Well, let me start this out by giving you the full story.

A little while ago I met an amazing girl named Sarah*, I tried my best to be there for her and date her, me and her set a date and she decided to go out with another guy named Tom* and talked to me the next day saying and I quote, "The date went amazing!! It was the best day of my entire life! He's literally the perfect guy!! I'm so happy!" which automatically changed my mood. I was happy when I woke up and talked to her, but after reading that I went into a depression and started trying to push her away. She refused and I told her to stop talking about Tom*. She agreed. And today she let it slip again. That he was the perfect guy and she wanted nothing more but to be with him. To tell you the truth it hurts me. A lot. I let my heart out to her and she still wants Tom* Over me. I went against my gut feeling and tried even when I knew that he would beat me. Only thing I'm good for is emotional support. Nothing more. My question here is, Should I remain being her friend even if she led me on for a long while and just tore it down as soon as her perfect man came along. Should I? Or should I tell her to ******** off and leave me alone. I don't know what to do anymore.

*Names changed to protect identities