I'm not sure why I continue writing these, considering nobody really cares however, here I go again.

I used to be an active roleplayer, I couldn't get enough of it, but after many many failures and the will of people who don't care ended up breaking my will to continue. I have fun, and the roleplay I'm enjoying becomes inactive because if one person stops posting everyone stops posting and bam. It dies never to be seen again.

My first roleplay was a very successful one, over 3,000 posts of nonstop action along with several people active! However, after that my most successful was only 1,000 posts and that turned into a 1x1. It's quite boring and there's no other people creating drama and interesting happenings. So I switched over to Military roleplays and had a good run, but after so many died I lost interest. I have an idea, and yet halfway through the first post, I lost interest because I think of how many people will leave. I have original ideas, but the main thing is, people are more interested in Yaoi mafias and gangs over Military and combat. I understand that a good portion of Gaia is a bunch of curious pre-teens and teens and they need to get their sexual fix but it just proves that unless a roleplay is truly appealing to the eye it's going to die. I can't do graphics and cool stuff, I only have MS Paint. I don't have $300 editing software and the experience necessary to utilize it. I'm no artist. I'm just a roleplayer who enjoys the experience. I used to shell out well thought out roleplays but I don't really feel like it anymore. Everything I see is just hyper-sexual pre-teen fanfic roleplays. I mean the entire Yaoi mafia sh*t is quite annoying, it's in the right forum but it's slowly edging out everything else.

All I'm saying is the Gaia I used to know is dead and gone. Everything has taken a turn for the disappointing. Yaoi Mafias, Hyper-sexual fanfic, and basically anything Yaoi or Yuri has taken over my old favorite forum. It just saddens me and makes me believe that Gaian veterans are truly the minority. I love Gaia because it's the only roleplaying hub that operates in this way. It's not a forum where nobody knows you, you form communities and groups on Gaia, that's something I can't say any roleplaying forums I've ever tried out can boast.