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Me cosplaying as a Genderbent Sora from Kingdom Hearts 3!
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Art By: Dreamy Xion

Me cosplaying as Skuld from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross:
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Me outside of cosplay, holding Kingdom Hearts 3. Do you see a pattern? lol
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mayuralover Report | 01/25/2022 2:24 pm
Isekai give me mixed feelings, eh. But Jack does seem like that kind of character based on the trailer, the end part with His clothing didn't quite fit that kind of period that everyone else was in. Gave more more modern fantasy (XV) feels. And the big emphasis on being a Stranger!
mayuralover Report | 01/25/2022 11:53 am
No plans on getting or playing the game, unfortunately. I don't really have much time to play games lately. The last time was neo the world ends with you back in July. I can't wait to see the story though!
agerishasu Report | 01/24/2022 10:13 pm
You were right about the recolor release xD
I'm surprised they released it pretty quick!
Multimuse Trash Report | 01/24/2022 12:36 pm
How are you? :3
Multimuse Trash Report | 01/24/2022 12:02 pm
Hello there cx
Paper Friend Report | 01/23/2022 12:00 pm
Aw that's super neat thanks for telling me!
DarkRybrin Report | 01/23/2022 8:13 am
Thank you very much! I wouldn't have known! I appreciate the comment and screenshot!
agerishasu Report | 01/22/2022 6:51 pm
oOoOO I likey
agerishasu Report | 01/22/2022 6:22 pm
That ganyu hair tho, I wish they had the right recolor emo
Kyuko Report | 01/22/2022 4:14 pm
Oh~ they're amazing!!! I keep my collection in my favorites if ya wanna check em out whee
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