Favourite Bands: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas & Cvlte.
Daily journaling and story writing. ♥
Books. ♥
Fanfiction. ♥
Favourite writer: Stephen King.
Paranormal activities & mysteries.
Grew up in a real haunted house.
Autumn & Halloween. ♥

My favourite Books are:
Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. Insomnia by Stephen King. Harry Potter 1-7 by J. K. Rowling. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Practival Magic by Alice Hoffman. Norwegian Woods by Haruki Murakami and The secret History by Donna Tarrt.

My favourite Animes are:

Mirai Nikki, Happy Sugar Life, Death Parade, Kakegurui, Citrus, Naruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, My Little Sister can't be this cute, Sailor Moon, Strawberry Panic!, Death Note, Toradora, Sword Art Online,


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Report | 05/16/2024 3:08 am


Oh here is a link for the metal forge guy Alec Steele, in this collection he makes a viking sword


Report | 05/16/2024 2:59 am


Yes watching them survive with nothing and seeing how they get drinking water is really cool, yes I should also sleep again as it's 6am, a pleasure to talk as always, and I can send you a picture of the series, because I have them all on one book shelf but I'll need another to finish the series, have a wonderful day Paperworm, yoir conversations always bring a smile *sleeps in yoir shoe* redface

Report | 05/16/2024 2:43 am


Maybe I'd like to be able to quick draw like an old west gunfighter and spin the gun all fancy hahahaha but I never really thought of it too much, Shoebug is just a Shoebug that's my fantasy redface rofl oh mentioning wilderness survival, I watch videos of people surviving innthe wilderness and remote places, or desth defying xextreme sports, wilderness survival would be a great skill to learn, I don't know how to survive a night in the woods, yeah a bit of self defense might be nessicary just so you can defend yourself, ohhhh there's a lot, I have over 200 of the pain series, plus like 70 of the bigger books and I'd say 45 of a mix of the spin offs, I'm going to inventory them soon, I'm starting at the beginning, only the first 38 are sequential, I've read quite a few of the later books before probably at least 50 or more of them

Report | 05/16/2024 2:28 am


And oooo, yes that would be nice to see you be able to make such things, but it'd expensive, I remember you mentioning your brother I'd a slacker

Report | 05/16/2024 2:23 am


I think I like the solitude and the disconnect of the time and how things were still being discovered and tamed, nooo I am a blind ********, me with a revolver would be a bad idea, I'm the clumsiest of in existence, I think viking stuff is cool too, though i don't know much about the period in detail, I like watching this guy on youtube forge weapons and things with metal he's very enthusiastic

Report | 05/16/2024 2:02 am


Oooo maybe I'll try to eat that at some point, it sounds intriguing, might find a new favorite, umm I like to ride a bicycle when I'm in shape and can get out to do it, I love watching vintage movies, I like music so much but I don't play, I don't haveany hobbies,I would like to travel and visit old west ghost towns and see all stuff about the old west, it's so alluring to me that sort of thing, the desert, but I live in a city where there's not much to do but drink and do drugs which I don't do so my hobbies are few, the water is too freezing to swim in even in summer, I do love to thrift shop a lot that's a favorite hobby of mine or go to record stores occasionally, sometimes I go with my mum to gardening stores and look at flowers and plants but I don't garden much myself

Report | 05/16/2024 1:40 am


Ohhh I eat peanut butter sandwiches which are sweet and salty and love pancakes, yes oatmeal is tough to eat daily due to its blandness, I grew up with my mum making it every day so I am used to its boringness, yeah the world is full of distractions every day, like you once I get on the computer or my phone and doing something, my a** is glued to it with endless options for renewal! I'm definitely an internet addict at times, I can break away completely though better than some, I just read like mad when no internet, like at my mums house, oh dear I don't have many creative outlets, I occasionally try to paint nonsense, or maybe learn Brazilian Portuguese but I lose focus without someone in perspective practicing with me *shoebug hides back in your shoe*

Report | 05/16/2024 1:16 am


Oatmeal by its very nature is boring, here is a skit about it

Yes I have had many reading slumps before, some even lasting years, I found the only way through them is similar to exercise and grind through a bunch of books even if I'm not in the mood and eventually I get back into reading mode and it feels good and natural and the hunger to read kicks in, I find for me at least, if I choose not to read for long periods of time I just find any excuse not to read or any other thing to do except read when in a slump and it will last years even, Q.Q *peers from your shoe with disdain at the discarded copy of Dead Poet Society, pokes it away with a tiny stick, ewwww*

Report | 05/16/2024 12:59 am


It sounds like a witchy version of Fried Green Tomatoes a little bit, oh nooo, I was actually reading my book and just checked my Gaia as I stopped to make oatmeal, I didn't know you just logged in, I just saw you online, and was like oh, Paperworm is on, if you're not in the mood to talk today, we can talk another day

Report | 05/16/2024 12:40 am


Good day Paperworm! I finished two of three books in my tattered duct tapped together trilogy I've been reading, how did Dead Poets Society go? *Looks up from Paperworm shoe* Q.Q