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Danie, 35, Female.
Virgo. INFJ.
Green eyes.
Eclectic Witch.
Menhera. <3
Huge Naruto Fan! Gaara <3
Falling in love with fictional characters easily. <3
Movies and music.
Favourite Band: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Daily journaling and story writing. <3
Books. <3
Fanfiction. <3
Favourite writer: Stephen King.
Paranormal activities & mysteries.
Grew up in a real haunted house.
Autumn & Halloween. <3

My favourite Books are:
Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. Insomnia, The Shining, and The Stand by Stephen King. Harry Potter 1-7 by J. K. Rowling. ^-^

My favourite Animes are:

Mirai Nikki, Happy Sugar Life, Death Parade, Kakegurui, Citrus, Naruto, Shingeki no Kyojin, My Little Sister can't be this cute, Sailor Moon, Strawberry Panic!, Death Note, Toradora, Sword Art Online,

My favourite Mangas are:

Naruto, Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Happy Sugar Life.

My favourite asian Dramas are:

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version), Boys before Flowers (Japanese & korean Version), Full House, Attention Please, 1 Litre of Tears, 14 Sai no Hara, The Queens Classroom, Absolute Boyfriend, Nobuta wo Produce, Itazura Na Kiss, Kimi Wa Petto, LIFE, Lie to me, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Twinkle Twinkle, Yellow Boots / Ice Adonis (korean),

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Report | 04/21/2023 12:48 am


Hab die Mail nochmal geschickt, und den Text noch abrufbar, sollte kein Problem sein diesmal ^^

Yo, die kam an und haengt an unserem Kuehlschrank~

Als wuer dich mich ueber den Fruehlingsanfang freuen, ich hab nur noch Kopfschmerzen und sterb bei den Temperaturen schon weg x'D
Shadowy Night Wolf

Report | 04/01/2023 5:57 am

Shadowy Night Wolf

Oof! I'm trully sorry (and definitely feeling guilty) for everyone who has
send me gifts and PM's for the past few months. Ugh! Fack!! > n < ;;

( O A O ) !! FOR REALS?!
*runs to my inventory... checks le Special Inventory...*
IT'S TRUE!! OH YAS!! ヽ( ≧ヮ≦ )و

Thank you very much for the Valentine's Gift! *tears of joy*

Well... I missed the whole Valentine's Event it seems. O w O ;;
Wolfie has been busy with my OJT. > n < ;;

How are you doing, cuties? O u O

Report | 03/04/2023 2:05 pm


xD!!! HEY die kleinen dinge sinds! und mit einem gesunden Magen/Darm tut man seinem körper einfach schon enorm viel gutes!!!
na klar hast du recht, mit nem neuen Jahr ändert sich nicht das leben emotion_bigheart aber manchmal tut einem der Jahresabschluss ja auch ganz gut, wenn man das als anlass nehmen kann, manche gedanken ab zu schließen biggrin !! - so habe ich es zumindest dieses mal gemacht~!!

und danke dir!! ja, ich liebe die Lolita mode noch immer sehr hehe emotion_bigheart
nur komme ich leider nicht mehr so oft dazu, es tragen zu können...
Seit dem ich aus Hannover weggezogen bin... und zu meinem Freund in die Pfalz gezogen bin, bin ich hier irgendwie ziemlich einsam... da wurde mir wieder schmerzlich bewusst, was für n sozialer krüppel ich einfach bin :'D ich vermisse einfach meine Handvoll "wohl-fühl-Menschen" aus der Heimat... emotion_facepalm

wie vertreibst du dir atm so deine Zeit smile ?
Fleißig am Lesen & schreiben? Zeichnest du noch so viel wie damals? gaia_sakura

Report | 02/16/2023 5:40 am


he du, na?
ich hoffe du bist gut ins neue Jahr gekommen bzw gut gestartet?
ich drop hier mal liebe grüße emotion_bigheart

Report | 01/04/2023 3:12 pm


Hey Sharky emotion_bigheart
I hope you had nice Christmas and Happy New Year!
Howve you been?
S e c k s o l o g y

Report | 11/05/2022 5:54 am

S e c k s o l o g y

Eh doesn't look like it's their priority does it.. probably another few years tbh, if ever..
Me too, but I can't be bothered to fish when it doesn't work half the time.
I know, it's awful. crying

Report | 11/03/2022 2:28 pm


Hey Sharky emotion_bigheart
I have wanted Scooby Snacks as a username since I joined in 2007. I had to settle for Scooby Snackz but that account got banned.For a long time, we werent allowed to ask to get old abandoned usernames. In June, one of my friends changed their name from Lazybun to Lazy...I was like how? Apparently Gaia lifted their old ruling. We can now file tickets to get old usernames so on June 23rd I filed a ticket for Scooby Snacks and got it granted on August 26th. I moved Pandy Belle-chan to a mule. Once I get my angelic rod...I may start fishing on that but I did file a ticket on another account for Pandy. If I get it then I want to swap Scooby Snacks and Pandy on this one.
Sanity Wolf

Report | 11/02/2022 6:58 pm

Sanity Wolf

S e c k s o l o g y

Report | 04/19/2022 4:06 pm

S e c k s o l o g y

You're allergic to cats? :O I am a little bit too I think.
Ooh I see. Yeah you should wait until it's done for sure.

We just got a new cat.. literally last wednesday, lol. She's an oriental shorthair and she's so cute. She's super nervous though and doesn't seem to like our hands rofl
Hopefully she will warm up to us soon! We called her Hula! heart

Aw that sounds so nice. I love plants but I'm too lazy to look after them.. I bought 2 little trees and I think they're both dead now because I forgot about them.. crying

S e c k s o l o g y

Report | 04/10/2022 6:22 am

S e c k s o l o g y

Oh no!! I'm so sorry! crying
Would you not want to get another cat? I dread when the time comes for mine, but I don't think I could live without cats.
Yes I'm doing well, thank you. heart