This has been something on my mind for a good long while. Modern journalism isn't a fair nor is it a respectful industry any longer. It's a cutthroat industry that involves slicing into deep festering wounds and destroying people from both the public and personal lives. It's pathetic in all aspects.

From what I can tell the entire industry has dropped from publishing important things to publishing smear campaigns for literally everyone who holds a position of power. Let's say that a very popular and very troubled figurehead in the White House has an alcohol problem due to the immense stress of the job. Every news agency in the entire Nation would be fishing for any sort of excuse or blackmail the man into giving them a way to exploit them for a story. It's no longer about how important the news is, it's about destroying people. Blackmail, Extortion, and much much more just for a story that keeps a job. It's pathetic.