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Me cosplaying as a Genderbent Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3!
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Art By: Dreamy Xion

Me cosplaying as Skuld from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross:
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Me outside of cosplay, holding Kingdom Hearts 3. Do you see a pattern? lol
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xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/19/2022 10:36 am
If I can get the item to show up in my inventory I will have everything to make the item almost twice over...I made and bought over 20 bottled up moonlights.
Mavis VermiIIion Report | 05/18/2022 11:04 pm
Same here, they're so lovely, its so nice to have some SM items 💖
Mavis VermiIIion Report | 05/18/2022 11:03 pm
Yay nice! Same here 🐍

That's great! We have a ps4 console as well, i loved playing kh3 on it.. i think we got the console around the time kh3 came out xD
It has some pretty cool games.
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 7:41 pm
To be honest I never knew they made it for the ps3 till I did a bit of research lol. I had originally played the game back on the old Sega Genesis. I am hoping that the streaming will go over great. Right now I am driving myself crazy trying to make a stupid alchemy item on here....It would probably be a lot cheaper and less crazy to buy the made product. Just I need to use up all these stupid caches.
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 7:06 pm
It is one of my personal favorite games from when I was a kid. It is apparently also on the ps3
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 5:26 pm
That sounds really fun to be honest. I noticed a lot of disney games have you ever looked into the old sega game that was then remastered into xbox 360 Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion?
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 4:26 pm
That sounds fun and very interesting, What gapes are you planning to stream?
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 3:37 pm
Anything fun planned lately?
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 2:46 pm
I will have to retry on that front for it didn't work last time I asked for a preg test from him. I he was more concerned about the mental health and wrist pain then the pregnancy test. I will have to wait a bit and retry.
xxXPsychoSexyXxx Report | 05/18/2022 1:29 pm
My husband thinks I might he pregnant and if I am that might explain all they symptoms. But, hopefully I can get this all figured out soon.
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