Well I've been reading up on Edward Snowden, the CIA and NSA Contractor who leaked classified information on Wikileaks. Well call me Un-American or whatever, but what he did wasn't nearly enough to consider him a hero. He isn't a hero unless something changes for the better. If you think the Government cares what he says you're dead wrong. He's not a hero, he's a criminal and deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. What he did was expose a hell of a lot more information than you are lead on to believe. He threatened the lives of countless people just because he felt he could boost his ego and become a hero. He's committed the crime of Traitorous Action. He's about as heroic as a snail. He's a criminal who is afraid of the consequences of his actions and refuses to face what he deserves. Which would most likely be a long sentence in Camp X-Ray.(Guantanamo Bay, Cuba). Yes our Government is corrupt and I think they should be punished for their actions, but the Law is the law and Snowden and his "Heroic" actions are a violation of those laws. It's pathetic how many people hail him as a hero. Come on any citizen with moderate intelligence knows the CIA stands for CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, they were spies derived from the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), what do you expect them to do? Not spy? Come on now. Don't be ignorant and look at the facts. Not the attempted justification of a traitorous coward.