Well let me start out by saying this. Everyone says that Prom is the best night of a High Schooler's life, contrary to this they neglect to take into account those who had a terrible night. Such as myself. I have been thinking about this because most of my friends who still attend High School can't wait for Prom, thinking it's an amazing time. Well I'm here to say it's not.

I bought two tickets for me and my Girlfriend at the time you could buy tickets, which was 5 months in advance. Well after 4 out of those 5 months we broke up and I was left with an extra ticket. Little did I know Prom isn't for single people. So I went ahead and brought one of my best friends thinking I'd have someone to keep me company and just have fun.

Now then, here's where it goes downhill. After god knows how long navigating traffic in a congested city me and my buddy got into the main hall of an amazing 5 Star Hotel. We waited in lines wearing nice tuxedos and just feeling like we were on top of the world. After we got into the dining room which also served as the dancefloor. I met up with some friends and we started talking, but as soon as the staff let the women into the dining hall things started to go downhill. My friend's girlfriend had gone there with one of her friends so I had one less person to interact with. But the problem was, my other friends had dates as well. When they all went to the dancefloor for a couples dance I just sat at the dining table waiting for someone to approach me or a friend to come talk to me. But nothing like that happened. So I left and waited in the second floor balcony overlooking the lobby just waiting for the night to end. Prom lasted from 5 PM until 10 PM. Around 6 PM I left the dining hall. Silently I waited for any sort of contact from another person but all I saw was couple after couple leave and just cuddle together. It made me sick to my stomach, my depression kicked in and throughout the night I silently cried to myself until I decided I wanted to leave.

The problem with that is I couldn't leave until my friend I brought along wanted to leave. Needless to say he didn't want to leave until his girl wanted to leave. After my depression became too much I searched around and bribed him with a log of dip to get the hell out. He agreed and I went home to change into regular clothes to go to After Prom. After Prom took place in a pretty good Arcade I had been to before. I drove all the way there again with my buddy. But once again, a complete lock in. This time I couldn't leave. Almost every game besides the stupid ticket machines were taken by couples. And after prom I had just about enough of seeing couples. But to make a long story shorter than it could. I was surrounded by them, my depression got even worse, and afterwards, I vowed to myself to never go near another prom much less listen to people talk about it.