Well today I feel like talking about something a little different. But beware this is purely my opinion and please don't just go off and poke holes in it. I respect your opinion so please respect mine.

Quite recently I had a girlfriend. An amazing girl who was everything I could ever dream of and more. But a few days ago she said she met a new friend at a party and he was the nicest guy ever. I started to realize and remember what I have always told myself. The more she told me about him the more the steps came together. In my own opinion guys steal another guy's girlfriend by simply following a few steps. Easy steps. Though I will explain these I do not recommend you following them because that would make you the scum of the earth and despised by every level headed person imaginable.

Step 1. Convince her you're only interested in being her friend.
This step is pretty self-explanatory by itself so no explanation needed.

Step 2. Be nice, sweet, caring, and praise her for everything she does. Compliment her and make her laugh.
This will make her start to develop a romantic interest in you if all goes according to plan.

Step 3. Start to veer the conversation towards her current boyfriend and make her spill the beans about him. Good and bad.
This way it's easier to manipulate her into leaving her current boyfriend for you.

Step 4. Convince her that her boyfriend isn't doing what he should do to a girl of your caliber. Convince her that he is underestimating you and not giving you everything he can.
This enables you to manipulate the person by using her depression against her current boyfriend. This is done out of pure spite and deviance. If you do this then stop reading and re-evaluate your life.

Step 5. Continue to convince her that her boyfriend is a rotten egg and slowly convince her that you are her best option.
Using her damaged state of mind (Assuming she loved her current boyfriend) manipulate that so you are the Knight in Shining Armor coming to save her from her tower of solitude.

Step 6. Seal the deal. Make her leave her boyfriend for you, assuming she hasn't already.

Granted it's not a hard list to follow nor do I condone it being replicated but it is my opinion and I know it when I see it. It's happened far too many times for it to not stick in my head indefinitely and I hope that some of you realize that maybe some of your girlfriends' guy friends are doing some of these same things. Because after all. No matter what kind of guy you are. You aren't a girls friend for just the title of being her friend. You want her and that's the only reason. Lie to yourself all you like. Statistics and University studies don't lie.