Well here I am once again. Completely bored out of my mind, 2427 hours, and listening to some loud a** metal that will probably get me a few visits from the neighbors this afternoon. However, the topic of this isn't really specific. Just randomness really.

So today was an average day in the life of me. Doing absolutely nothing but look at what's going on in the news today. Found a story over the great honorable leader Kim Jong-Un masquerading around a Romeo class submarine and claiming it was the best submarine around. Hah, sorry dude. The last time the Romeo class submarine was relevant was in the late 50s when the Soviets made them before they were rendered irrelevant by Nuclear powered submarines. What you have Un is a submarine that went out of date in 1961 with Chinese torpedoes with a 5 mile range. Hell the United States' Virginia Class Nuclear Submarine can hit your little outdated piece of s**t from 150 miles away. Far out of the irrelevant radar that hunk of scrap can detect. It's like Syria's radars. Those things are so old it's a miracle they're still operational! But I digress. North Korea can have whatever they like. After all they're so far behind the NATO and UN Powers. Hell their Nuclear weapons program is speculated to be at where we were when we developed the Atomic Bomb. Sure the Atomic Bomb is destructive and devastating. But come on. Our Trident III Submarine launched Missile as well as our Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile can wipe out that entire country with no mercy. Sure their military is highly organized and well, held against their will really. If you look at the pictures those Admirals look to be about in their 70's. It's amusing how countries like North Korea can try to step up to (In Yamamoto's words) "The Sleeping Giant" but they will be crushed with no mercy.

Anyway, switching topics now. Anyone else pissed off that President Obama is giving out Congressional Medals of Honor without the recipient actually going above and beyond the call of duty. He rewarded a Marine the Medal of Honor for simply surviving an I.E.D. Seriously?! Okay, he's horribly disfigured and that's sad. But so were the men who ran up the beaches of Normandy! Did they get medals of honor?! Hell no. They got purple hearts and went on. But Obama is handing these out like candy. Hell the ones who truly deserve it were those in World War II. Those men rushed German MG-42 "Hitlers Buzzsaw" nests to cover their friends and save their lives. They literally ran across fields of fire to clear out a machine gun nest. By themselves. That is going ABOVE AND BEYOND. Not getting hit with an I.E.D. So I'm sorry if that sounds rude. But it's not going above and beyond. It's a likely possibility when fighting a force that utilizes Guerrilla warfare. Hell look at Vietnam. The Viet-Cong set up punji stakes covered with s**t to infect US troops! They had trip wires connected to swinging logs covered in sharpened sticks! They even re-purposed dud Grenades WE threw! Did every man who stepped into a punji trap get a Medal of Honor? No. They didn't.

Now then, I'm done with the interesting stories in the news for right now. Let's talk about the infuriating happening of these white girls thinking they're country. I'm sorry honey, bein' country ain't about driving a lifted 4x4, ridin' bulls, muddin', and gettin' ******** up at a bonfire. It's a lifestyle not hobbies or material goods. Not all country guys can afford a 500 dollar horse much less a ranch to raise them. That ranch was probably owned by that family for generations. Now that urban development has taken grasp those ranches, farms, and lots have been taken over and subdivisions, low-income housing complexes, and housing divisions have been build over them. So stop asking for those guys from Buckwild. It's not realistic. Plus you leave guys like me out of any chance. You seriously have such a narrow view that you can't see that the dude you want is extremely rare. And hell listen to Rodeo by Garth Brooks. That man cares only about the bull. Not you. Though I won't deny the prize money is amazing but it's selfish to want a guy to such high a** standards while leaving the true guys like me in the dust. The reason most guys you think are country are because THEY WANT TO PICK UP WOMEN. Being a stereotypical country boy gets women. Plain and simple. However I am a Southern Gentleman. Apparently those don't exist much anymore. Well they do, it's just these posers and wannabes are taking over. It's like a plague that just won't quit until women and men start wising up and realizing it's all fake.

Well that's all I have. As always, thanks for reading leave a comment below if you want to combat any of my points or just tell me you enjoyed it! Have a good day! I'm out.